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Does Michael’s Allow Dogs Inside? Is It Dog-Friendly? (2024 Store Pet Policy)

If you need to pop into a local Michael’s to pick up some artsy or crafty items, then you may wonder if you’re allowed to bring your pupper in with you.

Are dogs allowed in Michael’s arts & crafts stores? Yes, they are! Michaels is very dog friendly.

In fact, the store allows more than just service animals, you can bring your pet in to shop with you.

Keep reading to learn more about Michael’s pet policy.

Is Michael’s Dog Friendly?

Many retailers are pet-friendly, meaning that they allow pet owners to bring pets of all sorts onto the premises. And yes, Michael’s is a retail chain with pet-friendly locations.

This means that in addition to service animals, your pets are okay in their stores.

So, you can shop for your Cricut supplies and scrapbooking sheets while having your doggo with you in the store.

Just remember that your dog should be well-behaved and on a leash so as to not disturb other customers.

And, you’ll need to clean up after your pup if he makes a mess in the store, such as peeing on the floor.

What Is Michael’s Official Policy on Dogs?

Though you won’t find it on their website, the official store policy at Michael’s is that they are pet-friendly and dogs are allowed inside their stores.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all store employees know about this policy.

In fact, there are reports from customers who have been told by store managers that their dogs aren’t allowed inside.

Here’s a customer on Facebook talking about experiencing this –

michaels dog policy

As you can see, this is the official Facebook page for Michaels stores and the employee confirmed that the stores are pet friendly.

Michaels does expect your dog to be well-behaved and to either be on a leash or carried. They do not want your dog running loose in the store.

Does Michael’s Dog Policy Vary Across Locations?

Yes, the policy may vary. Though nationally this craft store chain allows pets in all store locations, each individual store manager gets the final say.

So, some store managers may limit dogs to just service animals or just small dogs.

You never really know without calling ahead to check in with the policy of the Michael’s store that you’re planning on visiting.

But generally speaking, you should expect to have no issues taking your dog into a Michael’s store.

Here’s another post from the official Michael’s Facebook page that confirms dogs are allowed in Michael’s stores –

michaels dogs allowed

The Final Word

The best advice we can give consumers is to expect no problems bringing your dog to Michael’s locations throughout the United States.

But do know that some store managers may enact a stricter policy than the national ‘yes to pets’ policy. So, it’s a good idea to check in advance with your store.

We hope you’ve gained a full understanding of Michaels’s rules and practices regarding dogs.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the company, or your local Michael’s store, for more specific and detailed information.

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  1. leave your dogs at home! Michael’s employees have to put up with barking, pee, poo and the children who are scared of your yappy dog in your bag or the fact that you think it’s ok to walk a MASTIFF in side a craft store!! And the volumes of complaint from other shoppers


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