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Does Lowes Allow Dogs Inside? Is It Dog-Friendly? (2024 Store Pet Policy)

It is no secret that dog owners see their pets as part of the family. In some cases, the dog may be the only family for the dog owner.

Most often, people treat their dogs just like they treat their children. When they go out shopping, they do not want to leave their dogs at home.

They often look for businesses that will allow them to bring their pets into the store. We all know how dangerous it is to leave pets in the car.

It can get too hot in the car, or you run the risk of your dog being stolen. There was a time when we could not take our pets inside stores, but many stores have relaxed their rules around pets.

Some even provide treats for your dogs when you bring them.

Even with the new philosophy that stores have towards dogs, it is not always easy to find a store’s dog policy.

Most stores allow dogs, but not other pets. Every store must allow service animals, but what if your furry friend is not a service dog?

Continue reading to find out if Lowes will allow your dog in their store.

Are Lowe’s Stores Dog Friendly?

Yes, Lowe’s stores are dog-friendly. Just about every time I am in Lowes, I see someone with their dog. All of the dogs have been well behaved and are on a leash.

I have always thought they allowed dogs in their store, even before I knew their official policy.

In addition to allowing their customers to bring their dogs into the store, they are pet friendly in many other ways.

They have wide aisles that are concrete, which makes it easy to walk a dog on a leash down the aisle.

There is plenty of space for your dog and other customers in the aisle.

The concrete floors make it easy to clean up after your dog if it has an accident. Many stores even provide bags for your use to clean up after your dog.

I have not seen an out of control dog in the store, but you should apply the same rules to walking up to a dog in Lowes as you would any other time you encounter a dog.

You should ask the owner if it is acceptable for you to pet their dog and allow the dog to sniff you.

You should also make sure that the dog wants you to pet it. Dogs are not always predictable, so you want to make sure that the dog is comfortable with you approaching it.

Official Pet Policy Of Lowe’s Stores

Lowes has an official dog policy, although it may be difficult for you to find. They state their policy is to allow service animals and other animals in the store.

They allow you to bring your pets in the store as long as they are well behaved. They must also be on a leash, harnessed, or carried.

Pet owners are responsible for the actions and behavior of their pets. They must remain in control of their pets at all times and clean up after them.

The official policy of Lowes has changed over the years. Back around 2012, Lowes seemed to change their official company policy on allowing dogs into their store.

At the time, they stated that only service dogs would be allowed in the store. There have been some problems in the store, including a lawsuit when a babe was injured, it is understandable that they may seem a bit all over the place with their policy.

Does It Vary by Lowes Store Location?

While there is a company policy for Lowes as it relates to bringing your dog into the store. It seems that each store manager has a different interpretation of their own policy.

It does not seem as though any of the store managers ask for proof that the dog is a service animal. While many customers may be confused by the store policy, they still bring their pets to the store and see what happens.

There seems to be some confusion by the store employees about their dog policy. Many employees assume they allow them, while other employees assume they do not allow them, even if they have not been given a directive from management.

You will not be able to find a complete list of the Lowes stores that allow their customers to bring their dogs into the store. If you are concerned about whether or not your local Lowes allows dogs and you do not want to take the chance, you should call them to find out if they allow your dog.

If there is more than one Lowes store in the state, you should not assume that they both have the same policy, so you should contact the store you want to visit. You should not what one store does, they all do.

Lowe’s Famous Veteran And His Service Dog

To give you an idea of just how pet friendly Lowe’s stores are, they went viral back in 2016 when they hired someone who uses a service dog. The new employee was a veteran who needed the service dog, Charlotte.

Lowe's hires a veteran and his service dog

Lowe’s had no problem letting this man come to work with his service dog every single day. Plus, the service dog got it’s very own employee vest! How awesome is that?

Final Thoughts

If you end up at your local Lowe’s store and have your dog with you, then you should feel free to take your doggo into the store with you. Just make sure that your dog is well behaved and on a leash.

Of course, pick up after the dog if he goes to the bathroom in the store. And if you’re planning ahead, then it doesn’t hurt to call the Lowe’s store you’ll be shopping at to check on their dogs policy in advance.

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7 thoughts on “Does Lowes Allow Dogs Inside? Is It Dog-Friendly? (2024 Store Pet Policy)”

  1. I used to work at a Lowe’s and no, dogs should not be allowed in the store. It’s a home improvement store, not a petco or some other pet store.

  2. Absolutely only a verifiable service dog should be allowed in Lowes. I’ve witnessed dog fights and numerous dogs taking a dump on the floor at the Colorado Springs Lowes.

  3. Absolutely, for service dogs in training. It familiarizes the pup with smells, sounds and interactions with people. Just ask first before approaching the pup.

  4. I was in lowes (cleburne Texas) today and my dog is well behaved and n a leash. While at check out near the door. This man walk-in in with his dog off the leash walking with him but it came right up to my dog . When I said your dog needs to be in a leash ….. he said mind your own business. I called for a supervisor , she said yeah we allow that as long as it’s well behaved . I said NO. It’s not in control of the owner. She said that’s our policy .I called corporate and they confirmed the language in the policy . If dog would have bitten me or my dog. Lawsuit heaven! I tried to explain that they also have to follow the leash laws . Argued and told me this is private property I corrected her saying it’s open to the public which means dogs can’t be off the leash you’re gonna wait until the dog bites somebody and then change your policy.. The lawyer who wrote that language up made a fatal error.

  5. I was in Lowes (Kill Devil Hills, NC) today and within a 10 minute period, I encountered several People with Dogs. When leaving the Store, I asked the Cashier what their Pet Policy is. As she was about to answer, the Manager on Duty came out and advised that they used to allow only Service Dogs and now they allow all Pets. I advised that I have severe allergies and I am protected under ADA. She advised that since Pets are allowed, there is nothing she can do. My reactions vary from severe rashes, throat closing, issue breathing, vomiting, etc. I have been on Allergy Shots for over 2 years, and I am doing everything I can. However, I am protected under ADA and this Manager at Lowes did not seem to care how the Pets affected me. I do my best to stay out the way, but I feel that at some point, the Owners with Pets should be asked to leave so I can breathe and have a safe environment. I would appreciate a response from Lowes Corporate.


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