We educate the public about being a responsible owner, making the correct choice of a pet for their needs and lifestyle; having realistic expectations of the behavior and level of care required; finding resources for training to achieve a happy, healthy relationship with their pet.

We support the human-animal bond, and help pet owners enjoy having pets be part of their lives. We educate professionals and the public on how to achieve a happy, healthy relationship with their pet.

We develop educational materials for citizens, schools, veterinarians, pet supply stores, animal shelters, libraries, and training centers.

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72d0cfdf32e8263870533ceffec68758?s=100&d=mm&r=gElizabeth Robertson, DVM

Dr. Robertson has been working in the greater New York City area as a veterinarian since 2018.

Though her job sees her working with all types of animals, she has a soft spot for dogs of all breeds.

kevin Kevin White

Kevin is a freelance writer who specializes in research driven content.


We are proud to announce the merging of The Unexpected Pit Bull with NCRAOA.

You can find all of our great resources on pit bulls with the help of The Unexpected Pit Bull.

Some top resources include:

National Canine Research Association of America