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Does Menards Allow Dogs Inside? Is It Dog-Friendly? (2024 Store Pet Policy)

We all love our furry friends and would want them to accompany us wherever we go.

However, many people don’t shop with their dogs because of the assumption that dogs are not welcome in stores that don’t have the name “pet” on them.

Despite no official advertisement, some Menards stores sympathize with a dog handler or owner’s desire to take their dog anywhere.

Menards, being the nation’s third-largest home improvement chain, has a lot of customers.

If you plan to be out all day shopping with your dog, it is important to note of the stores that allow you to go in with your dog.

At Menards, it is not clear if there is an official policy regarding dogs in the store, or whether the store is dog friendly because different stores have their dog policies.

Depending on your location, the Menards store there might be dog friendly.

But as of April 1, 2020, all Menards locations are no longer allowing dogs inside due to COVID-19, except for service dogs.

Are They Dog Friendly or Pet-Friendly?

The dog policy of Menards has changed recently to state that you cannot go in with your dog into Menards.

Menards only allows service dogs into the premises, so unless you have a service dog, you can’t take your dog into Menards.

The recent change in pet policy at Menards is due to the recent global pandemic outbreak of 2020, which is subject to change.

Previously, they were more lax about letting dogs into the stores.

As of April 1st, this was posted on the company website:

We are no longer able to allow children under the age of 16, nor pets, in the store due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Why Do Some Menards Stores Not Allow Dogs?

Some Menards stores have a restricted dog’s entry policy.

Since you can’t always tell how the dog will react in different situations, and as some dog breeds aren’t comfortable around strangers and other dogs, dog attacks might happen.

Some dogs even attack without any provocation.

Menards’ COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Menards has made significant efforts since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure the health and safety of their clients and workers.

They have done this in a number of ways, including temporarily limiting invitations to our animal friends in an effort to encourage healthy levels of social distancing.

This rule is not in effect all of the time or in all locations; it varies by location and may be revised at any time. 

All of this is being done to combat the virus from spreading further.

Menards values the safety of its customers and workers and asks for patience while they take the necessary precautions.

menards store front

Does Menards Allow Dogs? Official Menards’ Dog Policy

Before the recent global pandemic, Menards allowed pets into their stores, as long as they are well behaved and on a leash.

This is to avoid disrupting the peace of other shoppers.

There is no actual official policy regarding pets in Menards, but the comments and reviews of employees regarding bringing pets into Menards’ makes it a bit confusing.

There is no official signage or documentation regarding this policy, but if the dog handler claims that the dog is a service dog, then the dog can go into the store.

Different Menards’ store share different dog policies, some have signs that no dogs are allowed, but they allow service dogs in.

They can’t do much about a well-behaved do either, as long as the dog is not a nuisance to other shoppers, but this varies by stores.

Does Menards Dog Policy Vary By Location?

There appears to be no real Menards dog policy, and the policies also vary by location.

Different Menards stores have different rules regarding bringing your pet in, so it is crucial to contact ahead via phone call or social media to clarify the specific store’s policy.

If you are planning to bring your dog into Menards ensure that your dog is well behaved and capable of socializing around other dogs, kids, and noises.

Also, ensure that your precious “Bailey” or “Bella” is always on a leash and has trained to pee or poop in public.

Dog treats are also necessary to prevent scavenging in the store and if your dog is aggressive, consider muzzling.

Depending on different store locations and what effect allowing pets into the store has had, the policies vary.

For instance, the Menards store at San Francisco had an incident where there were two shoppers with pets, a dog, and a cat, which led to the manager calling Pet Control Squad.

This instance left many goods damaged, and a great loss for Menards, which led to a total ban of pets into that store.

The New York Menards Stores dog policies are different, though; they allow dogs into the store.

Whatever reason there is for allowing or banning dogs into Menards stores, there is a viable reason behind it, depending on the store’s exact location.

Service dogs are welcome in all Menards stores.

dog in shopping cart

In Kansas City, MO, the Menards store does not allow pets into the store, as a recent change in their policy stated.

Despite these stores not being dog friendly, all of them allow service dogs.

Unless your dog is a service dog, it is not okay to bring it with you into Menards stores to respect the individual retailer’s pet policy.

It is wrong to falsely claim that your dog is a service dog to bring them into a store that is not dog friendly.

Most of the retailers leave it to the on-site managers to decide on allowing or denying dog entry into Menards stores, so the best thing to do is call ahead and ask for the green light to bring your dog on your next shopping excursion in Menards.

With the recent change of pet policy for Menards stores, it is advisable to call first to ensure that the rules regarding bringing your dog with you haven’t changed for your specific store.

This is because there are some stores whose policies have recently reversed.

Does Menards allow dogs in New York?

If you happen to be in New York and wanna take your pooch into your local Menards, then take a sigh of relief.

Yes, Menard’s stores in New York are pet-friendly and do allow dogs inside the store.

Just remember to keep that pooch on a leash while you’re shopping in the store!

Before You Take Your Dog to Menards

The Menards dog policy should be considered before bringing your dog into the store.

Always keep your dog on a leash and be mindful of other customers.

If your dog has ever shown signs of aggression, please don’t take him out in public.

Prepare for any mess your dog may make by stocking up on poop bags, wet wipes, and other cleaning supplies.

Take care to control your dog’s actions and avoid disturbing others.

If you follow these suggestions, your trip to Menards will be more enjoyable.

If your dog is comfortable with strange places and people, then grab their leash, some treats, and do some shopping!

Answered: Does Menards Allow Dogs?

Can I bring my dog to Menards? Maybe.

There is currently no company-wide policy addressing the presence of dogs in Menards stores.

Thus, it is up to the discretion of the individual store to choose its own policy on the topic.

Hence, if you want to know if a specific Menards store allows pets, you should phone or message them on social media to find out.

This ensures that you have the most recent and relevant data at your disposal before setting off.

In most Menards locations, canine companions are welcome.

There is never a bad time to bring your service dog with you.

Several businesses also welcome leashed pets as long as they are well-behaved.

Unless your dog is hostile, the business probably won’t mind if you bring it in.

Yet, there are a few things to remember even if a particular Menards store does really welcome canine companions.

You must ensure, for instance, that your dog is well-behaved and won’t cause any issues.

Be sure to pick up after your dog if they have an accident.

If everyone follows these basic rules, the event will be enjoyable for all.

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