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Does Best Buy Allow Dogs Inside? Is It Dog-Friendly? (2024 Store Pet Policy)

Whether you love shopping or not, bringing your dog with you to the store makes it a little more interesting. Stores that allow you to bring in your dog with you give you a chance to socialize your puppy.

With the recent rise in dog-friendly stores, many people are concerned about the dog policy at Best Buy stores. Do they allow dogs? Some locations do!

Most animal lovers tend to think that they have the best and most well-behaved pups on the block, so they bring them with them for shopping, even in stores they aren’t allowed.

It is important to clarify your specific store’s dog policy before taking your precious animal with you for shopping.

Are They Dog Friendly?

Generally, Best Buy is very dog friendly. However, Best Buy stores’ friendliness to dogs depends on the specific store you’re shopping at.

Depending on the manager’s personal views, some Best Buy stores might allow you to go in with pets, and others, as long as the dog is a service dog, there is no restriction. According to the customer care reps at Best Buy, the stores always try to accommodate pets and their companions, but at the end of the day, the general manager of the specific store makes the call.

Some Best Buy stores have restrictions on bringing in dogs, except for service dogs to the stores. This is because of such health-related issues as shopper allergies, risks of the dog contaminating items in the store, and not all dogs can be controlled or put on a leash.

Best Buy does not regard comfort and support dogs as service dogs.

On the other hand, service dogs are exempted from these policies, regardless of whichever store location you’re in. The dog jackets can easily identify service dogs and proof of documentation from the owner.

These dogs are trained not to defecate and piss on indoor floors of stores and remain calm even in stressful circumstances, which is why they are allowed in all stores. It is also quite easy to control a service dog, especially when people are afraid of dogs or in crowded and loud places.

Official Dog Policy at Best Buy

In recent years, there has been some confusion regarding the official dog policy of Best Buy. In truth, there isn’t an official policy stating whether or not you’re allowed to bring your pet with you for shopping.

However, with the amount of fragile and expensive items in Best Buy stores, allowing pets could be a liability.

The Best Buy dog policy is not set on a national level, so it is up to the individual store managers to decide whether to let in dogs other than service dogs. The dog policy of Best Buy is not solid, so you have to call in advance to ask about your specific store’s policies.

Best Buy stores don’t have a corporate policy that lets them allow or deny pets entry, so the decision is left to the specific store managers. As long as your dog is well behaved, on a leash, and not a bother to other customers, Best Buy store managers can let you in with them.

There is a concern, however, regarding dogs on leashes in small and busy spaces such as Best Buy aisles. Other customers want to bring in their dogs on pet strollers, arguing that dogs on strollers are less likely to mess around or be a nuisance to other shoppers.

However, putting your dog on a stroller does not guarantee that people with dog allergies in the store wot be affected, or that the risk of contamination will be lower.

Despite these regulations, the Americans With Disability Act prohibits stores from asking for documentation and preventing service dogs from going in with their handlers. There is no real way to ascertain that a dog is a service dog and not just a pet.

Does It Vary By Location?

Whereas some Best Buy stores allow you to go in with your pet, others are not pet-friendly. The stores that don’t allow dogs to have signs outside letting customers know they can’t bring their dogs in.

Best Buy’s Pet policies differ by state and location as there is no companywide pet policy, which creates confusion a lot.

Some customers think there should be a dog policy that allows only service dogs, and that people who try to pass off their emotional support animals as service animals should not be allowed in with their pets.

Another conflicting opinion regarding this is that emotion support dogs should be allowed into the stores, even without proper identification and purpose.

If you plan to take your dog with you on your next visit to Best Buy, best call the store in advance to ensure that they’re dog friendly.

There is some store which only allows service dogs to help people with disabilities maneuver around, and there are those who challenge you to present credentials for your service dog.

You might also find a store that allows you to go in with your dog, regardless of whether it is a service dog or not, as long as your dog is well behaved and obedient. Best Buy stores don’t sell food as most stores do, so the hygiene considerations and the health and safety regulations are different.

As such, Best Buy being dog friendly or not is dependent on the individual store policy, so you have to contact your store in advance to ensure they will let you in with your dog.


As you can see, the official Best Buy policy is that there is no official policy on if dogs are allowed inside their stores.

As a result, some store managers do allow dogs inside Best Buy stores.

To be safe, leave your dog at home or call ahead to ask about the policy instead of just showing up with your doggo and expecting to be able to go shopping with him inside Best Buy.

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