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Can Dogs Drink Gatorade Or Powerade? Is It Bad For Them?

If you’re worried about your dog getting dehydrated, then you may consider giving him something to drink other than water.

What about Gatorade or Powerade?

Can dogs drink Gatorade safely? Yes, but only in moderation and only if there is no artificial sweetener in the drink.

Keep reading below and we’ll give you everything you need to know about dogs and Gatorade.

Reasons Why You May Want To Give Your Dog Gatorade

If you’re thinking about letting your dog drink Gatorade, then that’s likely because you know how it has positive effects for humans.

You may even want to use it the same way and for the same reasons as you would drink it yourself.

Some things you might be considering:

  • can dogs drink Gatorade for dehydration?
  • can dogs drink Gatorade when sick?
  • can you give dogs Gatorade if they wont eat or drink?
  • can dogs drink Gatorade when they have diarrhea?

The answer to all of these questions is – yes, but only in moderation.

If your dog has diarrhea, then you can give him Gatorade but Pedialyte is a better option.

If your dog is sick or dehydrated, then you can give him Gatorade but Pedialyte is a better option.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Dog Gatorade (Is It Safe?)

Like many bottled drinks made for humans, Gatorade (and Powerade) have added sugar and other things that aren’t great for your dog’s health.

Most Gatorade and Powerade drinks are safe for dogs and not toxic, but those added ingredients may cause their own side effects.

Make that you do not have a sugar-free variety of Gatorade because those varieties have artificial sweetener instead of sugar – and that is toxic to dogs.

So, never give your dog Gatorade or Powerade that has artificial sweeteners as a listed ingredients.

K9C Vet Dr Marc Smith - Can I Give My Dog Gatorade?

How To Safely Give Your Dog Gatorade

If you are going to give your dog some Gatorade or Powerade, then there is a safe way to do it.

  1. Check the ingredients to look for anything toxic, like artificial sweetener.
  2. Mix the Gatorade with an equal amount of water to dilute it a bit.
  3. Only give your dog a moderate amount of Gatorade, and don’t make it an every day habit.
  4. Watch over your dog for any signs of negative effects, and contact your vet if you notice side effects.


Final Word

While regular Gatorade likely isn’t going to kill your dog, you should still exercise some caution when giving it to your pup.

Just because you can give your dog Gatorade doesn’t mean that you should.

Especially when Pedialyte is a better option for dogs.

But, if you do decide to give your dog an electrolyte boost from some Powerade or Gatorade, then remember to make sure it doesn’t have any artificial sweetener as an ingredients.

And dilute it with some water to make it a bit safer with less sodium and sugar.

You should also consult your vet or local animal hospital before giving your dog Gatorade.

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