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Yorkie Husky Mix

The Yorkie Husky Mix is a breed developed by breeding a Siberian Husky and Yorkshire Terrier.

These dogs love the outdoors and are friendly and easy to train.

This dog is also called a Yorksky and is a new breed.

It is not recognized by the American Kennel Association.

Yorkie Husky Mix

About Siberian Huskies and Yorkshire Terriers

The origin of the Siberian Husky is not known but they were a popular dog in Northeast Asia with a nomadic tribe that used them to pull sleds due to the cold climate and conditions.

Siberian huskies were often used to pull sleds in cold climates to hunt, work, and compete in dog sled races.

Huskies are a wild breed and need to be trained by their owners.

They are energetic dogs that need plenty of exercise and play.

Huskies have two coats, an underlayer and a top layer and need regular grooming. 

They are a healthy breed and can live for about 14 years. 

This large dog is often used for work in cold climates around the world.

The Yorkshire Terrier originated with the Scottish when workers traveled to Yorkshire to work and brought several types of terriers with them.

They were bred to help miners with their daily work tasks. 

Yorkshire Terriers are a small dog that weighs about 4 to 7 pounds and reaches a height of about eight or nine inches.

They are smart dogs and do well with children and adults.

They need to be trained and require regular exercise.

These dogs like to be with their owners and should not be left alone for prolonged periods of time.

Many owners hire someone to groom their Yorkshire Terrier due to its long hair.

They are healthy dogs and can live up to twenty years.

Due to the difference in the sizes of the two breeds, they are often bred using artificial insemination. 

Size and Appearance of the Yorkshire Husky Mix 

Yorkie Husky Mix

The average size of the dog is often 13 to 18 inches high, and it weighs 20 to 35 pounds.

Its coat may be long haired or short with a combination of brown, black, gray, red, and white hair from both breeds.

Its appearance may vary due to the two different breeds mated and their characteristics.

They are known to have long muzzles, pointed ears, and long hair.

When you want your dog to look a certain way, it pays to shop around for a breeder that meets your requirements. 

Temperament and Training 

This dog requires attention and does not like to be left alone by its owners.

It needs regular exercise: walking, playing, swimming or running.

The Yorkie Husky Mix needs training and sometimes may exhibit aggressive tendencies toward other pets, small animals, and other dogs.

It can be trained to have a good relationship with other dogs and people and be socialized properly.  

Taking your pet to parks where it can meet people and introducing them to friends and families helps to socialize your pet.

Because of the dog’s breeding and being part of a pack, it needs a strong owner that establishes a training routine early.

Training your pet will require patience and discipline.

You can take a dog obedience class to help you learn techniques to help make training your pet easier.

An owner that is physically fit and likes to exercise is suited to this breed. 

What to Feed Them 

Your veterinarian can recommend the right diet and nutrition for your pet.

Many vets sell canned or dry dog foods to their clients.

They will be able to devise a diet that suits this breed of dog.

These dogs should eat protein, minerals, omega three fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

If you want to feed your dog some meat or vegetables, your vet can tell you what to use and what to avoid.

Many vets will recommend a mixture of canned and dry foods and advise you on how many times a day they should eat.

Always provide your pet with clean water when it eats its meal.

Some vets have organic or fresh dog food brands made for specific breeds and can recommend the best one. 

Health Problems of the Yorkie Husky Mix

Husky/Yorkie mix dog

This breed is known to have reverse sneezing because it inhales air through the nose that causes it to snort and sneeze.

It does not usually require treatment, but it is advised to calm your pet down as it might be frightened by this symptom.

Sometimes Yorkie Huskies suffer from a collapsed trachea and the symptoms are coughing, breathing problems, wheezing, vomiting, and retching.

The vet can prescribe medication to help with the symptoms and using a harness when walking can help.

When these symptoms occur, you should visit your vet immediately. 

The diet you feed your pet will contribute to their overall health.

They suffer at times from a drop in blood sugar that leads to weakness, loss of appetite, and trembling.

Changing their diet will often correct this problem.

You will need to find foods that raise the dog’s blood sugar level, and your vet can help you with that.

Sometimes, the dogs’ kneecaps shift, and this can lead the dog to having trouble walking.

Symptoms are limping, swelling and lack of interest in regular exercise.

Often the vet will treat this with physical therapy and exercise. 

A Yorkie Husky Mix often develops eye conditions that affect their ability to see.

They suffer from cataracts and glaucoma, both with different symptoms.

A cataract is a white cloudy substance on the lens of the eyes and other symptoms may be discharge from eyes, redness, and swelling.

Regular checkups for your dog should include caring for their teeth, grooming, and controlling parasites too. 

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