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Does TJ Maxx Allow Dogs Inside? Is It Dog-Friendly? (2023 Store Pet Policy)

If you’re out of the house for a day of shopping, then it’s natural that you’d like to have your pup with you.

If TJ Maxx is one of the stores you plan on visiting, do you even know if you can take your dog inside?

Yes, TJ Maxx does allow dogs in the store in some locations as it is up to the store manager. However some locations don’t allow dogs inside unless the dog is a service animal.

Keep reading for more details on the pet policy at TJ Maxx stores.

Is TJ Maxx Dog Friendly?

Many retailers are pet-friendly, meaning that they allow pet owners to bring pets of all sorts onto the premises.

Yes, TJ Maxx is a pet-friendly store in many locations, but not all.

The company wants to ensure that the TJ Maxx locations remain safe and enjoyable for all shoppers.

Therefore, they let the manager of each store location make the final decision as to if non-service animals are allowed in the store with shoppers.

The company takes all things into consideration, such as allergic reactions that other customers might have.

They also consider that small children might fear the animals, and untrained animals may cause health hazards inside the store.

Their overall attitude toward pets in the store is welcoming in many locations.

What Is TJ Maxx’s Official Policy on Dogs?

The retailer does not have an official policy listed on their website.

However current and former employees tells us that stores are allowed to let dogs in the store, unless there are local laws that prohibit it.

Just keep in mind that each store location can enact their own dog policy, which means it’s up the store manager’s discretion if you are allowed in with your doggy.

Of course, if your dog is a service animal, then Federal law requires that all TJ Maxx store locations let you in with your service dog.

And don’t forget that emotional support animals are NOT service dogs.

Does TJ Maxx’s Dog Policy Vary Across Locations?

Yes, the pet-friendly policy of TJ Maxx does vary across store locations since it is ultimately up to the staff at each store if dogs should be let into the location.

A good rule of thumb is to just call up the store location that you intend to visit with your dog and ask if they will let you both into the store.

Or, just show up and ask upon arrival, knowing that you may be refused entry.

Here’s what one Redditor had to say about taking his puppy to a local TJ Maxx store:

I happened to read that all TJ Maxx stores are dog-friendly, so after checking with the managers as I walked in, I was walking my 19-week old Australian shepherd around on his leash. I was in the store for about 30 minutes and there was absolutely no barking or whining whatsoever! In fact, 90% of his time was spend sitting right between my legs or laying at my feet. Of course he got pets from many people (including workers), but he didn’t outwardly leash pull or bark at them for attention. Moral of the story is, take your dog to the nearest TJ Maxx (after guaranteeing with the associates that it is okay to have them) for a good check of their leash etiquette. I promise the workers will love it too!

by tenDAYZE
dog in tj maxx homegoods cart

Final Thoughts

If you end up at your local TJ Maxx store and have your dog with you, then you should feel free to take your doggo into the store with you.

Just make sure that your dog is well behaved and on a leash.

And keep in mind that some stores actually don’t permit dogs inside, so it’s best to call and check in advance – or just ask upon arrival.

Of course, pick up after the dog if he goes to the bathroom in the store.

And if you’re planning ahead, then it doesn’t hurt to call the TJ Maxx store you’ll be shopping at to check on their dogs policy in advance.

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