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What’s The Rottie Rumble?

Got yourself a Rottweiler and hearing a purr coming from him?

If so, it’s understandable that you might be a little confused at first.

Rotties are known for being large, intimidating breeds, so you don’t really associate them with the timid purr of a cat.

But the truth is that yes, Rottweilers do purr sometimes!

Known as the Rottie rumbles, a Rottweiler makes sounds like purring, grumbling, or even a sort of low growl that lets you know that your Rottie is happy and feeling good. You often hear this sound when you’re loving on your pup.

The longer you have your Rottweiler, you’ll be able to distinguish real growls from these loving little noises that come from your dog.

What The Heck Are The Rottie Rumbles?

If you look on pretty much any Rottweiler forum online, you’ll find people asking about some weird noises coming from their Rottweiler that sound suspiciously like a cat purring.

New Rottie owners even show up after reading about this phenomenon to ask if it is a real thing or if it is a myth.

Here’s what one owner had to say about it:

Up until now, none of the girls I’ve had have ever done this, but Molly groans and growls when we pet her. It can get pretty loud sometimes and even a little un-nerving. Does anyone else have this going on with their rott? 

Rottweilers Online

These noises are no reason to be alarmed or afraid because they are completely normal for your Rottweiler.

However, it is understandable that the Rottie rumbles do make some people fearful.

Especially since when they make this noise, they are often showing their teeth, so it is easy to understand why some people mistake this for aggression.

Rottie purr/Rottie rumble

If you want to stop your Rottweiler from making these purring noises, which can get quite loud, then you should immediately stop petting the dog or doing whatever is making him purr.

Rottweilers are a very smart breed and the dog will quickly learn that if he makes the noises, then he won’t get petted.

Here’s what another Rottie owner had to say about experiencing the purrs of the Rottie rumbles:

Love growls. That’s what we call them. My girl gets so intense sometimes that she shows teeth. Early on, I thought maybe I was bothering her when she showed teeth, but when I stopped, she would paw at me and give me that look – you know the one. They’re such awesome dogs. My wife’s a vet, and she asks fellow rottie owners when they come in if they do it, too. It seems like they all do.


Why Do Rottweilers Grumble Or Purr? And When Do They Do It?

Rottweilers grumble and purr because they are happy.

Yes, the noise doesn’t really sound happy, but that’s a Rottie for ya!

Typically this noise only occurs when you are doing something that makes the dog feel content.

If you hear a similar noise at any other time, such as when your Rottweiler is playing with other dogs, then that is actually a growl and not a grumble or purr.

happy smiling rottweiler

Difference Between A Rottweiler Grumble And Growl

As a Rottweiler owner, it is important that you are able to tell the difference between the Rottie rumbles and a growl.

That purring, grumbling sound is a sign of affection and happiness.

While the growl is a sign of aggression and that your Rottweiler is feeling upset or threatened in some way.

Yes, the sounds and facial expressions for each of these are similar, but there are some distinct signs that your Rottweiler is growling.

Signs Your Rottweiler Is Growling, Not Purring

Luckily, there are some easy ways to know if your Rottie is growling instead of purring or grumbling.

Body Language

Instead of focusing on your Rottweiler’s face, look at his body language.

Does he seem relaxed? If yes, it is not a growl.

Does he seem anxious, agitated, or tense? If yes, then is IS a growl and you need to put a stop to whatever is bothering your Rottie.

Snapping Mouth/Biting

If your Rottweiler is acting like he will bite you, and not in a playful way, then you know that what you are hearing is definitely a growl.

Rottweilers have a pretty serious bite force, so definitely stop whatever is agitating the Rottie so that no one gets bitten.

The Environment

Another way to know how your Rottweiler is feeling is to assess the current situation and environment.

Are you at home laying on the couch and petting your Rottie? If yes, then it is likely a happy purr that you hear.

If your Rottweiler fighting (even if it’s play fighting) with another dog? If yes, then it is likely a growl.

Is there a strange dog or person approaching? If yes, then it is likely a growl and your Rottie is trying to assert dominance and be protective.

Is another pet trying to get some of your Rottweiler’s food? If yes, then it is growl because he is trying to protect his food.

Final Word

As you can see, Rottweilers are different from other breeds thanks to the Rottie Rumble where they purr at you when you’re giving them some love.

It’s just the Rottweilers way of letting you know that he really likes whatever you’re doing and he is very happy about it.

And though the sound may frighten you at first, do know that the Rottweiler grumble is different from a growl.

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