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Can You Use A Pit Bull As A Hunting Dog?

If you’re a hunter looking for a canine companion out in the field, then you may be considering a pit bull.

But are pit bulls good hunting dogs?

Yes, pit bulls can be hunting dogs, but you have to train them for it.

Hunters agree that pit bulls are great catch dogs thanks to their athletic build and natural instinct to catch and hold prey.

In fact, pit bulls are great dogs for hog hunting.

Let’s take a closer look at hunting with a pit bull.

What Game Can Pit Bulls Hunt?

Handsome American Pit Bull Terrier runs fast on the mown field

Since pit bulls are good catch dogs, they excel when hunting large game like wild boar.

In fact, pit bulls were first used in the United States to hunt feral pigs back in the day, and is still done in the South.

The jaws of pit bulls are quite powerful, their heads are broad, and the muscles in their faces, necks, and legs are very developed.

These powerful canines frequently display an activity that consists of biting, holding, and shaking while refusing to let go.

Because of this, it is imperative to have the pit bull go through extensive training before going hunting.

Are Pit Bulls Good Tracking Dogs Or Bid Dogs?

Because of their high level of drive and determination, pit bulls are excellent tracking dogs.

Dogs that are used for tracking need to have a sound temperament, an athletic build, a lot of energy, and excellent obedience.

Yup, that describes most pit bulls.

Even though not all pit bulls would fulfill the criteria, many of them do.

Keep in mind that training is key here and you can train pit bulls for tracking for a variety of purposes, including hunting or fun.

Of course, as already mentioned, where pit bulls really excel for hunting is as catch dogs.

That’s because they have strong jaws and aren’t afraid to get in a fight with large prey.

If you’re looking to do some bird hunting, then you do not want a pit bull as your companion.

Pit bulls are not good bird dogs because they are too aggressive for capturing and retrieving small prey.

How To Train A Pit Bull For Hunting

Okay, if you’re ready to get your pittie ready for a hunting trip, you have got make sure that he is trained for the hunt.

In order to properly train your pittie for hunting as a catch dog, you should wait until the dog is full grown.

However, you can start conditioning the pit bull for the hunt as a puppy so that your training will go better.

Here’s how –

1. Get the dog comfortable with the prey and outdoors

When your pittie is a puppy, you should make sure to take him outdoors where you do your hunting.

This gets the dog comfortable with the area.

You’ll also want to introduce the pup to the prey that you normally hunt.

The best way to do this is to let him near a caught pig that is in a cage or pen.

Only let the dog be around the hog for a few minutes at a time just to get him familiar with it and to build excitement.

2. Train the dog on take and release

If you already own other catch dogs, then this will be easier for you.

Otherwise, you’ll want to find other hunters with catch dogs that will let you join with your pup.

Of course, you don’t want to let your dog join the other catch dogs until you have trained him on take and release.

He should be showing considerable interest in the hog as well.

3. Stay consistent with it

Once you get your pit bull trained for hunting, it is important to maintain consistency.

That means you need to keep up with the training, the exercise routine for the pit bull, and the same diet.

Doing this creates a routine that allows your pit bull to stay effective as a catch hunting dog.

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