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How Many Lives Does A Dog Have?

We’ve all heard the popular saying about cats having nine lives, but what about dogs? How many lives do they have?

You might even be wondering if dogs also have nine lives, or if that’s just cats.

Based on my research, dogs only have one life – unless you believe that dogs can be reincarnated.

I know, it’s a sad thought, but I had to research cause my dog, Koda, does so much stupid stuff that I was certain that dogs had more than one life.

Are Dogs Just Lucky or Unlucky?

You know, one of the reasons that people always say that cats have nine lives is because they always land on their feet from a fall – no matter how high.

And they also have a knack for getting themselves out of sticky situations.

So what does that say about dogs?

Cause my doggo does a lot of stupid stuff and always manages to get himself out of sticky situations.

So does that mean dogs are more or less lucky than cats?

Honestly, and this is just my opinion, but I think its pretty much equal between dogs and cats. With the only exception being that dogs aren’t skilled enough to always land on their feet.

If you’ve ever seen a video of a puppy on stairs for the first time, then you know that those little cuties don’t land on their feet.

Can Dogs Have Past Lives and Be Reincarnated?

Do you believe in reincarnation for animals and humans? If so, then you may believe that dogs can have past lives and be reincarnated.

In some religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism, it is believed that animals can be reincarnated.

But you don’t need to practice those two religions in order to believe that your dog can be reincarnated.

In fact, I personally am not part of either of those religions and I believe 100% in reincarnation for animals and people. Who knows, your pupper may even be reincarnated into a person or vice versa.

How many lives does a dog have with reincarnation? Who knows! It could be just two lives or it could be an infinite amount of lives.

What a comforting thought, eh?

Can dogs reincarnate into humans?

Unfortunately, no one can say with certainty if this is possible or not. Plenty of people who believe in reincarnation do believe that it is possible, as well as people reincarnating into animals.

There are also plenty of animal psychics who claim that dogs can be reborn as humans.

Personally, I am of the thought that yes, dogs can reincarnate into humans.

Do dogs remember past lives?

We already know based on first-person accounts, that humans can remember their past lives sometimes. But what about dogs?

It stands to reason that they can remember past lives.

According to Wag:

Dogs rely on their sense of smell and sight to recognize their owner and others who are important in their lives, both of which can also help them recall past experiences and memories.

Final Word

Unlike with cats, there is no famous saying that dogs have more than one life. And they certainly do not always land on their feet, like cats do.

But dogs do have a certain knack for getting themselves into and out of stick situations.

Based on my own research though, I didn’t come across anything to suggest that dogs have more than one life.

However, if you believe in reincarnation for animals, then you can believe that dogs can be reincarnated. And that would mean that dogs have more than one life.

Either way, there is no scientific evidence available to suggest that dogs definitely have more than one life. So for now, let’s just assume that they only get the one (unless you believe in reincarnation).

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