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Great Pyrenees Growth Stages (Growth Chart by Age)

If you’ve got yourself a Great Pyrenees, or Pyrs, puppy, then you likely already know that those little furballs grow into very large dogs.

But what you may not know is how that growth looks like as your dog ages.

To help you have a better idea of what to expect as your Great Pyrenees puppy grows, we’ve got some information to help you out.

Keep reading below to learn all you need to know about Great Pyrenees growth stages as your Great Pyrenees puppy grows into adulthood.

How Big Do Great Pyrenees Get?

As we’ve already established, yourGreat Pyrenees puppy will grow into a beast of a dog.

The American Kennel Club gives the following data on adultGreat Pyrenees dogs:

  • Male Great Pyrenees dogs can weigh over 100 pounds and stand as tall as 32-inches in height.
  • Female Great Pyrenees dogs can weigh over 85 pounds and stand as tall as 29-inches in height

Like we said, these dogs get pretty big in size, but you likely knew that before getting aGreat Pyrenees puppy.

Great Pyreneesdogs

Did you know: A dog’s height is measured from the highest part of their shoulder blades.

Great Pyrenees Growth Chart (Age & Weight)

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from yourGreat Pyrenees puppy.

We have a breakdown based on age, weight and gender.

AgeMale WeightFemale Weight
1 months5 – 10 lbs5 – 10 lbs
2 months15 – 30 lbs10 – 25 lbs
3 months30 – 40 lbs25 – 35 lbs
4 months45 – 55 lbs35 – 45 lbs
5 months60 – 70 lbs45 – 55 lbs
6 months70 – 80 lbs50 – 60 lbs
7 months75 – 85 lbs55 – 65 lbs
8 months80 – 90 lbs60 – 70 lbs
9 months85 – 95 lbs65 – 75 lbs
10 months90 – 100 lbs70 – 85 lbs
11 months95 – 105 lbs70 – 90 lbs
12 months100 – 115 lbs80 – 95 lbs
24 months100 – 125 lbs85 – 100 lbs

How Big Is A Great Pyrenees Puppy At Six Months Old?

Even though aGreat Pyrenees is still considered a puppy and not yet an adult at six months old, they are still pretty big by this age.

Generally speaking, here’s how big you can expect yourGreat Pyrenees to be at six months old:

  • Males will weigh around 75 pounds at 6-months old
  • Females will weigh around 55 pounds at 6-months old

As you can see, this is close to what their adult weight will be, but there is still a lot of growing for aGreat Pyrenees puppy to do at this age.

When Does A Great Pyrenees Stop Growing?

As you can see in ourGreat Pyrenees growth chart above, it takes around two years for aGreat Pyrenees dog to mature and stop growing.

The reality is that by one-year old, yourGreat Pyrenees will be almost completely full size.

But, it takes that extra year for theGreat Pyrenees to really grow into its body and fully mature.

Will Neutering/Spaying Affect My Great Pyrenees Growth?

The timing of when you spay or neuter yourGreat Pyrenees puppy is what determines if it affects the dog’s growth.

As long as you spay or neuter yourGreat Pyrenees puppy before it reaches 6 months old, then it will not affect the growth of the dog.

However, if you do it any later than that, then it can affect your dog’s growth.

Factors That Affect Great Pyrenees Puppy Growth

There are some things that can affect the growth of yourGreat Pyrenees puppy that you need to know about.


The size of yourGreat Pyrenees puppy’s parents is the most important factor that determines the puppy’s growth.

You can look to the size of the parents to have an idea of how big yourGreat Pyrenees puppy will get once he reaches adulthood.


Both what you feed yourGreat Pyrenees puppy and how much you feed him both affect the growth of the dog.

You need to feed him nutritious food.

And you need to make sure that you don’t give the puppy too much food.


It is important that you give yourGreat Pyrenees puppy regular exercise to keep him healthy.

This also promotes good muscle growth in the dog.

Is A Great Pyrenees A Large Breed Or Giant Breed?

With such a large full grown size, you might think that theGreat Pyrenees is a giant breed.

The truth is that theGreat Pyrenees falls smack dab in the middle of the large to giant breed.

Either way, these are really big dogs when they are full grown.

So, make sure you have plenty of space for yourGreat Pyrenees to have a good life.

Final Word

As you can see, theGreat Pyrenees is a large dog that is big in both weight and height when it is full grown.

If you’ve got a new puppy, then you can use ourGreat Pyrenees growth chart to know what to expect as your puppy grows.

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