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Can You Give A Dog Kaopectate?

Dogs, like any other animals, get sick.

Therefore, dog owners are responsible for their pet’s overall health.

Diarrhea is one of the severe diseases which attack dogs.

There are several ways of treating diarrhea in dogs; these methods depend on what your vet has instructed you to do after taking several medical tests to determine the causes of the dog’s illness.

The question here is whether dog owners should administer Kaopectate to their pets.

Kaopectate is a medicine that is taken orally.

This drug is also called Kaolin, and it is used to treat mild diarrhea when dogs are ill.

Kaopectate is also used to treat diarrhea in humans.

So, the answer to whether you can give Kaopectate to dogs is yes.

However, you should consult your veterinarian before administering this drug to your pet.

In addition, when administering Kaopectate to your dog, ensure that you follow the guidelines given by your vet; this is to make sure that you do not go against the vet’s instructions and ensure the smooth recovery of your pet.

Dogs with existing injuries, such as head injuries, should receive special attention to get them an easy recovery phase.

Since Kaopectate is available in any pharmacy, consider consulting your vet before taking any further steps.

You may be administering this drug to your dog, whereas the diarrhea process in your dog is essential, such as cleaning their tummies in case of any digestion of microorganisms found in fungi plants.

Therefore, it will not be of help treating your dog with Kaopectate.

Purposes of Kaopectate

  • Treating diarrhea: Vets can prescribe Kaopectate to treat tummy upset in dogs; this is an antidiarrheal drug that can help slow the digestion process and ensure intestinal walls have an easy time absorbing essential water nutrients.
  • Treating heartburns, puking, and nausea: Since Kaopectate contains antacid properties, one may use it to stop heartburns, nausea, and puking in dogs. Thus, proving your pet a healthy lifespan.

How Kaopectate Works

  • Kaopectate is essential when taken, and this is because it helps lower the acid amount in the intestinal walls from acids released in the stomach, such as hydrochloric acid, which helps stop heartburns, puking, nausea, and symptoms of stomach ulcers.
  • Kaopectate can lower flares in the intestinal walls and the stomach. The Kaopectate active element can also help protect the intestinal tract and the stomach walls; this will effectively help reduce stomach ulcers.

Bismuth, a major component of Kaopectate, can impair some bacteria, i.e., E. coli.

In addition, it is capable of affixing together bacteria afterward, killing the bacteria; this will relieve diarrhea in dogs.

Signs That a Dog is Suffering from Diarrhea

Persistent vomiting

If you observe this sign on your dog, you are advised to seek help from your vet before opting to treat your dog; this will help you know the actual causes of this illness.

Periods of weakness or lethargy

Diarrhea will eventually cause loss of a lot of water.

Therefore, your dog will become weak, which will lead to frequent unrest in your dog and cause massive stress.

If you discover your dog is suffering from this symptom, you are supposed to seek assistance from your vet.

Reduced appetite

Dogs usually have a great appetite.

Therefore, when you see your dog with a reduced appetite, it means it’s suffering from diarrhea or other related diseases.

Signs of abdominal distress

This will cause massive pain in your dog, which will lead to panting, bloating, and maybe groaning.

Ensure that you take action immediately to help lower your dog’s pain.

Elementary stoppage

Most dogs, when they are attacked by diarrhea, evenly get constipation.

This is because the stomach is unable to work efficiently to digest the available food.

Any dehydration signs

This is observed when dogs seem to be drinking a lot of water.

Most likely, it has been caused by diarrhea, and a lot of water has been lost.

Insight of these signs or symptoms, contact your veterinarian to take quick action.

Administration of Kaopectate To Dogs

Universal dosage for Kaopectate in dogs is 0.5 up to 1 ml for each pound of weight.

It is given or administered to dogs three to six times a day.

However, you should keenly follow your vet’s instructions to ensure efficient results are acquired.

Kaopectate in liquid form is administered orally according to the vet’s guidelines.

When your dog is under Kaopectate treatment, ensure maximum attention.

Young or old puppies can have an overdose which may lead to severe symptoms and even to death.

Therefore, Kaopectate should be given in a period of 24 hours to 48 hours.

If the symptoms persist after the treatment, make sure to involve your vet and use an alternative treatment.

How to store Kaopectate

Like any other drug, Kaopectate is supposed to be stored at room temperature (15C to 25C).

So, keep away from heat and children under the age of 10 years.

Side effects of Kaopectate

High fever

This is an abnormally high temperature that will lead to shivering and a headache.

If we say a dog has been exposed to overdoses, it may experience increased high temperatures.

Allergic reaction

Dogs, like any other animal, experience allergies.

If you happen to observe such symptoms, including trouble breathing, swelling, and hives, stop administering Kaopectate and contact your vet for further medical checks.

High level of thirst

Contact your vet when you observe this sign and also stop administering Kaopectate to take caution.

Dark stool

When Kaopectate overdoses, it can lead to dark stools from your pet.

It’s highly advised that one should stop Kaopectate medication and consult their vets.

Marked lethargy

When you observe that your dog is growing sluggish, stop the medication, it can be one of the side effects.

Stomach pains

Kaopectate can lead to severe stomach pains when used in high doses.

It would be best if you opted for other treatment methods when this happens to your pet.


This is one of the side effects observed in dogs when Kaopectate overdoses.

It is also known as dizziness; therefore, you should seek medical assistance and insight into this sign.

Alternative medication to Kaopectate


It is also known as Loperamide.

It can also be used as an alternative to Kaopectate when your dog’s condition does not change.

It is also advised to get a vet’s advice before using Imodium for your dog.


This allows your dog to get the necessary rest required to recover from stomach upset.

Ensure that you provide your dog with plenty of soft food such as boneless fried chicken, rice, and, most importantly, water.


This kind of medication is intended to help your dog to make a quick recovery.

In probiotics, there is the presence of microorganisms which will assist your dog in reestablishing its health status.

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