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French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix

The French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix is a breed that mates the Australian Shepherd and the French Bulldog.

An Australian shepherd dog is a larger, medium sized dog often used to guard and herd sheep and a French bulldog is a small miniature bulldog.

In this part we will describe the history of both breeds. 

About The Australian Shepherd

Some people believe the Australian shepherd originated in Spain, in the Basque region, which used dogs for farming sheep.

This was one type of dog used by shepherds that tended the herds.

It was rumored that the shepherds migrated to the United States on the West Coast from Australia and brought their dogs with them.

The name is believed to be from the imported type of sheep that the dogs herded.

french bulldog australian shepherd

These dogs herded sheep in the Rocky Mountains.

They were bred by ranchers in Colorado who sold them in the West.

They were first used as working dogs and buyers were more interested in their physical stamina than what they looked like.

This medium sized dog was bred to herd sheep in the states of California, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho.

In Spain, these dogs were imported with the sheep that they herded. The early dogs were described as much larger than the breed today. 

Some breeders believe this breed was from the Leon region of northwestern Spain and was a smaller sheepdog with long hair and blue eyes.

During the gold rush, the demand for sheep grew to feed miners and the need for sheep dogs to herd them continued.

After the Civil War, the need for wool and mutton led to the demand for Australian shepherd dogs.

This breed was not recognized until 1957, when the Australian Shepherd Club of America was formed. 

About The French Bulldog 

French bulldogs are smaller bulldogs that bred in the 18th century when breeders crossed the larger dogs with smaller breeds.

This created the first variation of the small French bulldog.

This bulldog has a great temperament and has become a favorite pet of many workers located in Nottingham, England.

During this time, England developed more industry and stable jobs.

Consumers were able to care for their pet and this led to a demand for the French Bulldog.

Later, many workers lost their jobs and relocated to Northern France with their dogs.

This breed grew in popularity in France, giving English breeders a new market.

Eventually, the dog was bred in France and today has large eyes and big ears. 

Americans that traveled to France loved this breed and this is how they were introduced to Americans.

The bulldog was bred with smaller dogs like terriers and pugs to create the small dog we see today.

It is owned today  to hunt, protect families  or to be companions to the family.

Appearance and Temperament of French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix

frenchie aussie mix puppy
credit: imgur

The mixed breed is medium sized and reaches a height of 14-17 inches in size.

The males can reach seventeen inches and the females about fifteen inches.

The male dog weighs about 42-45 pounds after 14 months and the female 35-40 pounds.

Their eye color attracts attention as they are often blue, brown, green or a mixed color.

Their coat colors can be blue, cream, tan, black, and tri-colored. 

The dog’s ears may stand up or be half bent and its long snout allows it to adjust its body temperature.

It is known as a friendly and protective dog that requires training.

They love to play and early training is recommended to teach them how to behave with people.

These dogs need reinforcement and should not be left alone as they like to be part of the family.

It is an excellent choice for families that work at home or are retired.

With proper training, they adapt well to small children and adults.

They make good guard dogs that protect the family and your property. 

Health Concerns 

The French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix suffers from some disorder that can be treated by visiting the vet and taking proper care of the dog.

Sometimes the iris in the eye does not develop properly and gives the dog problems with its vision.

They may develop cataracts that will cause the lens of the eye to blur, and cause vision difficulties.

This breed has a thin coat which sometimes leads to skin infections from bacteria and parasites.

They are known to be allergic to Ivermectin, a drug used to treat parasites and other conditions in dogs.

Some of these dogs are susceptible to epilepsy. 

These are a few of the health concerns that the breed deals with. 

french bulldog australian shepherd mix puppy

Grooming and Care

These dog’s sheds and investing in a good vacuum will keep your home clean.

They should be brushed at least once a week and should have a bath occasionally with a gentle shampoo.

Some owners wipe their faces with wet paper towels due to the folds in their skin.

Their nails should be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks.

They require regular daily exercise in the yard, walking, or playing in the park about 45 to 60 minutes per day. 

Avoid hot conditions and extended periods of strenuous exercise.

Enrolling your pet is a good dog training program to teach them some behavioral techniques is a good idea.

Talk with your vet about the right diet to promote good health for your pet.

They can recommend the right dog foods and diet to keep your pet healthy.

They will know what the best brands and ingredients for your puppy  or adult dog.

The French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix is an excellent choice for families with children, those that work at home, or retired couples.

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