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Does Fleet Farm Allow Dogs Inside? Is It Dog-Friendly? (2022 Store Pet Policy)

Most dog owners are not allowed to bring their dogs into stores, especially the stores that sell food.

As a sanitation issue, stores that deal with edibles and foods for consumption do not allow animals in the store, unless under exceptional circumstances.

If you’re familiar with the chain Midwestern stores called Fleet Farm, then you already know that they sell food inside.

Grocery stores are basically not dog friendly because of the guidelines of Federal and local regulations such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) involving food safety.

And since Fleet Farm sells food, they do not allow dogs in MOST of their stores.

But yes, Fleet Farm does allow dogs in their Wisconsin stores.

Keep reading to learn more about Fleet Farm’s pet friendly policy.

Is Fleet Farm Dog Friendly?

fleet farm store front
image: Fleet Farm Marketing Team Member, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fleet Farm welcomes service animals to the store, but as the store does sell food, some state rules regarding what is allowed into the store’s space apply.

There have been complaints regarding the customers who bring on their dogs to the store hidden in reusable grocery bags and others straight up walk in with dogs on leashes.

And in the state of Wisconsin, dogs are always allowed in Fleet Farm stores.

But not in their locations in other states.

Despite the store welcoming service dogs to the store, people take advantage and bring in what they claim to be a service dog then play ball with the dogs till they get all frisky and jump on shoppers.

This does not appeal to especially people with disabilities, who need these service dogs in Fleet Farm stores.

When these people genuinely need to come in with a service dog, the store owner becomes leery of welcoming them in and of being helpful.

Official Policy Animal Policy At Fleet Farm

fleet farm dog

Unlike support dogs who are considered pets, service dogs are let in places that have no-pet policies.

This is because the store or business is limited by ADA laws and prohibited from separating the dog handlers from their dogs.

A lot of people are taking advantage of “support animals” being allowed into stores such as Fleet Farm to carry their dogs along when they don’t really need to.

Fleet Farm welcomes your dog into their Wisconsin stores!

Please, however, observe the following:

  1. It is within the discretion of Store Management to allow or refuse to allow any dog into this store, or to remove any dog once they have entered.
  2. All dogs must at all times be kept on a leash not to exceed 4 feet in length.
  3. Aggressive dogs, and dogs that are not house-trained, are not permitted in this store.
  4. You must clean up after your dog. If necessary, cleaning supplies will be provided.
  5. Do not leave your dog unattended at any time.
  6. Please, no dogs in shopping carts.
  7. You are liable for any injuries or any damage to property caused by your dog. Wisconsin Stats 174.02.

Pets are not allowed into Fleet Farm locations in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota, except for service animals

At Fleet Farm, if a service dog disrupts the other shoppers’ peace by barking and growling, the store manager is allowed to ask questions to ensure eligibility of the service dog.

The staff of Fleet Farm are not permitted to ask for the dog’s certification or to question the dog owner regarding his disability that prompts the need for a service dog.

If the legitimacy of the service dog is verified by successfully answering questions regarding the dog’s certification, then no further questioning is done.

There is no mechanism provided by the law to help determine the legitimacy of a service dog, and as interfering with the rights of a disabled person is considered a misdemeanor punishable by fine, Fleet Farm is less likely to question people with dogs in the premises.

When it comes to the state laws’ official dog policy in stores, emotional support dogs are not covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act, so they might not be allowed in all locations of Fleet Farm.

However, the Act covers service dogs that aid with psychiatric disorders.

Does It Vary By Location?

fleet farm dogs

All Fleet Farm locations are open to service dogs in the stores, although some disparities exist regarding a service dog’s definition and understanding.

Most people are not okay with the idea of having a dog around as you shop for foodstuff.

Animals in grocery stores are considered to be one of the biggest retail peeves, mostly when the so-called “service dogs” don’t behave as service dogs do.

There are other trained service dogs that guide people with disabilities, such as the blind.

These dogs are allowed in Fleet Farm stores in all locations because they are considered a legal and humane necessity.

Some people claim to need their dogs to help with things like anxiety.

These dogs are referred to as emotional support animals, and they are not allowed inside Fleet Farm stores, with the exception of Fleet Farm locations in Wisconsin.

Why Service Dogs Are Allowed In Fleet Farm

Many stores consider it a sanitation issue to have pets, especially dogs in food stores.

Fleet Farm, being a store that sells food, has a strict policy that allows only service dogs into the premises. (with the exception of store locations in Wisconsin)

Service dogs are specially trained to relieve themselves even in public without disrupting or being a nuisance to other people.

These animals are also trained to help their handlers manage their disability and psychiatric issues.

Service dogs are meant to help people who need them, so if allowed to go in Fleet Farm with a dog, ensure that your dog will not bark and jump on others.

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