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Why Is My Dog’s Poop Dry And Crumbly?

If you are not a dog parent, you would think it gross to look at a dog’s poop.

But if you are one, you know how poop acts as an excellent tool to assess your dog’s health.

So regularly checking on the condition of your pet’s poop should be on your pet’s care to-do list if you are a dog parent.

If you notice that your dog’s poop is dry and crumbly, this could result from constipation.

Constipation is characterized by less frequent bowel movements, which could also be accompanied by difficulty passing stool.

There could be other valid reasons, such as blocked anal sacs or old age, but constipation is the most common reason.

This article explores various reasons why your dog’s poop could be dry and crumbly and the possible solutions.

The Dry and Crumbly VS. The Normal Dog Poop

Your four-legged friend cannot talk, which means they cannot tell you when they are sick or in pain unless you are a dog whisperer.

However, if you are keen enough, their growling could signify that they are in pain.

Most of the time, if they have severe constipation, they will only growl when pooping.

You may never know that your poor pup is suffering if you are not close to them when they are growling.

One of the best ways to assess your hound’s health is to keep a close watch on their poop.

So what does normal dog poop look like?

Unless your dog’s food is in different colors, your dog’s poop should be chocolate brown.

However, when your dog’s food has various colors, their poop will have different hues.

Your dog’s poop should also have a log’s shape, but that is not normal dog poop if it is rounded.

The poop’s consistency also depends on the amount of food they eat – if your dog eats a lot, then their poop should be a lot.

Normal dog poop should be moist and should be easy to pick.

It should also hold its size if you pick it up.

If it is runny or watery, then you should contact your vet.

Reasons Why Your Dog’s Poop Is Dry and Crumbly

As mentioned, the main reason your hound’s poop is dry and crumbly is that they are constipated.

The other reasons include lack of enough exercise and a possible internal blockage.

All of these are valid causes of constipation in dogs.

So if your dog drinks enough fluids and gets enough exercise but still has dry and crumbly poop, you should contact a vet as soon as possible.

If they are not getting enough fluids, make sure you start filling their bowls with clean water and getting them the exercise they need in a day.

Note that different breeds of dogs need different amounts of exercise each day.

Causes of Constipation

Constipation can be quite uncomfortable and painful for your four-legged partner, and it can be uncomfortable for you to see them suffer.

If your dog’s poop is crumbly or even pebble-like, it means that your pet is overly dehydrated and constipated.

It can also mean that your canine friend is experiencing very low intestinal movements.

Before we learn what to do if your dog is constipated, what are the common reasons for constipation in dogs?

Let’s take a look at some of the causes of constipation below:

  • Lack of or less exercise
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive or low fiber intake
  • Some medications
  • Pelvic issues
  • Blocked anal sacs
  • Excessive self-grooming might lead to fur collecting in the stool
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Old age

How To Address Dog Constipation

Below are things you can do to ease your dog’s constipated stomach:

Hydrate Your Dog

To reduce constipation for your dog, you need to know at is causing it.

If it is dehydration, make sure that your dog gets enough water throughout the day.

You can try adding the amount of water to what you usually feed your hound in a day.

You can also try feeding them wet food to supplement their fluid intake.

Check on Their Food

Sometimes you may notice that your dog is constipated after a meal change.

If this is the case, take a keen look at what you have been feeding them lately.

If the new diet has excess fiber, you can reduce it, and if there is minimal fiber content, you can add fiber as a supplement.

Also, the new diet can cause constipation for your dog whether it has fiber.

In this case, you need to ensure that your pup always has enough water.

Alternatively, you can consider adding pumpkin puree to their diet.

Be careful not to give your canine friend pumpkin filing; it should always be 100% pumpkin purée.

The purée has more water content and more fiber.

The purée should get your pet’s digestive system up and moving in a few days after you introduce it to them.

Get them to exercise

Adequate exercise enhances your dog’s bowel movement so consider encouraging your dog to exercise more.

You can introduce more fun games like racing and fetching.

If your dog does not seem to love exercise like before and you notice that they sleep too much, you should take them to the vet.

Give Them a Haircut

As stated above, your dog might ingest some of their furs while self-grooming, especially if they have long fur.

In this case, you should consider regularly cutting their hair.

Your dog might also have long fur around or slightly in their anus, which may make pooping even more difficult for them.

As weird as it may feel, ensure that you also cut the hair in this place.

You can use clippers instead of using scissors to avoid cuts and injuring your dog.

Clippers are very quiet, which will prevent getting your pet all anxious.

They are also good at removing whatever is blocking your dog’s poop, whether it’s a string or any other object.

Now you have the answer to why your dog’s poop is dry and crumbly.

You can try implementing the tips we have listed above so that you can help your hound feel better.

However, if any of these tips don’t work, do not wait longer than a week; seek professional advice from your vet.

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