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Why Do Dogs Like Tennis Balls So Much? (6 Reasons Why They Love Tennis Balls!)

Anyone that has a dog as a pet knows very well how much fun they can be when you’re playing fetch.

When you have an active puppy or more mature dog, one activity that they will always love to enjoy is to play with a tennis ball.

Whether it is chewing on a ball or playing fetch, there are several reasons why this simple toy continues to be loved by dogs of all breeds and ages.

But have you ever wondered why they love tennis balls so much? It doesn’t matter what toys you buy, that ball is always a favorite.

Well, we’ve done the research and found six reasons why tennis balls are a favorite of doggos everywhere. Keep reading to learn why that is.

1. Tennis Ball is Perfect Size For Many Breeds

One of the primary reasons that a tennis ball continues to be a beloved toy for dogs is that it is a great size for many breeds.

A tennis ball is large enough that it will require hard chewing from many of the teeth in the dog’s mouth. At the same time, it is small enough to comfortably fit inside of your dog’s mouth.

This ideal size can make it fun for the dog to play with and also help with their desired chewing sensation. Balls from other sports are often too small or too large to be as appealing to as many dogs.

2. Springy Sensation is Fun for a Dog to Chew On

Another reason that your pet will enjoy playing with a tennis ball is that the texture and chewing sensation that it provides is ideal for a dog, which has strong jaws and teeth.

Dogs love to chew on object, especially when they are going through the teeth stage.

Your tennis ball is large enough and offers enough resistance that can make it a great chew toy for your pet to play with.

Beyond providing good resistance, the act of chewing on a tennis ball will often cause it to slip out of your dog’s mouth.

This could then result in the ball bouncing away from your dog, which will also be quite fun for your pet.

Your dog can then chase after the ball and even bat it around a bit with its paw, which will allow it to create a fun game on its own if you are busy at the time.

3. Playing Fetch is a Reward

When going through the process of training your dog, you will want to find ways to reward your pet as well as possible.

While petting the dog, giving treats and offering positive reinforcement is important, another way that you can reward your pet is by playing a game with them.

After your pet does something good, spending a few minutes playing a game of fetch with your tennis ball is a great option as it is an activity that your pet will love to play.

Along with this, your pet will recognize a positive interaction whenever they do play fetch with a tennis ball, which will result in them wanting to play with you as much as possible.

4. It Is Very Durable

Your pet will love to play with a tennis ball because they are very durable and can last for a long time.

When going to a pet store, you may find that there are plenty of different chew toys out there to choose from.

However, many of these will end up falling apart very quickly once your dog starts chewing on them. A tennis ball, on the other hand, is quite durable and can last for a long time.

Modern tennis balls are built to withstand a lot of force and contact, which can make them an ideal chew toy. Normally, each tennis ball will last for a long time even if your pet chews on it daily.

5. Interactive Game to Play

Depending on the breed of your dog and its personality, nothing is as fun for it as to spend time with you. One of the best way that a dog can spend time with its owner is by playing a game of fetch.

Not only is it fun for the dog to chase after the ball and bring it back to you, but they will also be able to sense that you are having fun playing the game as well.

Since your dog will want to please you and keep you happy, they are bound to want to play fetch with you as much as possible.

6. Playing Fetch With a Tennis Ball Goes Along with Natural Instincts

While dogs have been house pets for generations and people spend a lot of time training certain behaviors, these animals are still very instinctual animals.

It is always natural for a dog to want to chase after small animals due to its inclination to hunt. One way that you can help your dog relieve this energy is by taking it to a park and playing catch with a ball.

When you throw a ball a long distance and it continues to roll, your dog will enjoy the chase that comes with running after the ball.

They will then be able to retrieve the ball and bring it back to you, which is a natural instinct that is still ingrained in many dog breeds today.

Final Word

Overall, finding ways to play with your beloved pet dog and keep it active is very important. One way that you can keep your pet having fun is by grabbing a tennis ball and heading to the local park for a game of fetch.

There are a variety of reasons why playing fetch with a tennis ball is so much fun for your dog. And before you buy a bunch of tennis balls for your pupper, be sure to read our article on Are Tennis Balls Bad For Dogs?

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