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Can Dogs Eat Steak (Wagyu Beef)?

If you really want to treat your dog when you sit down for dinner, then you may want to share some of your steak with your pup.

But should you share steak, like Wagyu beef, with your dog?

Yes, you can feed your dog steak!

Including wagyu beef, but steak should be a part of the dog’s meal and not the focal point.

Below we’ll give you more tips on how to safely feed your dog steak.

Is Steak Good For Dogs?

dog looking at steak

Yes, steak is good for dogs because it offers a lot of protein.

Other health benefits of including steak in your dog’s diet include:

  • shinier coat
  • higher energy levels
  • healthier joints
  • more toned muscles

Even with all those benefits, steak should only be an occasional treat for your pup.

What About Raw Steak?

No, dogs cannot eat raw steak.

In fact, if you give your dog raw steak to eat then it will likely make him sick because the raw meat may contain bacteria such as:

  • listeria
  • E. coli
  • salmonella

So, definitely make sure that your dog doesn’t consume any raw meat.

Precautions For Feeding Dogs Steak

ASMR Pomeranian Dog Eating Birthday Steak

While you can let your dog eat steak as an occasional treat, there are some precautions to take.

No seasonings

Never give your dog steak that has any type of seasoning on it.

This is because the ingredients of that seasoning may be toxic to your dog.

Remove the fat

You dog should not be eating steak with the fat on it because the fat will upset your dog’s tummy.

As a result, it’s better if you don’t feed your dog Wagyu beef as it’s high fat content is not great for your dog.

Only fully cooked meat

Make sure that the steak you let your dog eat is cooked at least medium-well.

It is important that the meat is fully cooked to kill any bacteria.

And you don’t want to cook it too much cause you don’t want the meat to be too chewy.

Cut into small pieces

Choking is the primary hazard in feeding your dog steak.

With that in mind, be sure to cut the steak up into small pieces before giving it to your dog to eat.

Final Word

While steak or Wagyu beef isn’t going to kill your dog, you should still exercise some caution when giving it to your pup because it needs to be an occasional treat.

Practice moderation and only give your dog a small amount of steak at a time.

If you notice any bad side effects from the steak, then immediately stop giving your dog cooked beef.

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