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Can You Take Your Dog Scuba Diving?

Yes, if you have the money to put them in a full helmet for breathing.

So far, no one has developed a scuba course for dogs, and there is no off-the-shelf diving gear for dogs.

Teaching them to breathe correctly, how deep they can dive, and how to decompress without their human companion would be next to impossible.

Some dog owners take their pets scuba diving.

But this activity should only be tried by master divers, with special equipment designed for their dogs.

The most notable endeavor cost the designer around $40,000 and resulted in the world’s first dive-certified dog.

Do not be discouraged, though, because there are other ways that you can spend time with your dog on the water.

Can dogs hold their breath underwater?

Of course, they can. Watch your dog drink.

A dog’s whole snout goes into the water, so your pet has to know how not to breathe when necessary.

Some dogs are natural divers and can hold their breath for several seconds.

Labrador retrievers and other water dogs recover fowl and other animals and often dive for their prey.

If they could not hold their breath, this would not be possible.

Most mammals can hold their breath. It is instinctual, but how long one can hold their breath takes practice.

That goes for both humans and canines.

Once you have taught your dog to swim, teaching it to dive is as simple as tossing its favorite toy into the water.

First, teach your dog to swim.

Not all dogs are drawn to the water, and some may fear it.

So, before you teach your dog to dive for objects, you must first get it used to swimming with you in the water.

If you have a dog that is timid around water, equip it with a life vest.

In addition, a dog flotation device will give you, and your pet added security and a way to grab hold of it safely.

Choose a day when the water is warm in a quiet location to begin swimming lessons for your furry friend.

Start in shallow water, and then move to deeper water, as pups get surer of themselves.

If you are practicing in open water, at the beach, bay, or river, be mindful of currents, the temperature of the water, and boaters.

Keep your first sessions short and be mindful of polluted water, which could make Fido sick if he swallows too much while swimming.

Too much of any water can make your pup sick if they ingest too much, so keep your first swim sessions short.

Now you can teach your dog to dive!

Not SCUBA, but you can teach your pet to retrieve rocks and toys from the water once they are comfortable swimming.

To practice, take one of their toys with you on your swimming expeditions, toss it in, and wait.

Some dogs will get the idea very quickly, while others may never dive for you.

Does it matter if your dog can swim and dive?

It can if you spend a lot of time on the water or live near a river, lake, or ocean.

Many people take their dogs with them aboard their boats.

If they know how to swim and are comfortable around water, they will be safer.

Always put a lifejacket on your buddy if you are around the water, especially when boating.

Even though they can swim, wind, waves, and other boats can confuse and exhaust them before you can retrieve them from the water.

You can if you have the time and money.

A spoof article still circulates on the internet that claims PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) has a course that teaches dogs to SCUBA.

That would be great, but it is not happening anytime soon.

Taking your dog SCUBA diving would be risky, but taking them swimming and diving for rocks is suitable for your dog’s health and yours.

Since you cannot take your best friend diving today, find a beach and go for a swim.

They will be just as happy because all that matters is that they are spending time with you.

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