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The 3 Best Dog Parks in Washington DC

When pet owners grow tired of leash-walking their dogs around Washington DC, they can always turn to one of the many off-leash dog parks in and around the city.

Collectively, these parks offer dogs a great place to frolic uninhibited in the tall grass, all while making new acquaintances and having tons of healthy fun.

It might be hard to fathom, but even in a city so positively urban as Washington DC, the leaders of this city have managed to carve out a number of green spaces where dogs can play off-leash.

Although some of these dog parks are definitely smaller than their counterparts in rural cities, they still basically provide the same service:  giving dogs a chance to exercise, socialize and have fun without the tug of a leash.

And while these parks are certainly welcome additions for the dogs that use them, it is perhaps the owners of these pets that benefit most from their presence.

The ability to exercise your dog (off-leash and safely), as you sit on a bench in the cool shade, is a welcome perk in any city.

To give you a better sense of these off-leash facilities, below we have highlighted several of the best dog parks in Washington DC, and provided some useful information as to what you can expect when visiting them.

Shirlington Park

If you happen to be visiting the South Arlington region of Washington DC, you should really check out Shirlington Park, located at 2601 South Arlington Mill Drive.

Within this beautiful woodland park you will find a long narrow dog run that is double-fenced and separated into two sections—one for larger dogs and another smaller area for the tinier breeds and pups.

This long and comparatively skinny dog run goes all the way from the grassy park area, through the wooded forest, and ends up at a cool stream, where dogs (and their owners) can splash around and cool themselves on a hot sunny day.

Not only does Shirlington Park offer a cool nature walk for both dog and owner, it also includes a number of outstanding amenities, including pet waste bag stations, a do-it-yourself dog bath, and several picnic tables where many families choose to lunch as they watch the family dog play.

S Street Dog Park

Everything that is best about inner city dog runs; that’s what you can expect at the S Street Dog Park, located at the intersection of S Street and 17th Street in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of the nation’s capital.

Not only have the tenders of this park carved out a cool space for dogs to play and socialize here, they have also added a fair share of amenities that pups can explore as they navigate their way around the park.

The ground cover at the S Street Dog Park is made up of artificial turf.

Not only does this turf prevent dogs from digging and coming away with muddy paws, it is also much easier to maintain, especially on those snowy winter days.

The S Street Dog Park is rather small in comparison to other like facilities, but it still has adequate space for dogs to explore.

A central water fountain helps to keep dogs hydrated, and the entire space is completely fenced-in to prevent escapes.

This helps pet parents relax as they sit beneath the large shade trees on benches that are provided by the city.

For owners touring the city of Washington DC with their dogs in tow, the S Street Dog Park allows for a temporary respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, and a chance to give dogs some wanton play time.

Rosedale Conservancy

Dog owners who live in Washington DC, especially owners of large-breed dogs, know all about the Rosedale Conservancy, located at 3518 Newark Street Northwest, between North 35th Street and North 36th Street in beautiful Cleveland Park.

Much, much larger than the S Street Dog Park—about 2 acres in total—the Rosedale Conservancy is a place where dogs can really cut loose and burn off that extra energy that is pent up within them.

Although dogs are always welcome here, in order to use the conservancy in the way described above, the owners of the park have allowed for off-leash access several hours each day.

At other times, especially during busy visiting hours, all dogs must be leashed out of respect for those patrons who are touring without pets.

The Rosedale Conservancy is a 260 year old property, on which sits a perfectly restored farmhouse from that era, one with gorgeous landscaping that is perfectly maintained by volunteers throughout the city.

It is in this setting that, for a few hours each day, dogs of all sizes are allowed to run and play in the cool grass that is shrouded by mature oak and elm trees.

Over hills and valleys, dogs can be seen making new friends and galloping about, while their owners take in all the natural beauty of the park.

The Rosedale Conservancy is completely fenced in, so pet parents can feel safe leaving their dogs here as they tour the facility and its grounds.

While there is a small fee to use the Rosedale Conservancy in the way described, for both dogs and their owners the cost is well worth it.

Other Dog Parks in Washington DC

While the three above-described parks can certainly be considered the best of the best in the Washington DC area, they are not the only choice available to pet parents.

In fact, dog owners have plenty of other options when it comes to treating Fido to an off-leash park experience.

Some of these fantastic parks include the Shaw Street Dog Park, in Logan Circle; Montrose Park, in the Georgetown neighborhood; Glencarlyn Park, in Arlington; and both Lincoln Park and Stanton Park in the Capitol Hill region of the city.

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