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The 4 Best Dog Parks in Tucson

Like most of the major cities in Arizona, Tucson has both public and private policies that are very pet-friendly, policies that allow dogs and their owners to together visit many of the businesses and organizations in the city, from hotels and restaurants, to bars and pubs, to retail establishments and parks.

The needs and wants of the city’s dogs are also met here, thanks to the miles of park trails and the scores of off-leash dog parks that call this city home.

Below we will briefly introduce you to some of these expertly-maintained dog parks, and highlight some of the features and dog-centered amenities that continue to make each one of these parks so hugely popular among the citizens of Tucson and the guests that visit here.

Morris K. Udall Dog Park

The Morris K. Udall Dog Park, located at 7290 East Tanque Verde Road, offers separate and distinct play areas for large and small dogs (under 35 pounds).

And while this type of division between large and small breeds is certainly not unique for dog parks of this ilk, some of the other amenities offered here are definitely very novel and quite extraordinary, obviously built with dogs in mind.

Some of these features and bonus additions include a competition-worthy agility course; a doggie drinking fountain in both areas that also doubles as a cool zone on hot desert days; kiosks containing doggie poop bags and disposal barrels; and a pet cleaning station for essentially showering Fido’s muddy paws before dare allowing him to transfer that mud into your nice car.

Pet parents also have a lot of remarkable things to say about the Morris K. Udall Dog Park.

For instance, the shaded benches make for excellent viewing perches or a great place to read and/or relax; and the picnic benches, hidden under a large pavilion, are great for hosting cookouts, parties and small get-togethers, all while the family dog (s) gets his or her much needed exercise.

A great place for dogs and their owners, the Morris K. Udall Dog Park always makes for a wonderful day in nature.

Palo Verde Dog Park

Palo Verde Dog Park provides a divided (for small and large dogs) and fully-gated play space made up of decomposed granite—making it perhaps the best and cleanest dog park on rainy days.

The park is located at 425 South Mann Avenue in Tucson, and is open from 6:00 AM until 10:30 PM daily.

These expansive hours make the park ideal and very convenient for working pet parents, owners who may not have the time (or the inclination) to walk their dogs after a long day at work.

Lots of cool amenities can additionally be found at the Palo Verde Dog Park.

Some of the more popular of these are the safety-minded lighted areas over the dog park itself and over the seating area where most pet parents gather.

The double-locking gates provide a measure of peace to dog owners; and the pet waste scoop dispensers and trash cans are also very helpful.

The park has restrooms with flush toilets, as well as picnic tables under the ramada and built-in BBQ grills for outdoor lunches and dinners

Christopher Columbus Dog Park

Located at 4600 N. Silverbell Road in Tucson, the Christopher Columbus Dog Park has everything you need—and everything your pooch desires—for a fun-filled day of playing and cardiovascular exercise.

This off-leash paradise is not very large by dog park standards, but the one-acre of grassy turf here provides more than enough room for spirited galloping and socializing with other dogs.

Christopher Columbus Dog Park is open from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM, seven days a week, except every Wednesday from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM, when the park is cleaned and maintained by the park staff.

The reason this lush dog park can stay open so late is thanks to the bank of lights over the park, which automatically turn on around dusk.

Within the park-named “scrambling area”—a place where dogs can romp freely without their leash—pups will find a unique Fido fountain, which constantly provides clean, fresh water for your pooch to drink.

Outside of the park is a shaded ramada, where pet parents can watch their dogs frolic and catch up with old and new friends.

The Christopher Columbus Dog Park, which boasts ample parking and an ultra-safe environment, has become quite the gathering spot for dogs and their owners.

Note:  There is not a separate area for small dogs at the Christopher Columbus Dog Park, so if your smaller pooch gets nervous around bigger and more outgoing dogs, this may not be the best place to take him.

Fortunately, as we are proving in this article, there are many other choices in and around Tucson that do offer this “divided” feature.

Miko’s Corner Playground

Last but not least, Miko’s Corner Playground is situated at 910 S. Concert Place in Tucson (guests can use the entrances off Picnic Place or Concert Place to access the park, both of which come off of S. Country Club Road).

This off-leash dog park is part of Gene C. Reid Park, a popular recreational spot in the city.

The dog park is named after—and dedicated to—a dog named Miko, a Tucson Police Department canine that was killed in the line of duty.

In addition to its namesake, there is plenty to love about Miko’s Corner Playground, including its very convenient hours of operation:  daily from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM, but closed Thursdays from 9:00 AM until Noon for regular upkeep, mowing and maintenance.

Other great features of this memorial dog park include overhead lights for nighttime exercise; secure access from three double entry gates; a division of the two-acre property to accommodate both large dogs and smaller breeds; water fountains that dispense potable water into a central hydration area for drinking; natural and manmade obstacles to explore; and pet waste bag dispensers scattered around the property.

Pet parents can take advantage of a shaded pavilion with grandstand-like seating; the his-and-her fully-plumbed restrooms, and a quasi-pet cleaning station for washing up muddy dogs.

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