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The 8 Best Dog Parks In San Francisco

It might be known as the City by the Bay, but with over 40 dog parks, San Francisco is a walk in the park for dog owners.

The city is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the US.

Many of the city’s tourist attractions are pet-friendly, and increasingly more restaurants, gyms, and even offices are welcoming furry companions.

There are so many places in the city where your dog can tag along, but your dog might need a place where you can let go of the leash.

The National Canine Research Association of America knows you and your dog want to find a fun and safe place to run wild.

Whether you’re owning a puppy for the first time, moving to the city, or looking for somewhere new, we’ll go over the best dog parks in San Francisco.

1. Bernal Heights

  • Location: Bernal Heights Boulevard
  • Hours: 5 AM – Midnight
  • Park Website

With 35-acres of space, your dog will have a lot of room to roam off-leash.

Bernal Heights Dog Park has plenty of green, open space, and the top trails allow you expansive views of the city.

Bernal Heights is a residential area, which means you’ll meet a lot of local dog owners.

Some other perks of the park are the public washrooms in the area and a water fountain.

You can access the Bernal Heights Park Parking Lot from the park’s north entrance by taking Folsom Street.

If you forgot a scoop bag, seek plastic bags at the north and the south entrances to the dog play area.

Bernal Heights Dog Park has steep hills, owing to its history as a rock quarry.

The steepness limits strollers and wheelchairs.

If you don’t mind chasing your furry friend up and down hills or cheering them on from the sidelines, then you’ll enjoy Bernal Heights.

2. Corona Heights

  • Location: 32 Museum Way – Roosevelt and Museum Way
  • Hours: 5 AM – Midnight
  • Park Website

The Corona Heights Dog Play Area is a popular dog park.

The location draws a lot of attention, as it’s next door to the Corona Heights Natural Area and the Randall Museum.

If you’re worried about how far your dog’s legs can take them, this dog park is fully fenced, making it easier to let go.

The park also has public washrooms for human visitors.

3. St. Mary’s

  • Location: 95 Justin Drive – Murray and Justin Drive
  • Hours: 6 AM – 10 PM
  • Park Website

St. Mary’s Dog Play Area has shade, benches, and picnic tables, making it ideal for outings where you and your dog can spend time together outdoors.

The park is fenced, with a double-gate at the entrance so your pup can hit the grass running.

The water fountain is dog-friendly, which is great for snapping pictures and letting your dog whet their whistle.

St. Mary’s occasionally closes for cleaning and during the winter, from January until late February, so it’s good to check ahead before you stop by.

4. Stern Grove Park

Not far from the San Francisco Zoo, the Stern Grove Dog Play Area has an off-leash area and an on-leash trail.

The green space isn’t fenced but surrounded by redwood, fir, and eucalyptus trees.

There are picnic tables, water fountains, a horseshoe court, and ample open space.

Most areas are wheelchair and stroller accessible.

The green space can get muddy when wet. If you want to avoid giving your pups a full bath, try steering them onto the trails.

5. Duboce Park

  • Location: Duboce Avenue and Noe Street
  • Hours: 6 AM – 10 PM
  • Park Website

Duboce Park is the social scene for dog owners and hosts an annual DogFest every April.

The park is next door to the Harvey Milk Recreational Arts Center.

There are off-leash and on-leash areas, but the park is not fenced-in.

If you visit dog parks for the roaming and not for the meet-ups, Duboce might not be the right fit.

It’s popular, which means busy.

If you’re trying to socialize your dog, or maybe you haven’t hit your monthly quota for greetings, Duboce will give you plenty of chances.

6. Golden Gate Park

  • Location: 6220 Fulton Street
  • Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Park Website

Golden Gate Park has over 1,017 acres of green space, gardens, picnic groves, and trails to explore.

The park has four off-leash areas for your four-legged explorers.

A sand-filled fenced-in area that’s great for some outdoor training is located northwest of the park, by Fulton Street and 38th Avenue (beside the Bison Field).

There are three dog-run areas:

  • Southeast: Find it between Lincoln Way, Martin Luther King King Jr. Drive, and 2nd and 7th Avenue
  • Northeast: Find it in the park’s corner, off Stanyan Street, between Fulton Street and Grove Street.
  • Southcentral: Between Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Middle Drive, and 34th Avenue and 38th Avenue

The Golden Gate Park sees over 24 million visitors yearly, so expect a crowd even when weather conditions would turn most folks home.

Parking and washrooms are available for the public.

7. Pine Lake Park

  • Location: Sloat Boulevard and Vale Street
  • Hours: 6 AM – 10 PM
  • Park Website

Pine Lake Park is perfect for stretching your legs and for fewer social dogs and owners.

You can meet and greet, but it’s easier to spread out for exercise time.

You can chase your dog off-leash around the meadow or relax on the picnic benches.

Pine Lake is right there for pups that love to cool off with a swim or enjoy a few timid trots in the shallow.

8. Fort Funston

Does your dog run towards the call of the ocean?

For the dog that loves the sand and water, Fort Funston Dog Beach is a great spot for dogs who want to get their paws wet.

The national park has trails well-loved by hikers, horseback riders, and dog walkers.

Since there is a lot of foot, hoof, and paw traffic, it’s not required, but you might leash up for the trails during busy hours and then let loose for some fun in the sand.

To reach the beach, you and your dog will need to climb a hill.

Paved loop trails are easy for strollers and wheelchairs, but the beach is not accessible.

If you want to avoid carrying your dog up that hill, make sure they reserve some energy for when it’s time to head home.

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