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The 4 Best Dog Parks in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is home to a wealth of fun dog parks, each with its own character—and characteristics.

From small fenced-off zones inside of city parks to acres of natural woodland paradises with lakes, rivers and trees as far as the eye can see.

All of these dog parks are guaranteed to bring joy into your pup’s life, and the friendships you will forge as a regular visitor to these parks will no doubt enrich your life as well.

So, without further ado, here are the best of the best when it comes to Salt Lake City’s dog parks.

Mill Creek Canyon

If you’re a nature enthusiast who enjoys exploring different terrains, the Mill Creek Canyon experience is a must.

Anything but a traditional dog park, Mill Creek Canyon—and its “Hike to Dog Lake” program—is nature at its finest.

The trailhead for this hike can be found at 3800 Mill Creek Canyon Road.

It consists of about a one-hour hike to the bottom of a canyon, where a large lake is located, as well as lots of space to run and obstacles to explore.

Dogs are always welcome here when they are on a leash, but thanks to a recent agreement between Salt Lake County and the U.S. Forest Service, dogs are now free to explore the canyon and trails off-leash on odd-numbered days.

On any given day at Mill Creek Canyon, you are bound to see dozens of dogs traversing the trails and splashing about in the lake.

For dog lovers, it’s an experience like none other.

Tanner Park

Thought by many to be Salt Lake City’s finest and most well-liked dog park, Tanner Park can be found at 2660 Heritage Way in Utah’s capital city.

Although dogs are required to be leashed when visiting the main park area, there is a well-worn trail of about 200 yards at Tanner Park that will lead you to a gully area that is surrounded by trees.

At the end of this trail you are free to unleash your dog to run and play in the cool sand, or to cool off in the large stream located here.

Although the area is fairly self-contained, it is not fenced.

Thus owners are asked to only unleash their dogs if they are certain they will not “make a break for it,” and only if your pup socializes well with other dogs.

If you choose to remain in the primary park area, there are plenty of trails for you and Fido to explore plus lots of fun activities to be had for the entire family.

Tanner Park, which is situated next to Parley’s Canyon, has a giant playground area for kids and plenty of picnic tables with adjacent grills for picnicking.

Tennis courts, a BMX track and an outdoor amphitheater can also be found here, along with a number of baseball and soccer fields that are well-used in the warmer months.

For a fun day with the entire family—including the family dog—there is no better place to go in Salt Lake City than Tanner Park.

Utah Dog Park

Like most cities in the Northwest, Salt Lake City gets more than its fair share of winter snow.

This type of weather can make it almost impossible to get your dog the exercise and socialization it needs to be happy and well-rounded.

However, if you find yourself in one of these inclement weather patterns, and you’re looking for a fun and healthy activity for your pup, you simply must check out the Utah Dog Park—Salt Lake City’s only indoor dog park.

Situated at 1977 W. North Temple Street (close to the airport), the Utah Dog Park is an indoor/outdoor facility that allows dogs to roam free and unleashed as they sniff and make new canine friends.

The completely cageless dog park doubles as a board and care facility, where dogs are only penned for meals and nap time.

It serves as a great way to entertain your dog as you pursue other interests, and at only $22 a day ($17 for half-day) the price is a steal.

Worried about how your small-breed dog or older pooch would fare at such a facility?

Fret not.

All dogs at the Utah Dog Park are separated by size, age, temperament and activity level to give them the best possible experience.

Thus, smaller dogs never have to worry about being trampled by large German Shepherds or Huskies, and older dogs will never have to cope with the annoyance of a hyperactive puppy.

So if the weather is getting your dog down, make the short trip to the Utah Dog Park for a full day (or half day) of fun and frolic.

Rotary Glen Park

Considered the most dog-friendly space in Salt Lake City, Rotary Glen Park offers all of the conveniences pet owners like and most of the attractions dogs love.

Located at 2903 Kennedy Drive, Rotary Glen Park is also the only traditional dog park on our list—a park that is completely fenced and perfect for escape-prone pups.

Inside Rotary Glen Park dogs will find a lot of cool natural and manmade obstacles to explore, from trees and boulders to tunnels and bridges.

There is also a huge pond in the center of the enclosure, in which dogs are free to cool themselves in the heat of the day.

Drinking water and pet waste bags are available, and there is plenty of shaded seating for owners viewing all the action.

Another cool feature of Rotary Glen Park is the rugged trail that initiates here and continues to the bottom of a canyon where a large natural stream can be found.

When traversing the sometimes tricky trail, dogs are expected to be leashed, but once at the bottom the leash can come off for a little water play in the refreshing creek.

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