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The 3 Best Dog Parks in Sacramento

The city of Sacramento has lots and lots to offer its very diverse population, a population which includes thousands of cherished pets.

In addition to all the attractions that draw people to Sacramento—the capital building, Sutter’s Fort and scores of museums and galleries—the city, as well as some of its private citizens, have taken steps to ensure that resident pets also have ample opportunities for recreation, a move that often takes the form of an off-leash dog park.

To introduce you to some of these off-leash play zones, below we have chosen just a small sampling of the city’s dog parks, and highlighted the amazing amenities and features that make them so inviting to pets and their owners.

North Natomas Regional Dog Park

Located at 2501 New Market Drive, on the outskirts of California’s capital city of Sacramento, the North Natomas Regional Dog Park is a comprehensive exercise facility for dogs, one that, for safety’s sake, is divided into two distinct zones—the first of which spans roughly two acres and provides plenty of room for larger (and more outgoing) breeds of dogs to run free and uninhibited without the pull of a leash.

The second area is only a quarter of the size as compared to the first—measuring approximately one-half acre.

This play zone is intended for smaller and more timorous dogs, and includes lots of agility equipment on which these smaller breeds can climb and play.

Both of these impressive zones are completely fenced to prevent “escapes,” and both offer water for drinking.

Moreover, during the summer months a large splash pool is often placed in the larger dog run, enabling dogs to splash about and cool their jets on a hot day.

Waste stations and poop bags are on hand to deal with accidents, and water bowls are available from which the pups can drink.

The viewing area at the North Natomas Regional Dog Park enables dog owners to keep a watchful eye on their pooches, and because the entire area is shaded by trees and a roofed pavilion, the viewing experience is always cool and comfortable, despite the season.

As with many dog parks in this region, flooding and mud are very possible during the rainy season, so be sure to bring a towel to clean up Fido before allowing him access to your vehicle.

On extremely weather-inclement days, the park may close for all or part of the day, so be sure to call ahead.

Staff at the park can be reached at (916) 277-6093 during normal business hours.

The Bark Park

Picture a great off-leash dog park, one with all the features and amenities that pups love.

Are you picturing it?

Well, that’s what you can expect with the Bark Park—a canine fun zone that is guaranteed to put a smile on your dog’s face (or at least the doggie equivalent of a smile).

With scores of mature trees standing guard along the park’s fence line, the Bark Park is perpetually shady and inviting.

Pet parents, perched on the provided benches or lounging in comfy camp chairs, can watch their pooches gallop, play and romp around the spacious grounds.

Or, if they prefer, they can catch up on their summer reading, while lounging in shaded comfort and with the serene sounds of nature providing the soundtrack to the whole experience.

The Bark Park is located at 3839 Bradshaw Road and is open from 8:00 AM to Dusk, seven days a week.

The dog park is truly one of a kind—one of the only dog-specific off-leash play zones in the nation that is operating on the grounds of a municipal shelter.

Pet parents bring their dogs from miles around to play and socialize here, and because the dog park is directly adjacent to the shelter, many of these dog owners elect to look around while they’re here, and some even start the adoption process for a new pet—talk about killing two birds with one stone.

The Bark Park offers two full acres of combined grass and dirt, all of which can be explored by dogs off-leash, thanks to the sturdy fencing that encapsulates the grounds.

The dog park has agility equipment and lots of toys; water on hand for thirsty pups (and their owners); waste bags and disposal sites; and a handy cleaning station that dog owners love after their pooches run and play at top speed.

This play facility is truly one-of-a-kind, but because it is owned and operated by the county shelter staff—people who are truly pet advocates—there are a few rules that must be observed.

For instance, all dogs must be appropriately licensed by the county; spayed or neutered; and wearing suitable collars (no spikes, prongs, etc.).

No smoking is allowed and food or treats are not permitted in the park (to prevent squabbles).

Finally, all participants must remain on the leash until they have reached the off-leash play zone, and all waste must be picked up and disposed of promptly by the parent of the offending dog.

Granite Regional Dog Park

At Granite Regional Park—a large recreational paradise in the Sacramento Parks system—they are unanimously proud of two main features that you simply cannot miss:  the skate park and the dog park.

At the skate park, teens and tweens ply their best skateboard and roller-skating moves, practice new tricks and socialize with other riders.

It is a major teen gathering spot in the city of Sacramento, one that is safe, healthy and engaging.

Not far from the skate park is where you will find the Granite Regional Dog Park, situated at 8200 Ramona Avenue in Sacramento.

Inside the Granite Regional Dog Park, your pup (or pups) will find plenty of room to run and scores of other dogs to meet, all of them gleeful and excited at the prospect of running unrestricted without their leash.

The dog park is completely fenced on every side, and there are a wealth of new and challenging obstacles (natural and manmade) on which to climb, dodge, go under and generally maneuver.

Water is available for both the human and canine population, and there are a few pop-up stands that contain doggie waste bags and disposal cans.

If you are looking for a great dedicated canine exercise yard, one that also offers lots of shade and plenty of opportunities for both recreation and relaxation in nature, the Granite Regional Dog Park is definitely for you.

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