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The 4 Best Dog Parks in Portland, Oregon

Portland prides itself on being one of the most liberal and accepting cities in the nation, but this graciousness is not limited to its human residents and visitors.

Like many large metropolitan regions in the Pacific Northwest, Portland is extremely pet-friendly.

In their hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, it is far from uncommon to see people with their four-legged friends in tow, and there is a more than ample number of recreational opportunities for dogs and their owners.

In keeping with the beauty and spirit of all its natural treasures, Portland is a city with a good supply of off-leash play zones for dogs—places where dogs can ditch the push and pull of their restrictive leashes and run free with their newly-introduced four-legged peers.

Below we will introduce you to four of these off-leash dog parks and describe the many features and cool amenities that make them the best Portland has to offer.

Gabriel Dog Park

Looking for a serene, pet-friendly sojourn into nature?  If so, the Gabriel Dog Park might be the best place to go.

This dog park is located within the confines of Gabriel Park, a 91-acre recreational oasis and one of the largest parks in the entire state.

Of that 91 acres, almost 2 square acres have been transformed into a fenced-off, leash-optional dog park, where canines are set free to just be dogs for a while.

Here they will find lots of fresh water to drink (and splash around in), and their pet parents can use the provided doggie bags (next to the picnic area) to clean up any messes their pooch may make.

Located at Southwest 45th Avenue and Vermont Street in Portland, Gabriel Park offers fun for the whole family.

There are tennis and basketball courts, as well as baseball and soccer fields for the sports-minded dog lovers, a sprawling kid’s playground with swings, slides and monkey bars, and even a skate park where teens and tweens can practice their latest skateboard tricks.

With amenities at every turn, the Gabriel Dog Park—and Gabriel Park itself—should be near the top of your bucket list when visiting the great city of Portland.

Ash Avenue Dog Park

Conveniently situated at 12770 Southwest Ash Avenue in Portland, the Ash Avenue Dog Park can be found in the Tigard neighborhood of the city, serving dogs and their families from miles around.

Even though this park is far from being categorized as “massive,” it definitely has ample acreage to tire out your pooch.

This leash-free park has lots of extras, including balls and frisbees for a game of fetch/catch, a dog-centric water fountain for drinking, and splash pools for cooling off when the mercury rises.

Covered seating is provided for pet parents, as are cleanup stations, poop bags and disposal units placed neatly around the park.

One of the best features of the Ash Avenue Dog Park is the foundation on which the dogs run and play.

Instead of grass or dirt covering the park, both of which can become wet, muddy and messy when it rains, the entire dog play zone is layered in absorbent wood chips, ensuring the ride home from the dog park is not a murky mess waiting to happen.

Bring the whole family for a picnic or grab a lounge chair and enjoy all the fun and sun this magnificent park has to offer.

Chimney Dog Park

The massive Chimney Park in Portland is known by locals as a can’t-miss natural paradise.

Situated at 9360 North Columbia Boulevard, Chimney Park is made up of nearly 17 acres of wild grasses, trees, shrubs and lots and lots of water.

Carved into the south end of this spacious park is the Chimney Dog Park, a completely fenced-in and very large play zone where dogs are free to run wild and play with other dogs.

Besides having plenty of acreage to roam, the Chimney Dog Park offers a multitude of extras that make this experience memorable.

Rocks and other natural formations come together like a nature-made obstacle course, and the dozens of adult trees provide more than enough shade on those sunny, warm days.

The surface is a mix of grass, pavement and wood chips, so even on rainy days your pooch will not come away covered in mud and debris—a major plus when thinking about the ride home.

In addition to the dedicated off-leash area, the mammoth park also boasts a number of well-worn trails where you can take your leashed dog through the untamed wilderness.

Benches and picnic tables are always available for seating, making the park a very popular picnic spot for families.

The Fields Dog Park

Finally, if you happen to find yourself near the downtown area of Portland, you should definitely check out the Fields Dog Park.

This dog park, which is located at 1099 Northwest Overton Street, is part of the larger Fields Park—known locally as just “The Fields.”

The sprawling park is situated just a stone’s throw from the babbling Willamette River, and the dedicated off-leash area is at the northern tip of the park.

The Fields Dog Park consists of a completely gated field of grass with plenty of obstacles to explore and enjoy.

As a safety measure, another fence intersects this field to create separate areas for large and small dogs (under 35 pounds).

It is the perfect place to stop when your pooch is getting restless, and the provided benches allow you to take in all the scenery while Fido burns off all his pent-up vigor.

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