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The 4 Best Dog Parks in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a wonderful place in which to live, especially if you are a pet parent.

That’s because Pittsburgh is incredibly dog-friendly and plays host to a number of dog-centered facilities, including a great number of off-leash dog parks scattered in and around the city.

To help you become more familiar with these doggie paradises, below we will introduce you to just some of the Best Dog Parks in the city of Pittsburgh.

Frick Park

Located at 1981 Beechwood Boulevard in Pittsburgh, Frick Park is renowned for lots of things.

First, it is the largest park in the city, with acres upon acres of green grass, lots and lots of woodland area to explore, and a wealth of trails for hiking, biking, cycling or for just taking a leisurely walk through nature.

Second, it is the oldest park in Pittsburgh—a park that was initially established in 1919 and continues to thrive today in its unending quest to serve the recreational needs of the local citizens.

In terms of Frick Park specifically, every square acre is an on-leash playground for dogs.

With their owners in tow, dogs can enjoy all the natural beauty to which the human population has access, including trails, creeks and the sandy river bottoms that are ideal for on-leash training.

Within Frick Park is a large off-leash area as well—a fully-fenced grassy oasis at which dogs can gallop and play with new-found friends.

Huge trees line the exterior and interior of this park, creating lots of shades for canines and their owners alike; and there is also plenty of water on hand for those warm summer days.

The dog park is open every day from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, but there are no lights illuminating the off-leash dog park, so it is recommended that owners stay with their pups.

The Frick Park experience is fun for the whole family.

Kids can play for hours on the neat playground equipment, and moms and dads can have a quiet picnic in the shade as Rover gets the chance to exercise and socialize.

In Pittsburg, there really isn’t a better place for pets and their caretakers.

Hartwood Acres

If you like a little diversity in your pet parks, then Hartwood Acres is certainly a great choice.

Located at 200 Hartwood Acres in Pittsburgh, this beautiful dog park has a little bit of everything, including rolling grassy hills for stretching the legs; rippling creeks in which to cool off; lots of natural obstacles to explore; and trees as far as the eye can see.

The dog park is simply paradise for your pooch, who will certainly come home exhausted and overjoyed from the experience.

Hartwood Acres is open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Off-leash play is permitted within the gated area, but if you want to explore one of the many woodland trails (and you certainly will), you will need to leash your dog beforehand.

Riverview Dog Park

An active dog is a happy dog.  That’s the motto of the staff at Riverview Dog Park, located at 50 Riverview Avenue in Pittsburgh.  This dog park features a dog run that is covered mostly in grass (with some dirt and gravel). Like the previous canine play area we reviewed, the Riverview Dog Park is also just a small part of the larger Riverview Park, a very popular place for engaging in a variety of water and land-based recreational pursuits.

At the dog run within Riverview Park, dogs will find many coveted extras, including some natural obstacles like rocks and water, and some manmade agility equipment that is great for teaching Fido some new tricks.

The entire dog park is fully gated for your dog’s protection, and owners are asked to leave their dogs on-leash until entering the park.

There are also a series of water features at the park—features designed to both hydrate dogs and cool them off on warmer days.

Open from 6:00 AM until 8:00 PM daily, this awesome dog park is divided roughly in half—one area for small dogs under 30 pounds and the other for larger breeds—and waste bags and trash cans are readily available to pet owners.

In addition to the amazing space that is gated and designed for your pooch’s enjoyment, the Riverview Dog Park has a welcoming and cool seating area for the pet parents—a seating area that is shaded by leafy trees that keep the noontime sun at bey.

It’s a great place for dog owners to meet like-minded people, and a great respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, one that gives your dog the exercise he requires and provides you with the relaxation you need.

South Park Dog Park

The next place on our list of the Best Dog Parks in Pittsburgh is the South Park Dog Park.

Located at 1613 Maple Springs Drive, in the nearby town of South Park Township, the South Park Dog Park is not the largest dog run in the area, but it may just be one of the best.

Open from 6:00 AM to Midnight, seven days a week, the park is easy and convenient to access and has one of the friendliest atmospheres you will find at a facility like this.

Some pet parents have been taking advantage of this park for years, so every new visit is like a homecoming and a chance to catch up with new friends.

There is certainly nothing fancy about the South Park Dog Park, but it definitely gets the job done.

It consists of a fully-gated grass and dirt field that is bisected by a smaller interior fence to separate the small dogs from the larger breeds.

There are plenty of natural obstacles for the pups to explore, and dog bowls are on hand for that much-needed drink.

The entire park, including the seating area, is shrouded in cool shade from the overhead trees, making it a comfortable place to visit any time of the day.

Pet parents are required to bring their own waste bags and clean up after their dogs.

Note:  the park can get a little muddy during the rainy season, so be sure to bring a couple of towels so you can wipe off dirty paws before the ride home.

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