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The 4 Best Dog Parks in Phoenix

The capital and largest city in the desert state of Arizona, Phoenix (and its surrounding towns) was recently named one of the “most dog-friendly” municipalities in the country.

Many of the businesses in this bustling city, from restaurants to shops to hotels, have very dog-friendly policies, which is why it is not uncommon to frequently see dogs and dog owners jointly enjoying all this great city has to offer.

Owing to its fantastic year-round climate, the city of Phoenix is home to a wealth of parks and green spaces, many of which have miles of walking trails for people and their pets.

Some of these parks also have dedicated off-leash areas, where dogs are free to roam and socialize as their owners look on. Here we will take a closer look at just a few of these off-leash dog parks.

PetSmart Dog Park at Washington Park

Located at 6655 North 23rd Avenue in Phoenix, in the center of the very popular Washington Park, the PetSmart Dog Park may very well be the best dedicated dog park in the city and one of the most popular in the state.

The off-leash dog park is sponsored by the giant pet supply company PetSmart, which is working with the city of Phoenix to establish a whole line of similar parks in the region.

The layout of the PetSmart Dog Park is simply ideal and very, very safe.

The superb park is divided into two separate pavilions—a larger area for dogs over 35 pounds and a smaller play zone for toy dogs and smaller breeds.

The large off-leash area is very hilly and shaped like a bowl to prevent “escape attempts,” and the smaller area is a bit more confined and contains a lot of interesting agility equipment to encourage exercise and socialization.

Both areas are completely fenced-in, and each has their own watering station for hydrating and cooling off on warmer days.

Very popular among pet parents, the PetSmart Dog Park at Washington Park is handicap-accessible and benches are provided for those owners who prefer to just watch their dogs rather than engage in the action.

All of these benches are nicely shaded by the overhead trees.

Mutt mitts and waste bags are provided, and all guests at the dog park are required to clean up after their own pooch.

As with many of the dog-centric parks in the Phoenix area, the PetSmart Dog Park can be subject to flooding during the winter and spring rainy seasons, so dog owners and handlers are encouraged to call ahead before taking the drive over to the park.

Steele Indian School Dog Park

Next up is the Steele Indian School Dog Park, which is located at 300 East Indian School Road in Phoenix.

Although a bit more primitive and basic than the PetSmart Dog Park, the Steele Indian School Dog Park is still a great place to go when Rover is in need of a workout.

This off-leash oasis, which includes two full acres of grassy fun, is also separated into “large dog” and “small dog” sections.

This helps to promote socialization and reduces the chance of aggressive incidents.

Because of the unique layout of the Steele Indian School Dog Park, your pup is sure to come out of the experience tired, yet ready to go back.

The dog park is open from 6:00 AM until 11:00 PM, seven days a week, making it very convenient for working pet parents.

Once the sun goes down the park is illuminated by overhead stands of lights, making for a quite spectacular view and giving dog owners the chance to catch up on their reading if they so desire.

Although you will not find here all the extras associated with some off-leash dog parks, the Steele Indian School Dog Park is still a great way to provide your dog with the cardio-style workout he needs, thus saving you from a long walk after an equally long day.

Echo Mountain Off Leash Arena

Another fairly basic but magnificently effective dog exercise run is the Echo Mountain Off Leash Arena.

Located at 17447 North 20th Street in the city of Phoenix, this off-leash canine paradise was dreamed up and implemented by a coalition of neighborhood pet parents.

The dog park boasts over two acres of total area, a mix of grassy hills, dirt patches and gravel runs where dogs can run, jump, sniff and make new friends, all while their owners sit and watch from the comfortably shaded seating area on the exterior of the park.

The entire area is gated, which means as soon as Fido has entered the park the leash can come off—and stay off until it is time to return to the car.

There are no canine water stations at the Echo Mountain Off Leash Arena, so it is always a good idea to bring your own water and dog bowl.

Pet waste bags and trash facilities are provided, however, and cleaning up after your pet is mandatory.

The dog park experience includes a lot of toys for large and small dog alike—toys such as tennis balls and frisbees that work great for a game of fetch or for practicing new tricks.

The Echo Mountain Off Leash Arena is open from dawn until dusk, seven days a week, and there is no membership fee required to use the park.

Rose Mofford Sports Complex Dog Park

The Rose Mofford Sports Complex is used during every season by the recreation-minded citizens of Phoenix.

On any given night here, games of baseball, softball, soccer, basketball and more are held, collectively offering the children and adults of the city a great place to practice and play competitive games.

What many people do not know is that there is also a great little canine activity zone at the south end of the park—the Rose Mofford Sports Complex Dog Park.

The Rose Mofford Sports Complex Dog Park consists of a large gated dog run that is divided into two equal zones, for large dogs and small dogs, respectively.

This off-leash theme park includes both natural and manmade obstacles to explore, such as bridges and tunnels, plenty of chew and fetch toys, a dog watering station and waste bags for cleaning up accidents.

At this multi-use family park, one parent can be busy watching little Joey hit the winning home run, while the other can be watching Rex gallop around the dog park and make new acquaintances with the other pups.

A covered seating pavilion is available for the pet parents and drinking fountains are just a step or two away in either direction.

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