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The 4 Best Best Dog Parks in Philadelphia

Although Philadelphia is home to scores of exciting and historical attractions designed to lure the human population to its borders, the city is also very dog-friendly and a great place in which to be a pet owner.

To illustrate this, below we will introduce you to just some of the attractions that have been set aside for the city’s canines.

Although dog parks can be found just about anywhere these days, the concept of an off-leash play area, one designed specifically for pooches, is really not that old.

In fact, most of these parks didn’t come about until the late 1990s and 2000s, but since then, the idea has really taken off and their presence has proliferated.

Despite their relative novelty, off-leash dog parks and canine-specific walking trails seem omnipresent in today’s society, and Philadelphia is certainly no exception to that rule.

The city (and surrounding area) plays hosts to dozens of such facilities, all with their own unique character, amenities and bonus features.

Here are just a few of the fantastic dog parks you will find in and around the city of Philadelphia, a place that is affectionately known as the City of Brotherly Love.

Pretzel Dog Run

Located at 4300 Silverwood Street, within the beautiful confines of Manayunk Park, the Pretzel Dog Run offers a nice bit of natural respite for you and your pooch.

Although certainly not the largest dog park on our list, the Pretzel Dog Run just may be the most aesthetically pleasing.

Here you will find a green expanse of real estate, enclosed on all four sides, where your dog can run, play and make new acquaintances.

Within this grassy patch are a few natural and manmade obstacles to explore, and the entire course is very well manicured and kept in tip-top shape by the city maintenance staff.

Pet parents who bring their dog to the Pretzel Dog Run will be quite comfortable watching all the action, thanks to the benches on the outside of the park—benches that are nicely shaded by giant trees.

There is a playground at the main park for the kids, and on Saturdays, during the warmer summer months, a flea market takes place in the morning and early afternoon hours.

Fun for the whole family, the Pretzel Dog Run is a must-visit for any dog owner.

Clark Park Dog Bowl

People who live in West Philadelphia, specifically in the Spruce Hill neighborhood, should definitely check out the Clark Park Dog Bowl.

Situated at 4398 Chester Avenue, the dog park gets its name from its bowl-like shape.

With hills on all sides and a giant grass play area at the bottom, your dog is sure to be tuckered out by the time you leave.

The dog park is owned and maintained exclusively by volunteers, and since it is technically not a city park, there is no membership fee to use this great canine exercise yard.

Word to the wise, however:  there is no fence around the Clark Park Dog Bowl, so if your pooch is a renowned escape artist this might not be the park for you.

Also, there is a large playground atop the north end of the bowl, so owners of aggressive dogs are urged to look elsewhere for their needs.

Orianna Hill Dog Park

Located at 900 North Orianna Street, in the Northern Liberties section of Philly, the Orianna Hill Dog Park is a high-quality, members-only dog run—one that is worth every penny of the $50 annual donation.

In order to access the park, owners must first register online and attend a brief orientation at which they will learn the rules of the park and the duties expected of each owner.

After the orientation, dogs will receive a “VIP” tag for their collar, which must be worn at all times while using the facilities here.

While the Orianna Hill Dog Park was definitely designed with dogs in mind (lots of green grass, fully-gated park, obstacles and plenty of water), some careful thought was also given to the pet parents who would frequent the park.

This is why there are a wealth of benches for relaxing on the exterior of the park—benches that are shrouded in cool shade thanks to the mature trees that line the parkway and keep the sitting and gathering area pleasant, even on the warmest summer days.

There are also poop bags and trash facilities on-site for the disposal of waste (each dog owner’s responsibility); as well as a make-shift shower for cleaning paws prior to the ride home.

All in all, the Orianna Hill Dog Park is an oasis for dogs and their owners, and a great place for the entire family to visit.

Mario Lanza Dog Park

Recognizing the need for a dedicated dog exercise yard to serve the pups near the downtown region, the city of Philadelphia created Mario Lanza Dog Park—a park located at 200 Queen Street and named after the famous tenor who once called this neighborhood home.

Since its opening a few years back, it has since become one of the more popular gathering spaces for the neighborhood’s pet parents.

Boasting separate dog runs for larger and smaller breed dogs, this totally-gated park is ultra-safe and convenient, allowing dog owners to reap the benefits of a well-exercised pet without ever having to break out the leash.

At Mario Lanza Dog Park, dogs can run, play and socialize as they were intended:  free and in a quasi-pack.

Multiple pieces of natural and manmade agility equipment enhance the dog park experience, and there is a wealth of water on hand for when your pooch gets thirsty.

The entire park is lined with adult trees, creating a nice space for dog owners to relax and read while treating their four-legged friends to the time of their lives.

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