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The 7 Best Dog Parks In NYC

New York is a concrete jungle crammed with people, but fortunately, there are many official dog parks of all shapes and sizes located throughout the five boroughs.

If you’re wondering which dog park to visit, here’s our pick of the best dog parks in New York.

However, before you go, please ensure you remember to observe the following primary dog park etiquette practices:

  • Pick up after your pet and dispose of waste properly
  • Vaccinate your dog against rabies and carry with you the most current proof of his vaccination and dog license.
  • Play nice, and don’t allow your dog to chase wildlife such as birds and squirrels.

1. Prospect Park Dog Beach

Prospect Park is a gorgeous green space with plenty of room for your pup to run.

And at the Meadow, there’s off-leash from 5 am to 9 am, and 9 pm to 1 am when your dog is free to run wild with other furry friends in the neighborhood.

On days when it’s sweltering, you can head to the beach.

It’s a literal dog beach your pup will love where part of the sand is secluded for dogs to run into the lake and cool off and have a blast swimming around.  

There are also restrooms available for dog owners near Middle Long Meadow.

What’s more, the park has a thriving dog community where dog owners can connect through FIDO (the largest off-leash community in New York).

It’s got lots of action. They host events throughout the year.

An example of these events is Coffee Bark, where every month, dog owners meet to socialize.

Location: 95 Prospect Park West Brooklyn, NY 11215  

2. Tompkins Square Dog Run

This off-leash dog area has been around since 1990, when it was inaugurated as the first official dog in New York.  

In 2008, it underwent a renovation, and now besides tons of space for dogs to run around, it boasts a surface that’s much like sand, wading pools, picnic tables, and tennis balls.

I love that there are two separate enclosed spaces, one for large dogs and another for small dogs, and even better, hoses so you can wash off the sand from your dog before heading more.

Tompkins Square is home to Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, the largest dog costume parade worldwide.

One thing’s for sure, this park seems to have everything, and your pet is sure to have a blast.

Location: East Village, Avenue B & 9th Street, New York, NY 10009

3. Fort Greene Park

Fort Greene Park has tons of off-leash hours, making it perfect if your dog is very energetic.

It’s got beautiful grassy hills your dog gets to race around and enjoy the feel of the wind on their fur.

And you well know how much our furry friends love that.

A point to note is that dog sitters or owners visiting the park should prove rabies vaccination and current dog licensure.  

Location: 100 Washington Park Brooklyn, NY 11205

4. Madison Square Park

Madison Square is a shady park full of trees with wooden benches around them.

And though located in a bustling area, there’s no cause for alarm, for there’s a gate with two entries, ensuring dogs don’t escape.

A great perk about Madison Square Park is your visit doesn’t necessarily have to be planned.

There are waste bags and water if you ever make an impromptu stop, and you get to choose between an area for small dogs and larger dogs.

What’s more, there are dog-friendly treats available, and you can also enjoy a burger at the Shake Park.

The park has a membership program dog owners can enroll in, where they hold special events such as Mad. Sq. Park Collar Tag.

Location: Madison Square Park, Broadway New York, NY 10010

5. Sirius Dog Run

Sirius Dog Run is a beautiful park with stunning scenery.

It has many trees that provide lots of shade and benches all around for you to sit as your puppy plays in the paved hills.

It’s also got a fascinating history behind it.

The park was built in honor of a Labrador retriever named Sirius, a Port Authority service dog who died during the 9/11 rescue efforts. 

Your dog will enjoy running the long parks, and on hot days, he can enjoy taking a dip in the dogs’ wading pool to cool off.

However, this park is bustling, so we hope your dog doesn’t mind sharing.

Location: Battery Park, 385 S End Ave, New York, NY 10280

6. Hillside Dog Park

This park is located right at the center of the DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) area.

It’s on hills separated into two sections, one for small dogs and another for large dogs.

The grassy hills have wood chips on them, and puppies can have loads of fun playing fetch, jumping, and rolling.

And with the area covering over two acres of terrain, dogs have no shortage of romping space.

The park also features a wading pool where your furry friend can splash around while you relax at nearby shaded picnic tables.

And with the fountains there, it’s so peaceful and relaxing that it’s easy to forget that you’re in a bustling city.

Location: DUMBO Vine St. Brooklyn, NY 11201

7. Washington Square Park Dog Run

Located in Greenwich Village, the Washington Square Park, also known as George’s Dog Run, is surrounded by trees and benches for you to sit and enjoy viewing people.

It’s awash with opportunities to listen to some music while your dog plays as there are always several performers.

There are also many year-round events, and Halloween, for example, is one time you can’t afford to miss. 

But enough about you.

Let’s talk about what it offers your furry friend.

It’s also divided into two separate areas, one for the small dogs and another for large dogs, and if you want to take your dog to a place that’s typically New York, Washington Square Park is the perfect spot.   

Location: 59 Washington Square South New York, NY 10012

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