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The 5 Best Dog Parks In Nashville

Residents and visitors to Nashville definitely have no shortage of things to do and see—places like Music Row, where live music rings out from the cafes and bars and into the street.

In terms of recreation, Nashville has a wonderful system of parks and gardens to explore, green spaces like Centennial Park, home to a full-scale reproduction of the Greek Parthenon.

Within these parks there are also amenities for the four-legged citizens of the city—off leash parks where dogs can run free and meet other pups from across the city.

It is these off-leash parks that we will explore in more detail below.

Here are the best dog parks in the city of Nashville:

Two Rivers Dog Park

Located at 3150 McGavock Pike, the Two Rivers Dog Park is one of the best off-leash canine facilities in the city of Nashville.

Here dog owners will find a large, fully-gated play area that is simply bursting with land and water obstacles for your pup to check out and maneuver.

Boasting seven full acres of grassy expanse, with a paved walkway connecting one end of the park to the other, Two Rivers is a great place for learning important socialization skills and for burning off pent-up energy.

Pet parents love coming to the Two Rivers Dog Park.

Not only does the park offer pet cleaning stations (for rinsing dogs off) and doggie waste bag dispensers, it also has shaded pavilions, scores of fully-adult trees, benches and water fountains.

There are even picnic tables for those who want to lunch at the park while their dogs play.

Centennial Dog Park

Centennial Dog Park gets a gold star from the many dog owners in the area.

Situated at the corner of 31st Avenue and Parthenon Avenue in Nashville, this magnificent off-leash dog park has a wonderful and very convenient location for residents and visitors alike—very near to Vanderbilt University and the famed Music Row.

The dog park includes separate pavilions for small-breed and large-breed dogs, agility equipment and doggie water fountains for those hot Southern summers.

Best of all, the park is comprised of several acres of rolling green hills—space where your pooch can really stretch his legs and get a great cardio workout.

The dog park here is part of the larger Centennial Park, which boasts dozens of indoor and outdoor amenities for its guests to enjoy.

Benches, situated beneath mature shade trees, are scattered throughout the park, as are picnic tables and BBQ grills.

Soccer fields, basketball courts and softball fields are great for striking up a game, and the playground has everything a child needs to lose himself in glee for a few hours.

The next time you feel like stretching your dog’s legs, bring along the whole family to experience the magic of this Nashville dog park.

Shelby Dog Park

Whether you are looking to take an on-leash walk with your dog or provide him with a fantastic off-leash experience, Shelby Dog Park is definitely the place to go.

Located at 2001 Boscobel Street in Nashville, the Shelby Dog Park can be found right near the trailhead of the Shelby Park Greenway, which includes a woodland on-leash path that will take you right down to the banks of the Cumberland River.

For off-leash fun, this majestic and fully fenced-in dog park provides a great big field of green on which your pup can run and play.

The dog park is surrounded by forest on all sides, making it one of the most picturesque play areas on our list.

Around the exterior of the Shelby Dog Park you’ll find benches galore that are pleasantly shady, pet waste bag dispensers and disposal cans, and a makeshift pet cleaning station for washing your pooch off before making the ride home.

If you have the time and in you’re in the area, you should really treat your dog to this one-of-a-kind experience.

Percy Priest Dog Park

Also known as the Stones River Dog Park (due to its location on the Stones River Greenway), the Percy Priest Dog Park opened in 2016 to the applause of pet parents that live nearby.

Situated at 3778 Bell Road in Nashville, the Percy Priest Dog Park is not overly fancy or huge, but it is absolutely ideal for dog owners looking to socialize and exercise their pups in one full swoop.

The off-leash dog park consists of a sizeable parcel of grass, dotted with natural obstacles to explore and a doggie water fountain for drinking.

In the warmer summer months, the staff even brings out a large splash pool to help dogs cool off.

Dog owners can meet and greet each other under the large shaded pavilion, where they will find benches and picnic tables for socializing.

After an hour or so at the Percy Priest Dog Park your pooch is almost guaranteed to be tired and contented—just the way you like it.

Warner Dog Park

Finally, we arrive at the Warner Dog Park.

Located at 50 Vaughn Road in the city of Nashville, the Warner Dog Park is nestled between Edwin and Percy Warner Parks, what locals refer to as “the Warner Parks.”

In total, Warner Park encompasses roughly 3,100 acres of rolling grass hills and forestland, into which is cut the Warner Dog Park, a comfortable mix of grass and dirt that is fenced on all sides for your pup’s protection.

Although dogs will not find any artificial equipment or fancy drinking fountains at this off-leash play area, they will find plenty of room to run and frolic as they get to know the other occupants enjoying the park.

If you don’t need all the elaborate and decorative elements associated with some of the urban dog parks today, Warner Dog Park will absolutely meet your—and your dog’s—needs.

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