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The 4 Best Dog Parks In Miami

Given that the Miami of television and movies is rightly depicted as a glitzy, upscale, 24-hour party zone, it can often be easy to forget that there are many Floridians who call this city home—citizens who go to work, take care of their families and go about the business of life just as “normal” people do throughout this great country.

Many of these South Beach families also have dogs in the home, so it is very fortunate indeed that Miami prides itself on being an exceedingly pet-friendly city, with all the services, facilities and recreational opportunities that are important to dog lovers everywhere.

At last count, Miami was home to over 80 great parks, gardens and dog-friendly recreational centers, places such as Bayfront Park and Museum Park, which both offer walking trails for dogs and their owners.

There are also over a dozen dog-specific parks in the city.

These off-leash parks allow dogs to play, run, socialize and burn off excess energy without having to be tethered to a leash.

Naturally, this is something dogs truly enjoy, although perhaps not as much as their weary owners who, thanks to these great dog workout parks, now have a safe option to traditional on-leash walking.

To help you become more familiar with these centers of canine activity, in this article we will introduce you to a few of these dedicated play facilities as we unveil the Best Dog Parks in Miami.

Dog Chow Dog Park at David T. Kennedy Park

Located at 2400 Bayshore Drive in the city of Miami, within the coveted Coconut Grove neighborhood, Dog Chow Dog Park can be found within the confines of David T. Kennedy Park.

So named after winning a contest held by the dog food giant, Dog Chow Dog Park is a great place for your pooch to let out some steam while learning some valuable socialization skills.

The off-leash play area features acres of grass in which to run and visit with other dogs; and toys such as balls and Frisbees are provided by the courteous staff of the park for games of fetch and agility training.

Owners will love Dog Chow Dog Park for all the conveniences and amenities it offers, including shade-covered benches and picnic tables that all offer panoramic views of the dog park.

Pet cleaning stations are available for those who want to shower their dogs prior to the ride home, as are doggie waste bags and trash cans.

If you want to make a day out of it, there are lots of fun things to explore within David T. Kennedy Park, and AMLI Dadeland is just a 15-minute drive in good traffic conditions.

Greynolds Park

While there are most certainly enviable features of every Miami dog park on our list, perhaps none boasts the sheer quantity of amenities found at Greynolds Dog Park.

Situated at 18601 Northeast 22nd Avenue in North Miami Beach, Greynolds Dog Park features one of the highest natural points in all of South Florida, Monument Hill—a great place where dog and owner can look out over the sprawling metropolis, especially when it is lit up after dark.

Apart from Monument Hill and the acres of grassy expanse here, this feature-loaded dog park has lots of obstacles, pet furniture, tunnels and shade portals.

Water fountains keep dogs cool as they pant and introduce themselves to the others, and boxes of balls and chew toys keep all the tails wagging.

At Greynolds Dog Park, pet parents can either join in on the canine fun or watch from afar on benches and tables that sit under mature shade-providing trees.

Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs should they have an accident (poop bags are provided); and hosing stations near the exits of the two gated dog runs make cleanup very easy and convenient.

Amelia Earhart Dog Park

Named for one of this country’s greatest pioneers in the field of aviation, the Amelia Earhart Dog Park is part of the larger Amelia Earhart Park, a 515-acre recreational paradise in Miami-Dade County that draws millions of people each year.

The massive park is home to a number of magnificent attractions, including a large lake for boating, fishing and other water sports; walking and bike trails through the gorgeous flora of the park, softball and soccer fields for team sports; and an adorable petting zoo for the kids.

Located at 401 Northeast 65th Street in Miami, the Amelia Earhart Dog Park, specifically, features two distinct dog runs (one for small dogs under 35 pounds and one for larger dogs), both with wraparound fencing that secures the dogs’ safety while they frolic and play inside.

Several “doggie fountains” can be found within the two play areas, a great way for dogs to splash about and cool off from the heat and humidity of those warm Miami summers.

Paved walking paths crisscross the dog run for those who want to practice on-leash skills, and poop bags and trash receptacles are always within walking distance.

In total, the Amelia Earhart Dog Park encompasses five acres of rolling grass—five acres that are almost guaranteed to help burn off those excess calories your pooch has been carrying around.

Haulover Beach Dog Park

Last but certainly not least is the Haulover Beach Dog Park.

This dog park—and beach—is very popular among locals in the area, but if you are a tourist or you’re new to the area, and you want to save yourself a little embarrassment, make sure to specify that you are looking for the “dog park” at Haulover Beach, otherwise they make think you have other intentions.

That’s because the north end of this popular recreational area is a well-known nude beach.

That information aside, the oceanfront Haulover Beach Dog Park is ideal for dogs and their owners looking to soak up some fun in the sun.

The dog park is 100 percent enclosed and separated into two distinct zones for large and small dogs, respectively.

Although it lacks some of the themed obstacles and structures found at other dog parks, it remains a great place for playing frisbee and other games with your pooch as you perfect your summer tan.

Water fountains and bowls are available when dogs get thirsty, and there are also drinking fountains and benches for owners.

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