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The 4 Best Dog Parks In Louisville

Not all of the recreational opportunities in the city of Louisville are designed just for the human population.

In fact, Louisville is a very pet-friendly town, one that offers scores of extras for our four-legged friends, including on-leash walking paths, and plenty of vets, groomers and pet supply stores.

The city is additionally home to several off-leash dog parks, a relatively new phenomenon in which green space is fenced in to allow dogs to run free and make friends without the tug of a leash.

Some of these dog-specific exercise parks are offered free of cost, while others require a daily, weekly, monthly or annual membership.

Dogs of all breeds and sizes are allowed to take part in the fun, however overly aggressive pooches are typically not welcome.

Best behavior is always encouraged, which means following all the rules and picking up after your dog should he/she have an accident (poop bags are provided at most parks).

Now that you better know the lay of the land, we present to you some of the Best Dogs Parks in Louisville, parks that include (but are not limited to) Tom Sawyer Dog Park, Champion’s Run Dog Park, Cochran Hill Dog Park and the Morton Avenue Dog Park.

Tom Sawyer Dog Park

With a name that is very easy to remember, Tom Sawyer Dog Park is one of the most prized of its kind in all of Kentucky.

The off-leash dog park, which is located at 3000 Freys Hill Road in Louisville, is extremely massive, spanning six acres in total, with separate areas for both small and large pups, a feature which is meant to keep all the pets safe and protected.

Most of the park is made up of rolling grass, with patches of gravel serving as great walking paths or the perfect place to train for obedience.

The dog park features plenty of shade and benches for owners, a woodland trail for on-leash walking, and a few scattered picnic tables with great views of all the action.

In order to bring your dog to the Tom Sawyer Dog Park you must first acquire a permit from the Louisville Dog Run Association.

You can get this permit at any Feeders Pet Supply store in the area for the low price of just $35 a year.  Pet waste stations are also available for cleaning up after your pooch.

Champion’s Run Dog Park

Situated at 2930 River Road in Louisville, the Champion’s Run Dog Park is very large and beautiful.

As a former golf course, this exercise paradise features lots of rolling hills and valleys, a magnificent water feature, drinking water for the dogs (and their owner), convenient benches and a great canopy of shade, making it perfectly pleasant in the warmer summer months.

Like many dog parks in the area, the Champion’s Run Dog Park is separated into two sections for large and small dogs; and like the previous dog park we reviewed, guests must first obtain the $35 annual permit from the Louisville Dog Run Association prior to visiting.

Whether you are a resident of Louisville or just visiting the city, the Champion’s Run Dog Park is very convenient and easy to find.

It is located very near the downtown area of the city and close to the famed River Corridor region.

Cochran Hill Dog Park

Cochran Hill Dog Park is the third and final membership-required dog park on our list—the same $35 annual membership from the Louisville Dog Run Association that can be purchased at any Feeder Supply Store in the state.

The off-leash park is located at 740 Cochran Hill Road (thus its name), and features a whopping two acres where dogs of all sizes can run unrestricted within the fenced-in grassy expanse.

Distinct pavilions are set up for large dogs and small dogs, and drinking water and waste bags are both readily available and conveniently dispersed throughout the park.

Perhaps one of the best features of Cochran Hill Dog Park is that it is directly adjacent to the larger Cherokee Park, one of the finest recreational areas in the city.

Here dog lovers will find several carefully-marked paths that take them into the beautiful wooded areas of the park.

Cherokee Park is also ideal for picnicking with family and friends, playing soccer or basketball, or reliving one’s youth on the swings and playground equipment.

Morton Avenue Dog Park

Last but certainly not least we arrive at the meticulously-manicured Morton Avenue Dog Park, located between 1500 and 1518 Morton Avenue in Louisville.

This is the only membership-free dog park in the city, which is only one of the reasons it is so popular and oft-visited.

Owners looking to sit back and relax while their four-legged companions get some much-needed exercise will find peace and solace on one of the shaded benches at the park, perfect for catching up on your summer reading.

Morton Avenue Dog Park, while not very large, has lots of obstacles and toys to keep dogs busy and contented.

Pet waste and cleaning facilities are always available for dogs who get dirty while playing; and the six-foot ornamental fence that encloses the exercise yard prevents sneaky pooches from running off and allows you, the owner, to relax and rest easy.

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