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The 4 Best Dog Parks In Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri is a very dog-friendly metropolis, with many of the shop owners, restaurants and hotels in the region welcoming families with dogs.

There are even many dog-specific parks in and around the city, places where dogs can run free without the constant tug of the leash.

These are the parks we will talk more about in the article below as we introduce you to the Best Dog Parks in Kansas City.

Leawoof Dog Park

Dog owners that like a clean and well-maintained play area for their pups—along with a creative title (“woof” instead of wood) simply adore the Leawoof Dog Park.

Located at 10601 Lee Boulevard just outside of Kansas City, the Leawoof Dog Park, or more precisely their staff, takes pride in presenting a well-manicured space in which dogs can exercise and meet new friends.

The dog park, like many dog parks, has separate exercise yards for large dogs and small dogs—a feature that drastically cuts down on aggressive incidents and other problems—convenient stations stocked with poop bags for the occasional accident, and plenty of benches around the park for pet owners who want to rest their weary legs.

Completely fenced in, the Leawoof Dog Park is very safe, giving owners peace of mind knowing their pooches are protected from harm.

What really sets this park apart from some of the other facilities in the area is the comprehensive agility course located within the confines of the park—a great place for dog training and learning new skills.

Waggin’ Trail Dog Park

Situated at 432 NE 32nd Avenue in the northern part of Kansas City, the Waggin’ Trail Dog Park, although somewhat smaller than the other parks on our list, is a still a great place to go for some high-quality doggie exercise.

With separate fenced-in areas for both small dogs (under 30 pounds) and larger dogs (over 30 pounds), the park is exceedingly safe and secure, and the staff is always within reach to help with any problems that may occur.

Dogs love the Waggin’ Trail Dog Park for the many cool features that catch their eye.

The dog park features a series of cool tunnels to explore, ramps and bridges, and some other fun pieces of agility equipment, along with wide swaths of green grass in which to run and play.

Pet cleaning areas help to get your dog ready for the ride back home; and while there are plenty of benches on which pet parents can sit to watch their four-legged friends, the trees at the park are still fairly young and do not create much shade to protect against the summertime heat.

In the wetter months, the Waggin’ Trail Dog Park has a tendency to get a little muddy, so be sure to bring some towels along just in case.

Swope Off-Leash Dog Park

Swope Park is the largest and most renowned park in both Kanas City and the surrounding area, so it should be no surprise that the Swope Off-Leash Dog Park is also the largest and most prestigious dog park on our list.

Pet owners looking to really tire out their pooches and provide the exercise they need will love this 6-acre expanse of grass—an expanse with hills and valleys that are guaranteed to tucker out even the most rambunctious dogs.

Along with the aforementioned acreage at the Swope Off-Leash Dog Park, it also features a small pool where pups can cool off during the summer months, and plenty of obstacles and equipment to explore as they stretch their legs and make new canine friends.

The dog park also boasts a smaller exercise yard for dogs under 30 pounds, making it ideal for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Dog owners seeking their own workout as their four-legged companion stretches its legs will also love the Swope Off-Leash Dog Park.

Here there are a number of well-marked trails for hiking, jogging, walking and cycling.

The massive park also has a number of sports fields for softball, soccer and more, plenty of picnic areas with built-in grills, benches galore and trash bins with potty bags for the dogs.

Keep in mind that this off-leash park, too, can get a little muddy during the colder months of the year, especially after a storm.

Penn Valley Off-Leash Dog Park

Pet parents who like to do all of their errands at once may find the next park on our list—the Penn-Valley Off-Leash Dog Park—very convenient.

This dog park, which is located at 2698 Main Street in Kansas City, is right next to the downtown beating heart of the city, a place for both business and recreation.

Although it lacks the clever name possessed by some of the other parks on our list, the Penn Valley Off-Leash Dog Park is a very well-kept and exciting exercise course for your pooch, and because the park is so popular, you can bet on lots of socializing for both you and your dog.

Due to its centralized location, the Penn Valley Off-Leash Dog Park is very popular among local Kansas City residents, but it also draws tourists who are vacationing with their dogs.

The off-leash park is essentially split into two sections, one for smaller dogs under 35 pounds and the other for larger dogs.

In addition to boasting plenty of grass and gravel, the dog park also has a couple of water features and several obstacles placed around the course.

The next time you are visiting downtown Kansas City, be sure to bring your dog—and a good book—for an exciting workout and a little downtime for yourself.

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