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The 4 Best Dog Parks In Houston

Dog lovers in Houston never have a difficult time when looking for a place at which their pooches can run, play and stretch their legs.

That’s because Houston is home to many, many off-leash dog parks—green spaces dedicated for active dogs and their owners/handlers.

There are far too many dog parks in Houston to describe them all here (in the confines of this article).

Instead, we have chosen a select few dog parks that truly stand out for their beauty and the amenities they offer.  Here are some of the very best dog parks in Houston:

Millie Bush Dog Park

As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas, and nothing demonstrates that more than the Millie Bush Dog Park.

Boasting over 15 acres of grass, granite, water and trails, the Millie Bush Dog Park is a true off-leash paradise—a place where dogs can be dogs, exercising, playing, sniffing and exploring.

This unique and magnificent dog park, which was recently ranked Best Dog Park in the United States by Dog Fancy Magazine, features all of the amenities that make canine play areas special, including several fountains and three manmade ponds for cooling off in the summertime, on-leash trails, dog showers and more.

The west Houston dog park, which is located at 16756 Westheimer Parkway, is separated into two distinct areas—one for large dogs and one for small dogs—and each has its own pond where dogs can take a leisurely swim.

If great maintenance and aesthetics are important to you, the Millie Bush Dog Park will seem like the ideal place to be.

The grass that makes up the two different play fields is regularly mowed and manicured, potty stations are intelligently located around the park, and trash is virtually absent thanks to the high number of receptacles scattered throughout the park.

Whether you are looking to spend the day at the park or just give your dog a fast, free and easy workout, you simply cannot go wrong with the Millie Bush Dog Park.

Levy Park Dog Park

Although not the biggest dog park in the city by a long shot, the Levy Park Dog Park makes up for this lack of size with a great big helping of charm.

Like many other dog parks in the area, the Levy Park Dog Park, which is located at 3801 Eastside Street in Houston, has separate play areas for large dogs and small dogs and plenty of water to keep your four-legged friend cool and refreshed.

Well-manicured and maintained, this is a great place for working people to take their pooches when the latter need a little burst of exercise and socialization.

The large dog play area is a bit larger than that for small dogs (for obvious reasons), but both include more than enough amenities to keep dogs busy and happy.

Benches and lots of shade ensure that owners remain comfortable as they watch their dogs cavort around the grass.

Important to note is that each side of the park is closed for part of the day every other Tuesday for regular maintenance and cleaning:  the large dog area is closed from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on this day; and the smaller dog play zone is closed from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Parking is usually easy to find.

Ervan Chew Park

One of the many urban dog parks in the city of Houston, the Ervan Chew Park, which is part of the larger Dunlavy Park, is located at 4502 Dunlavy Street—the very heart of Montrose in Houston’s Museum District.

This is a great dog park for tourists who are visiting the city with their pooches in tow—the first neighborhood park in the city to allow dogs to run unencumbered without the restriction of a leash.

Ervan Chew Park is much like the other dog parks in the city:  fully enclosed with lots of grass and water features and a dedicated pet cleaning station.

Owners can simply watch their dogs run and socialize or they can participate in any number of activities as their dogs burn off energy, as Dunlavy Park is home to playgrounds, picnic areas, basketball courts, and soccer fields.

The Ervan Chew Park is open from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week and parking is always free.

Danny Jackson Family Dog Park

Located at 4828 ½ Loop Central Drive in Houston, the Danny Jackson Family Dog Park is really something to behold.

It is the ideal spot for pet lovers who prefer off-leash running and exercise to those endless on-leash walks that can test the strength, endurance and patience of any dog owner or handler.

Although dogs are required to remain on the leash from the parking lot to the gates of the Danny Jackson Family Dog Park, once inside (and safely locked in) dogs are permitted to run free on the long, slim lawns within the park’s boundaries, burning off enough energy to equal ten on-leash walks.

The Danny Jackson Family Dog Park features two ponds where dogs can splash around in the summer months, benches and picnic facilities for families, and a walking track that conveniently connects the large dog area to the small dog pavilion.

Each area even has its own dog shower, where pet parents can clean up their dogs before allowing them back into the car for the ride home.

Once inside the gates of the Danny Jackson Family Dog Park, canines of all sizes will find plenty to keep their eyes and legs busy.

The ponds, agility obstacles and the mere presence of other dogs make the park fun and exciting for all guests; and the benches and shade trees outside the park make the experience tolerable if not downright pleasant for pet parents.

As a whole, the Danny Jackson Family Dog Park has a lot of cool recreational facilities and extras, including picnic tables, BBQ grills and a fun playground area for the children.

Many guests are known to hold picnics and get-togethers as their dogs exercise and fraternize in the park, but if you prefer to just relax and soak it all in, bring a good book to read and tell your significant other you were out “walking the dog.”

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