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The 4 Best Dog Parks in Columbus, Ohio

The city of Columbus is situated in the Midwest portion of the United States—an area that is traditionally very pet-friendly.

Whether visiting hotels, restaurants or bars, pooches and their owners can be seen regularly throughout the city—a municipality that also boasts hundreds of parks and walking trails that are ideal for spending quality time with one’s dog.

Within some of these parks, you will also find several fenced areas that were designed for off-leash play.

It is these dedicated dog facilities that we have reviewed in the article below.

Wheeler Memorial Dog Park

There is really nothing fancy or over the top at Wheeler Memorial Dog Park, just an enormous grassy expanse where dogs are free to run and play without a leash to slow them down.

The four-plus acre dog park is divided roughly in half:  one area is for small dogs under 35 pounds and the other is for larger dogs.

In every season but winter, water pumps are available for hydration, cleaning up and cooling off.

Trash facilities are scattered around the outside of the dog park, each with convenient doggie waste bag dispensers located above them.

Wheeler Memorial Dog Park stays very cool and shady, even during the summer, thanks mostly to the mature trees that have been growing steadily since the park’s inception.

A great place for families, there are lots of benches and picnic tables for lunching or playing games in the park.

The only downside of Wheeler Memorial Dog Park is that it doesn’t have a dedicated parking lot that serves it.

Dog owners will need to take advantage of the free curbside parking and walk their leashed pooch to the facility.

Open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Wheeler Memorial Dog Park can be found at 725 Thurber Drive West in Columbus.

Godown Dog Park

If you love exploring natural habitats, you are sure to fall in love with Godown Dog Park—a massive off-leash park that measures a whopping 10 acres in total area and is certain to leave your pooch exhausted and content by the end of the day.

There are two separate dog runs at Godown Dog Park.

The larger of the two zones accommodates all dogs, regardless of breed or size; dogs that simply want to run, splash around and explore all the manmade obstacles.

The other zone is much smaller, about an acre in total area.

This play area is for small and timid dogs, and includes a small agility course where owners can practice tricks and skills with their pooches.

Both zones are treated with a doggie water fountain, a well-thought-out feature that keeps canines hydrated and cool when the temperature rises.

Along the outside of Godown Dog Park are a number of wooden benches (as opposed to the hotter metal benches at some parks), and plentiful stands of trees emitting shade over the entire complex.

Doggie waste bags are available, enabling pet parents to fulfill their cleanup duties, and the fully-paved parking lot is a great bonus when the weather turns rainy and cold.

The Godown Dog Park is located at 6099 Godown Road in Columbus and is open from dawn until dusk, seven days a week.

Although the general park grounds are owned by the City of Columbus, the dog park is staffed and operated by the nearby City of Worthington.

Big Walnut Dog Park

A huge parking lot, including plenty of handicap spaces, is the first thing that will greet dog owners and their pooches upon arriving at the Big Walnut Dog Park.

The dog park, which is located at 5000 East Livingston Avenue in Columbus, is one of the smaller parks on our list.

It is open from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, seven days a week, including holidays.

There are two distinct sections of the Big Walnut Dog Park—a large dog section and one for pooches under 30-35 pounds.

The Big Walnut Dog Park has a good supply of benches and picnic tables with stationary BBQ grills, portable his-and-her restrooms, and kiosks with free doggie waste bags and trash cans.

There is no access to water here, so pet parents will need to bring their own and a bowl from which to drink.

The rules of the park are posted along the fences that surround it, and owners are asked to take any toys or bowls they may have brought back with them when they depart.

Scioto Audubon Dog Park

Situated at 400 West Whittier Street in Columbus, the Scioto Audubon Dog Park is one of the city’s cherished treasures and a major gathering point for the region’s pet parents.

Boasting 2.5 acres, the Scioto Audubon Dog Park has separate sections for large and small dogs, ensuring there are no aggressive incidents.

Each of these areas feature lots of green grass on which to romp and play, a refreshing water feature, doggie waste bags and cleanup stations, and a plethora of toys like tennis balls, frisbees and other items your dog will love.

Benches and covered seating are available for dog owners, and the entire dog park is surrounded by sturdy fencing to prevent any unwanted getaways.

Although the Scioto Audubon Dog Park is a true oasis for your pooch, the park in which it is located also offers a wealth of opportunities for the humans who frequent it.

Here you will find features that allow for some great recreational pursuits, including a lake for fishing and boating, a towering climbing wall for the risk takers in your group, and several volleyball courts for striking up a game between competitive families.

Scioto Audubon Park also has a number of woodland trails for hiking with your dog, and even though canines are required to remain on-leash here, the views are well worth the experience.

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