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Does Uber Allow Dogs? (Is Uber Dog-Friendly?)

If you’re using a rideshare program like Uber to get around instead of your own vehicle or rental car, don’t assume that you can take your dog with you.

Do you know, does Uber allow dogs in cars?

The answer is maybe – it depends on if the driver will let you bring the dog in his car.

Keep reading to learn more about the Uber pet policy before you use the app for your next ride.

What’s The Official Pet Policy For Uber Cars?

dog in car backseat

As a company, Uber drivers are required by law to transport passengers with service animals – even if the driver has an allergy, religious or cultural objections, or a fear of them.

This is both Federal law in the United States, as well as official Uber company policy.

However, drivers are not obligated to transport passengers with emotional support animals or other non-service animals.

Service animals are working animals, not pets.

Service animals undergo extensive training to assist individuals with disabilities.

They help blind people travel, alert deaf people to sounds, protect persons who are having a seizure, and perform many other tasks to help individuals with disabilities.

Service animals are not required to wear a tag or vest or be registered.

Riders with service animals do not need to display any kind of proof that their animal is a service animal.

In other words, if a rider with a dog says it is a service animal, the driver is supposed to transport the rider.

What’s The Uber Non-Service Animal Policy?

two french bulldogs in car

If you want to take your dog with you in a Uber, but the dog is not a service animal, then you may not be able to do so because it is up to the driver who will be transporting you.

Passengers should call their driver after requesting a ride to ask if they can bring their pet along.

If your driver doesn’t feel comfortable with having a pet in their car, you should cancel the ride and request a new one.

If you’re charged a cancellation fee, just contact Uber about it and they will take care of it for you.

Note that Uber drivers aren’t allowed to bring their own pets along while they’re driving, however drivers with their own service animal can bring the animal while driving.

Also note that some passengers may be allergic or feel uncomfortable with unfamiliar animals.

And, note that out of respect for other riders, unless you have a service animal, pets are not allowed on uberPOOL trips.

You can also look to book an Uber Pets ride for you and your dog.

What is Uber Pet?

Uber Pet allows you to bring your pet on an Uber trip.

How do I request Uber Pet?

You can directly request Uber Pet for you and your pet by scrolling through the vehicle options at the bottom of your screen.

How many pets can I bring?

You can bring one pet on Uber Pet.

What type of pet can I bring on Uber Pet?

You may bring one small animal such as a dog or a cat. It is the driver’s discretion whether any additional pets are allowed. There are no breed or size restrictions.

Does it cost extra to take Uber Pet?

  • Since you’ll be bringing along a pet, Uber Pet will cost more than other vehicle options
  • If your pet leaves waste, excessive hair, or damages the vehicle, you could be charged a cleaning fee
    • To avoid being charged a cleaning fee, see our helpful tips below

Tips for bringing pets on Uber trips

  • Have your pet restrained with a leash, harness, or placed in a crate/carrier
  • Help drivers keep vehicles clean for all riders by bringing a blanket/towel to cover the seat and reduce the risk of damage or mess
  • Ask the driver if they have a preference for where your pet should sit
  • Do not leave your pet unattended

Can I Take My Emotional Support Animal In A Uber?

It may be possible for you to take your emotional support animal in a Uber.

Keep in mind that emotional support animals are not service animals, which means that the Uber driver does not have to transport you if he doesn’t want to do so.

When attempting to travel in a Uber with your emotional support animal, please follow the non-service animal policy guidelines to ensure that you are able to complete your requested ride.

dog panting out car window

Does Uber Have A Pet Service?

No, Uber does not have a dedicated pet transport service.

To transport your pet via Uber, you should call your driver after requesting a ride to ask if you can bring their pet along.

If your driver doesn’t feel comfortable with having a pet in their car, you should cancel the ride and request a new one.

If you’re charged a cancellation fee, just contact Uber about it and they will take care of it for you.

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Final Word

As you can see, Uber only requires that their drivers accept passengers with service animals.

However, you can request and cancel rides until you find a driver who will let you bring your animal in the car.

Just be sure to call or text the driver immediately after he accepts the ride to make sure it is okay for the dog to be in the car.

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