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Do Yorkies Like To Cuddle?

Yorkshire Terriers are not your average dog breed.

They are a small breed weighing less than fifteen pounds and a favorite in most households.

Despite their size, they also display feistiness and king-size energy, making them even livelier.

People love cuddling and showing affection to Yorkies because of how small they are and their calm vibe.

And yes, Yorkies love to cuddle and be held.

They show their owners’ affectionate and loving characters and enjoy the tight hugs and playful evenings.

The more you connect with your Yorkie, the greater its loyalty grows.

Here is everything you need to know about Yorkies and the significance of achieving a connection with your pet.

Why Yorkies Like To Cuddle

girl hugging yorkie


One of the main reasons why Yorkies love cuddling is their bond and trust in their owner.

Your pet is more likely to cuddle with you to try and show affection.

It can indicate that the dog trusts you and wants to be around you.

You can gain their trust by caring for them, spending time with them, and grooming them regularly.

Such activities help the Yorkie identify its guardian and create an instinctual trust in you.

If you notice your Yorkie favoring one individual more than the others in your household, they probably spend most of their time with the pet.

Consistently spending your time with the pet creates a personal connection, contributing to your preference.

To Show Love

Yorkies can use cuddling as an approach to convey emotions.

The dog can love to cuddle its owner to show love and affection and, in return, receive love.

According to the National Library of Medicine Study US, dogs and animals receive a surge of oxytocin when cuddling.

This hormone is famous as the love hormone and leaves both parties feeling loved, calm and happier.

Increasing Oxytocin levels guarantees positive effects on both you and the dog.

It significantly helps humans reduce stress levels, helps with anxiety and depression, lowers blood pressure, and helps feel present.

yorkie licking little girl

For Warmth

Another reason why Yorkies like to cuddle is for warmth.

Their size and build make them vulnerable to cold weather, and they can quickly get cold.

On average, Yorkies weigh around 4-6lbs, which is not enough to guarantee a controlled temperature in extreme conditions.

Your Yorkshire Terrier will consider cuddling, since it is their instinct to huddle up together when feeling chilly.

More miniature Yorkies are more likely to be affected by the cold.

You may notice them under your blankets or very close to your body, trying to share your body’s heat.

Specialists recommend ensuring your pet is clean and adequately groomed before welcoming it to your bed to avoid infections or inconveniences.

For Protection

Although Yorkies are naturally energetic and playful animals, they get wary of strangers.

The dog looks up to you for protection in such situations, and cuddling might help calm it down.

They know that you will protect them.

When sleeping, your Yorkie will also want to be close to you since it knows you will protect it during the night.

yorkie in a basket


It is common for newborn puppies to cuddle with their mothers for survival.

The mother protects and cares for the puppy until it grows up to fend for itself.

This environment creates a cuddling instinct in the dogs, and you may find them fond of cuddling even when old.

Their survival instinct also makes them great protectors.

Yorkies always feel the need to defend their favorite individuals in any threat scenario.

When young, you must train your pet social skills to avoid an over-protective pattern later.

Are Yorkies Affectionate?

Yes, Yorkies are affectionate for several reasons.

Focusing on the breed’s history and upbringing can highlight key aspects that prove its caring nature.

Yorkies are primarily companion dogs, one of the significant factors contributing to their characteristics.

This dog breed will focus on affectionate elements when finding mating partners to identify the best partner.

Some Yorkies are not as affectionate as others.

Yorkies that do not love being held or cuddled show affection to their owners by following them around and staying near them when they are resting or sitting.

The likelihood of your pet cuddling or not significantly depends on its mood.

How Can I Make My Yorkie More Affectionate?

yorkie playing with toy

Understand Your Dog

One practical approach to improving the relationship between you and your Yorkie is taking your time to understand it better.

Try and identify how much your pet desires to cuddle, how they like to do it, and when.

Knowing when your pet does not want to cuddle and the characteristics to look out for will also help create a better relationship.

Its body language will provide you with all the information you may need.

Maximize On Their Natural Cuddle Periods

Understanding your dog’s routine allows you to know when, where, and how you can maximize its natural cuddle times.

For example, your pet is more likely to want to cuddle when the weather is cool.

You are better positioned to prepare yourself for a cuddling session during this period to try and help increase your bond and trust levels.

Other owners love sleeping with their Yorkies.

Bedtime is another opportunity you can maximize to try and increase the affection levels between you and your pet.

Tire Them Out

A dog is happier and well-behaved when tired.

It is also more likely to want to cuddle when tired to fall asleep faster.

However, trying and forcing your Yorkie to cuddle when they are energetic and want to play will prove challenging.

Yorkies are small animals, and it only takes some minutes to wear them out, so be patient.

woman training yorkie

Create a Reward Routine

Rewarding your pet with a treat after every successful activity is a practical approach to building a connection with it.

You can also reward your Yorkie for cuddling calmly in your lap or providing you with a pleasant experience.

Instilling this habit will prove beneficial to you, making your Yorkie more affectionate.

Do Yorkies Like to Sleep with You?

Yes, Yorkies like to sleep with their owners.

There is no harm in letting your Yorkie sleep with you.

Numerous dog owners find sleeping an ideal opportunity to bond more with their pets and cuddle throughout the night.

The decision to let your pet sleep with you is personal.

However, there are specific elements to consider when sharing a bed with a pet.

Sleeping with your Yorkie guarantees numerous benefits for you and your pet.

The extra cuddles shared, happy hormones increase, and improved security are some of this habit’s upsides.

Ensure the dog is healthy and parasite free before introducing it to your bedding.

Reasons You Should Let Your Yorkie Sleep with You

Reduces Stress

Cuddling with your dog helps increase Oxytocin levels and reduce stress levels.

The love hormone helps lower your heart rate, unwind and feel more relaxed while guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.

There are also mental health benefits guaranteed by creating a special bond with your pet.

Provides Extra Warmth

Sleeping with your Yorkie also ensures a warm bed for the night.

Both of you will benefit from the extra heat provided by night cuddles during the winter.


Another reason you should let your Yorkie sleep with you is for security.

The Yorkie has an outstanding natural instinct for sensing danger despite its size.

They might not be sufficient to tackle several burglars, but they will alert you early enough if there is danger looming.

Other potential threats detectable by dogs include fires, floods, or other impending disasters.

How To Sleep with Your Yorkie Safely

Several considerations ensure your Yorkie is safe in bed.

These considerations need to be enforced strictly in the first few weeks to allow it to get used to the routine.

Age is a primary consideration.

The younger your pet, the more you need to emphasize placing it in a spot where it cannot roll over the bed and fall.

The height difference between your bed and the floor is another consideration.

Beds with a significant height difference pose a greater threat if your pet decides to jump off the bed.

Avoiding this is by moving your mattress to the floor, finding a safer bed, or installing safety features on the bed.

Final Word

You should consider getting yourself a Yorkshire Terrier as a companion dog; they are energetic, curious, and aggressive but love to cuddle.

However, it is your responsibility to understand your pets more and try to develop a relationship with them.

The information shared in our article is key to helping you create a bond with your Yorkie and explains its benefits.

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