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10 Reason Why Chihuahuas Are The Worst! (Or Not Really?)

If you’re looking for a new best friend, Chihuahuas are absolutely out of the question.

They are too small, high-energy, and intelligent to offer the kind of love you are looking for from a pet.

Chihuahuas are the worst breed to own for numerous reasons, and we’re going to list them all here, so you can save yourself the trouble of having one as a pet.

1. They Are Too Little

Chihuahuas are so tiny that you’re likely to not notice them in the house at all.

They may get lost under the couch or beneath a load of laundry.

They could even fit into a fanny pack.

With such an itty-bitty, compact body, they couldn’t possibly be substantial enough for your home, apartment, or one-room studio.

2. They Hate Cuddling

If you want a dog for the countless snuggles, sweet belly rubs, and all other forms of physical affections, then Chihuahuas are the absolute worst.

Perhaps you’re thinking you would like a furry companion to hold and carry around, or to sit in your lap while you watch your favorite series after a hard day at work.

Nope, not Chihuahuas.

They will ignore you and flee from your open arms.

3. They Are Strictly Female Companions

Chihuahuas are too dainty, small, and adorable to have male owners.

Only women should own Chihuahuas, lest you want your masculinity questioned!

4. They Have Too Much Energy

Chihuahuas have so much energy that they will never settle down or sit still.

They will keep you up all night, scurrying around the house and bouncing off the walls.

5. They Don’t Like the Outdoors

Don’t even think about taking Chihuahuas out for an outdoor hike or stroll.

They don’t like walking on any type of ground other than tile, hardwood flooring, or carpet.

They will never accompany you on camping trips or after-dinner walks around the neighborhood.

6. They Bark Too Much

Chihuahuas are the quintessential yip dog.

They bark at all hours of the day and night at ear-piercing pitches that are sure to drive you crazy.

7. They Don’t Like Wearing Doggy Outfits

Half the fun about having small breeds is dressing them up in the cutest doggy outfits and having fun little photoshoots.

Well, not with Chihuahuas.

They won’t allow you to dress them up, and they definitely don’t like being the center of attention.

8. You Can’t Take Them on Play Dates with Friends

You can’t fit Chihuahuas into your purse, backpack, or bike basket.

They also won’t abide sitting in your lap or quietly under your chair for a lunch date with friends.

You’ll just have to leave them out of your playdate plans.

9. They Scare Other Humans and Dogs

Chihuahuas are ferocious, mean, and completely unapproachable. Other dogs, children, and strangers beware!

10. They Are Definitely Not Cute

Those big, pointy ears, short triangular snout, and enormous bug eyes are not in any way endearing.

It’s also annoying that their mouths seem to be perpetually smiling, even when they are asleep.

If you’re looking for cuteness, you won’t find it in Chihuahuas.

You might be surprised to know that Chihuahuas are not the worst breed.

In fact, quite the opposite.

We thought we’d have a little fun with you by spouting off a ridiculous list of untrue stereotypes to ridicule and dispel any preconceived notions you might have about Chihuahuas.

Chihuahuas are as caring, loyal, friendly, and lovable as a dog can be, and they will instantly become your best friend and favorite family member as soon as you bring them home.

You’ll never believe how much love, loyalty, energy, and companionship come in a package so tiny.

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