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Why Are Chihuahuas So Hyper?

The chihuahua has an obscure background, as we don’t know where it originated.

There’s some evidence that they emanate from Central and Southern America, but the origin isn’t why many people have these small, cute companions.

People love them for their size, looks, and attentive personalities.

However, most folks that have met a chihuahua have seen one of these little dogs go bonkers at one point.

Why do these dogs feel the need to go crazy from time to time?

It turns out there are several reasons they could be acting so hyper!

Chihuahuas Are Possessive and Jealous Dogs

While chihuahuas are attentive and alert by nature, they also have a possessive and jealous streak.

This is because, unlike most dogs, chihuahuas tend to bond with a single person rather than a family.

This bond is the source of a chihuahua’s temperament, as they will seek the attention and love of whoever they feel a bond with.

If you see a chihuahua glued to one person’s side and never leave it, that’s why!

When a chihuahua’s favorite person is busy with other activities, people, or, worse, dogs, the chihuahua will act up to get your attention back on itself.

If you find that your chihuahua goes on a tear when you talk on the phone for a long time or play with the other pets in the house, it’s because your chihuahua is jealous and isn’t getting your attention.

Chihuahuas Have a Need to Be Top Dog

Chihuahuas are usually the dog people think about when they hear the phrase “Napoleon complex.”

Chihuahuas have a lot of aggression, despite their small size, and they aren’t afraid to use it.

They’re more than happy to try and boss around other dogs, no matter what size they might be!

If you have other dogs in your house, your chihuahua may be hyper because it’s trying to keep up its “tough guy” act.

Since chihuahuas are always going to fight for your attention, they’ll view other dogs as a threat or a distraction.

They’ll put in constant effort to stay as the center of your focus, to the fight where they work themselves up into a hyperactive tizzy!

They Are Not Getting Enough Exercise

While chihuahuas aren’t a sporty breed, they need regular exercise like any other dog breed.

It’s adorable to carry around your tiny companion, but even if your chihuahua loves the closeness, their body needs its exercise.

The good news is that regular exercise for a chihuahua doesn’t involve an excess of work.

One or two short walks each day, or a few sessions of fetch outdoors, will be enough to keep your chihuahua from getting a buildup of excess energy.

If you haven’t played with your chihuahua in a while and they suddenly get a burst of energy and run around, this is why.

It all goes back to most dog’s ancestries.

Most dogs come from wild canines, where they had to hunt and run down their food.

Although dogs today have the luxury of a food bowl we fill for them, the instinct to hunt and run is still there!

They Are Bored and Frustrated With Their Surroundings

Do you ever get so bored you get the urge to do something way different than normal to spice things up?

Chihuahuas have a similar instinct, too.

This is because most animals, including chihuahuas, were used to getting a certain amount of stimulation from their environment.

Whether it was hunting down prey or fleeing from predators, all animals have an instinct to use bursts of energy, even when the threat isn’t there anymore.

If your chihuahua goes on random hyperactive kicks, that could be a sign that your chihuahua is bored with its surroundings.

Stuff like toys and things to chew on can help a lot in preventing this.

Chihuahuas can get frustrated with their environment, too.

If you have noisy kids or regular loud noises, your chihuahua can get agitated and go on a hyper tirade trying to get the source of the anger to go away.

Health Issues Affect Their Mood

If you’re finding that none of the above apply to your chihuahua, then their hyperactivity could be a sign of an underlying health issue.

Chihuahuas are generally a healthy breed with few issues, but that doesn’t mean it’s always a smooth ride for this breed’s 10-year average lifespan.

While you might think that your chihuahua’s stereotypical shivering is a bad sign, that’s not always the case.

Chihuahuas tend to shiver when they are excited or cold.

This could be a sign of stress, though.

So, if you’ve tried everything else to calm down your chihuahua, it’s worth bringing this up to your vet.

None of the common health issues chihuahuas have, like hypoglycemia or heart murmurs, tend to make your chihuahua hyper, either.

It’s quite the opposite for those two conditions since they both negatively affect energy.

That’s why, if you’ve tried everything else for your chihuahua, a trip to the veterinarian is worth your time.

Uncommon health issues do happen, and it’s up to you to make sure your companion is well cared for!

What to Do When They Get Hyper?

If your chihuahua has bouts of hyperactivity often, it’s best to start with the things around them that could be causing it.

Make sure your chihuahua gets enough attention and exercise from you.

Something to occupy their attention, like bones and toys, can be a release for your chihuahua’s energy.

Also, make sure that your chihuahua isn’t around things that annoy or agitate them for too long.

Things like noisy kids, loud sounds, and other bossy pets can set off your chihuahua’s hyperactivity.

If all of that fails, it could be time to take your chihuahua to the vet and make sure their health is okay.

Chihuahuas make great pets, but they rely on us to keep them calm so that they can keep being the alert and loving companions we expect them to be!

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