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Why Are Chihuahuas So Annoying?

If you’ve adopted a Chihuahua because you thought the little pup would be a pleasant companion, you might have misunderstood the breed.

Many dog owners misunderstand the little breed, so they question why Chihuahuas are so annoying.

Why People Want Chihuahuas

Understanding the breed makes it easy to see why so many people find them annoying.

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest breeds, so many people think they will have a miniature temperament.

This is far from the truth, as Chihuahuas have anything but a small personality.

You might think that having a small dog will be fun, as you can easily carry them and they fit in pockets and purses.

But, the little dogs do everything they can to prevent their stature from defining them.

They want to be seen, which is why they bark and yip.

You might notice your Chihuahua confidently stands up to large breed dogs without any sign of fear.

Unfounded Confidence

Rather than seeing their confidence as a strength, many people find this showboating around large dogs as a ridiculous lack of self-awareness.

Chihuahuas would never be able to fight off a Rottweiler, German shepherd, or pit bull terrier, but they sure act as they would—and that behavior can be seriously annoying.

Consider that a Chihuahua has immense ears, especially considering the size of their bodies.

Because they have such large ears, they hear everything.

And, many Chihuahuas respond to every random noise with obnoxious barking.

If you prefer peace and quiet, this common Chihuahua behavior will irritate you regularly.

The small dogs often bark uncontrollably at any strange noise or strange person, and the barking gets obnoxious, especially if you tell your Chihuahua to stop and it doesn’t.

They think their barking scares away danger, but it doesn’t.

Irritating Health Issues

Because Chihuahuas are so small, they are incredibly fragile.

They like to stay near their humans so that you might find yourself constantly stepping on your dog.

This can be irritating because the dog has no idea that it puts itself in danger every time it weaves around your feet.

You have to be careful not to step on or kick your Chihuahua, especially since they are far from any human’s line of sight.

Their bones are delicate, so it doesn’t take much to hurt them unintentionally.

Chihuahuas might act like they are the toughest thing in town, but they are so far from it.

Along with their delicate bones and tiny frames, they have sensitive stomachs.

They will have stomach issues if they do not eat breed-specific dog food.

They might beg and beg for scraps off of your table, but if you give your chi anything oily, spicy, or fatty, your whole family will pay for it with Chihuahua vomit and diarrhea.

No one wants to deal with that problem.

What makes the Chihuahua more annoying is that they will beg until you give them the food their stomachs hate.

If you don’t give them the food, they will bark and annoy you until you do.

Chihuahuas and Their Annoying Behaviors

Many people think it is easy to care for a Chihuahua, but this misunderstanding has created many unhealthy Chihuahua and human relationships.

One other misunderstanding is that small dogs and children are good mixes.

Chihuahuas do not like children, especially those under age six.

The problem with Chihuahuas and children involves children wanting to pick them up, not understanding their attitudes and fragility.

Children often hurt Chihuahuas, so the dogs see children as a serious threat.

Even though Chihuahuas are so tiny, they need space.

They do not like strangers invading their comfort zone, and many will run away to find refuge from children or adults who do not realize these dogs do not like most people.

Other dogs and children stress out Chihuahuas that do not even like to be near activity that could hurt them.

Chihuahuas are also annoying because they tend not to like people.

Usually, they have one person they love, and that is the only person they need.

Otherwise, they might be aggressive or rude to other people.

If you are someone who likes to go to the dog park, you’ll quickly discover that your Chihuahua won’t want to go.

They like being with their person, and that’s it.

These little pups prefer staying home.

While the little dogs have big personalities, they prefer not having to show it off.

Could it be because they know they won’t succeed against the large dogs they bark at?

Often, training and socializing fail, as Chihuahuas stubbornly prefer to be around one person.

With their temperaments, they only have enough energy to depend on one person.

If you’re that person, your Chihuahua might never want to leave your lap, purse, or pocket.

And that can truly be annoying, but it’s also endearing that they appreciate their specific person so much.

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