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Why Are Chihuahuas So Needy and Clingy?

You may be wondering why your cute little Chihuahua keeps following you everywhere.

Chihuahuas follow you everywhere around the house and will follow you everywhere outside if you let them.

You probably already know Chihuahuas are clingy, but why is that? Read on to find out!

Reasons Why Chihuahua are Clingy

There are a lot of reasons why this breed of dog is overly clingy.

We dig deeper to find out the reasons why Chihuahuas are clingy.

Their Nature

Being clingy and needy comes naturally to them.

Chihuahuas are tiny, and all they want to do is cuddle.

They are bred to be close companions to their owners, resulting in the uncontrollable need to always be with their owners.

There are some dog breeds whose primary purpose is companionship.

They are usually called companion dogs, lap dogs, or parlor dogs.

Chihuahuas belong to the companionship group.

However, they take their companionship to the next level, which makes them extra clingy and needy.

Attachment to One Person

Most of the time, Chihuahuas are known to be a one-person dog.

They love everyone around but usually attach to just one person.

For example, if the dog is living with a family, they can get attached to one parent or a child.

The person may give the dog the most attention, playing with it more, the one in charge of its food, or the one person always giving it treats.

It can also be the family member that is usually at home the most.

If you live alone with your dog, it’s a more intense situation because you are their only companion and caretaker.

Therefore, their level of neediness will be even higher.

They are Loyal Dogs

Chihuahuas are the “best friends forever ” kind of dogs.

They are super loyal and will leave everything to be with you 24 hours every day.

They freely express love, trust, and loyalty to their owners.

They are always on guard and will warn you of any impending danger or disturbance.

Separation Anxiety

Other dog breeds may not be cool with their owners leaving them at home or being busy with other things around the house.

Chihuahuas struggle with anxiety and sometimes cannot tolerate it when you leave them at home.

One of the reasons is that they are prone to separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety has made it hard for them to be left at home, even for a couple of hours.

They start to panic and can hurt themselves by running around and bumping into things.

It may be hard to tell if your dog has separation anxiety or if they are trying to gain attention and empathy.

Here are some of the signs that can help you know if your Chihuahua has separation anxiety:

  • Bumping into things at home.
  • Damaging things around the home. For example, chewing on papers, pushing things off the table, or digging your garden.
  • Unusual and lengthy barking.
  • Urinating and defecating around the house.

All these are signs that they have separation anxiety, and you should not leave your Chihuahua alone at home.

Increase in Clingy Behavior

You may also notice that your Chihuahua’s clingy behavior has increased.

It happens a lot of times.

There are several reasons why there might be an increase in clingy behaviors in Chihuahuas.


When you move to another home, your Chihuahua is affected by this significant change.

It can take a lot of time for your pup to get used to a change in environment.

Moving may increase separation anxiety as they do not want to be left alone in a strange place.

They may see your new home as unsafe and uncomfortable and will cling to you more until they can feel a little safe.

A New Addition to The Home

Chihuahuas are not good with changes. If a friend or family comes to visit or starts living with you, they may become more clingy.

When a new baby comes home, they may feel unsure of getting your undivided attention, and they will force you to give it to them anyway.

If you bring in another pet, it may not go down well with them and contribute to their clingy and needy behavior.

Other reasons include health issues, change in your attitude, sudden noise or disturbance, pregnancy, or separation anxiety.


What is the implication of this clingy and needy behavior as the pet owner?

How does your Chihuahua’s behavior affect you?

Having a Chihuahua means that there are certain things you have to expect once you bring the dog home.

They  include:

  • Inability to leave them at home for even a short duration.
  • You have to get used to having them trailing behind you.
  • When you go out with them, you have to take them everywhere as you can not leave them for long in the car during a quick stop.
  • When you leave for work, you have to hire an experienced dog sitter to watch them.

It is not easy to own a Chihuahua, but they are intelligent dogs and are easily trained.

They can learn to deal with their clingy behaviors.

However, if you do not have the time or the patience to own a Chihuahua, please go for another dog breed.

There’s no need to buy a specific breed when you know you cannot meet their needs.

How to Help Your Chihuahua Overcome Clingy Behavior

As mentioned earlier, you can train your Chihuahua to minimize their clingy behavior.

Here is how you can achieve that:

  • Help them to build a sense of independence.
  • Try to give them their own space
  • Do not attach extra importance to leaving or coming home.
  • Do not reward them when they are clingy or do things that will encourage them to be clingy.
  • Take them to the vet in case they have any health condition contributing to their clingy behavior.


Chihuahuas are fun and adorable pets.

They love their owners, and their level of devotion is amazing.

You can help them minimize their clingy and needy behavior with patience, love, and dedication.

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