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Catahoula Rottweiler Mix

If you have been following the dog breeding world lately, you know that the Catahoula Rottweiler Mix has become more and more popular.

This breed is not only quite adorable but successfully blends the friendliness of both species with some attractive colors to produce a dream pup.

Here’s what you need to know about this breed and whether this option is suitable for your home and family.


Catahoula Rottweiler Mix

The Catahoula Rottweiler Mix is typically a reasonably attractive dog with brown and tan fur throughout its body.

Many have the striking blue eyes of the Catahoula, though that may vary on a dog-by-dog basis.

Their shape and size are typically consistent with both breeds, with some looking almost exactly like a Rottweiler but possessing the friendly face and blue eyes of the Catahoula.

However, you might also find a Catahoula Rottweiler Mix with a somewhat mixed coat with other lingering shades, including white and light gray, and blue.

The cutest Catahoula Rottweiler pups often have the trademark eyebrows standard in the Rottweiler.

These dogs give them a human-like appearance and an appealing two-tone style that makes them so fun to own.

You can also expect a fairly welcoming smile when your Catahoula Rottweiler feels pleased.

This open-mouth grin is standard when playing or feeling very comfortable and happy.

There’s a certain brightness in their blue eyes, highlighted by a widening of the pupils.

When you see that look, you can feel comfortable knowing your dog is having a great time.

Overall Size

Catahoula Rottweiler Mix

The Catahoula Rottweiler Mix is not a small dog, so make sure that you’re prepared for this fact before purchasing.

They can be relatively tall, usually hitting between 22 to 26 shoulder inches.

However, some may be a little taller or even shorter, depending on the parents.

Research a pup’s parents to better understand their likely size.

As you can imagine, taller dogs typically breed taller puppies.

As for weight, expect pretty typical poundage when compared to either Rottweilers or Catahoulas.

Smaller canines are likely to be about 70 pounds, which is still pretty hefty.

On the other hand, taller and broader Catahoula Rottweiler dogs may be as much as 120 pounds!

That’s a pretty big dog, so make sure that you’re comfortable with that kind of size and heft in your pup.

Coat Length

The Catahoula Rottweiler Mix is not hypoallergenic and has a short-to-medium coat.

Shorter coats typically shed a little less, though you’ll usually find hair pretty regularly around your house all year.

Thankfully, this breed sheds relatively lightly for most of the year, leaving behind a little hair.

However, you can expect two major sheds throughout the year with this dog.

The first shed is typically early in the spring as the weather warms up.

The second big shed is usually during the summer, and both can be pretty devastating to your home.

It is best to brush them regularly during this season and visit a dog groomer every month.

Since the Catahoula Rottweiler Mix is such a friendly breed, they’ll likely love the chance to meet new people.


Rottweiler/Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix

If you know little about Rottweilers or Catahoulas, you might feel slightly intimidated by them.

However, both dogs are friendly and quite intelligent, which makes them easy to train.

For example, the Rottweiler was bred as a guard dog, making them loving to their owners and somewhat wary of strangers.

However, the Catahoula was bred for sheep herding and is quite sharp.

The Catahoula is also more welcoming and friendly than the Rottweiler, often quickly warming up to new people.

That’s not to say that a pure Rottweiler is unfriendly or even aggressive towards others.

Many have very open and friendly temperaments, with only a select few being antagonists.

That attitude is primarily trained into them at an early age: any properly handled dog should avoid aggression towards humans.

Thankfully, this unique blend brings out the best in both breeds.

You get the Rottweiler’s undying loyalty and need to protect you and the Catahoula’s friendly and intelligent nature.

Owners often report their Rottweiler Catahoula seeming to predict their moods or react to their emotional changes.

We’re not surprised because both breeds are heavily empathetic to their owners.

Basic Energy Levels

Both Rottweilers and Catahoulas love to exercise and need a lot of it to stay healthy.

Expect to give them at least one hour of moderate-to-strenuous activity every day to keep them healthy.

Their best home is one with large fields where they can run, chase balls, play with you, and explore.

Farms are an obvious destination for this breed, while big cities don’t suit them well.

While they can adapt to a small apartment in certain situations, expect to take them on several half-hour or one-hour walks every day.

Rottweiler/Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix

If you don’t, they tend to get agitated and bored and may start chewing, “going” in the house, and whining.

Some might end up gaining weight quickly through boredom eating. Dogs are intelligent and constant stimulation is incredibly important.

Interestingly, both the Rottweiler and Catahoula have what can be called the “independently dependent” personality.

They love doing their own things and exploring their world but look to you for guidance and encouragement.

Most will stick close to you at all times, though most can reasonably handle alone time.

However, it would help show them that you’re the boss pretty quickly.

If you don’t set up boundaries and rules with this breed very young, they will become hard to handle later.

They will take charge if you won’t and may stare you right in the house and do something you’ve trained them not to do, just to see how you’ll react.

Proper obedience training and consistency are a must if you want this dog to behave well for you.

Health Concerns

One thing to keep in mind when getting a Catahoula Rottweiler Mix is that white varieties may be more likely to develop deafness.

The reason for this isn’t sure, but 80% of all white dogs may be deaf from birth or become deaf later.

While it’s rare to find these dogs for sale, you might see one in a rescue.

So keep that fact in mind before buying a white Catahoula Rottweiler companion.

Another vital thing to keep in mind is that both the Rottweiler and Catahoula have a high risk for hip dysplasia.

This condition causes dislocation in a dog’s hip and may create high pain levels.

Your dog may never develop this condition, though both these breeds rank in the top 30% of dogs that develop this condition.

Make sure you pay attention to symptoms to avoid problems.

Typical hip dysplasia symptoms include difficulty jumping, running, walking, and climbing.

Your dog may also limp while walking and even whine repeatedly.

In addition, they may lick the affected leg, hoping to make it feel better in this way.

You may also hear the joint popping as they walk, which sounds very painful and may cause discomfort.

Take your dog to the vet if you notice these symptoms.

Treatment typically includes pain medications and some physical therapy, though this condition cannot be cured.

Thankfully, following your vet’s advice should help minimize their suffering and improve their overall symptoms.

It may also help them live a close-to-normal life, mainly if you install things like ramps in your home for easier access to furniture or beds if you allow them up here.

Beyond this severe health condition, your Catahoula Rottweiler is a typically healthy breed with a 10-14 year lifespan.

They tend to obesity if you let them eat too much without exercise.

Their naturally high energy levels may help offset this problem.

However, you may need to change their diet as they age, including older-dog pet foods and lower-calorie intakes every day.

Picking the Best Dog

Do you think that the Catahoula Rottweiler Mix is right for you?

Or are you uncertain?

It is essential to weigh the pros and the cons.

On the positive side, you get a very loyal and intelligent dog with a lot of personality that will definitely keep you active.

On the negative side, you might find it hard to keep up with them and may have a hard time fitting them into a smaller home.

On the other hand, they’re typically pretty good with children, depending on each dog’s personality, so they may work well as family dogs.

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