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Can Dogs Drink Coffee? Is It Bad For Them? (Or Coffee Beans?)

With dogs always interested in what their human is consuming, it’s pretty much expected that as a dog owner that you’re going to share some of your food and drink with your pup.

But what if your dog wants to have some of your coffee in the morning?

Can dogs have coffee? No dogs can’t have coffee or eat coffee beans because the caffeine in the coffee is toxic to canines.

So, you’ll definitely want to keep that doggo away from your morning brew.

Keep reading to learn why coffee is bad for dogs and what happens if you dog gets some coffee or a coffee bean.

Is Coffee Bad For Dogs?

Yes, coffee is definitely bad for dogs and you should never let your pup have any of your coffee.

But what if you sit down your coffee mug and your pup takes a sip of it before you even know what’s going on? Well, the good news is the one sip or two likely won’t be enough to kill your dog.

However, even the smallest amount of coffee can cause some adverse affects for your canine companion.

That’s because dogs are very sensitive to the caffeine in coffee – even the small amounts of caffeine that are in decaf coffee are bad for dogs.

Some of the bad things that can happen to  your dog after it drinks some coffee include:

  • organ damage
  • heart damage
  • nervous system damage

Can Dogs Have Decaf Coffee?

No, dogs cannot have decaf coffee.

Even the small amounts of caffeine that decaf coffee contains are enough to poison a dog.

So, it’s best to jeep all types of coffee away from your dog.

Can Coffee Kill A Dog?

Yes, coffee is very toxic to dogs and you should do your best to make sure that your dog never ingests it. Too much coffee will kill your dog.

So, how much coffee is toxic to dogs?

The truth is that any amount of coffee is toxic to dogs and starts causing organ damage. It’s the caffeine that is the problem here.

According to Drink Scouts, this his how much coffee it takes to poison your dog to the point of death:

Research shows that it takes approximately 150 milligrams of caffeine per 2.2 pounds of body weight to overdose your dog on caffeine.

But lets hope you never get anywhere near that amount of coffee in your pup.

Drink Scouts also notes that the caffeine amounts in coffee varies by type of coffee, so even if one sip gets into your dog it’s a good idea to call your pup’s vet for advice.

What If My Dog Ate A Coffee Bean?

If you’ve dropped some coffee beans on the floor when making your coffee, then a fast pupper might swoop in and get one in his mouth before you can stop him.

So now what?

This is actually worse than the dog having a drink of coffee because the caffeine amount is super concentrated in the bean and it gets absorbed quickly by the lining of the mouth.

So, you should act fast and get your dog to a local animal hospital or the vet before you start to see the signs of caffeine toxicity in the dog.

Common symptoms of the dog having the caffeine include:

  • gastric problems
  • hyper activity
  • rapid heart beat

And signs that things are really bad include:

  • lethargy
  • weakness
  • passing out

Honestly, if you even think that your dog ate a coffee bean or drank some coffee, then you should call the vet.

Final Word

While coffee offers up some amazing health benefits for humans, it’s actually toxic to dogs. So, never give your dog coffee or coffee beans.

And if you think that your dog has eaten a coffee bean or drank some coffee, then we suggest that you immediately contact your dog’s vet for advice.

image: Pixabay

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