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Can Corgis Swim?

Corgis are one of the most popular breeds of dog out there.

They’re known for their quirky personalities as well as their odd shape.

This raises an important question for dog owners, can Corgis swim even with those stubby legs?

All dogs naturally know how to swim.

Some breeds of dog are better at swimming than others.

A dog’s individual personality also comes into play with whether or not it likes swimming or even playing around in water.

Here’s what you need to know about swimming with your Corgi.

Are Corgis Good Swimmers?


As it turns out, Corgis are actually great swimmers.

corgi in swimming pool

This is often a surprise to dog owners who don’t have much experience with the breed.

A Corgi looks like it would be naturally very awkward, but they are actually fast and agile dogs.

Corgis were originally bred to herd cattle.

This means that they’re going to be quick and nimble when moving around.

They need to be this way to keep all of those sheep in line.

This also translates to being a fast and enthusiastic swimmer.

How Can Corgis Swim With Short Legs?

Let’s get right down to it.

How can Corgis be so good at swimming when they have such short and stubby legs?

The answer lies in the muscles that power those tiny Corgi paws.

Even though Corgis have a stubbier physique than many other breeds of dog, they are incredibly powerful.

Corgis have incredibly strong thigh muscles as well as plenty of stamina.

This means that they’re going to be able to power through the basic doggy paddle and keep up in the water for a good deal of time.

Where larger breeds of dog will quickly tire out, a Corgi can easily start to lap them in the pool.

Corgis have a reputation for having boundless energy.

This is also true when they hit the waves.

Your Corgi’s Personality

Every dog is different.

Regardless of the similarities shared between different breeds of dogs, they each have their own unique tastes and this includes whether or not they like swimming.

Just like people, some dogs are naturally aquatic while others would rather spend their free time on dry land.

If your Corgi loves to swim, you can encourage this behavior.

Swimming with your Corgi on a regular basis is a great way to keep them in shape as well as get the two of you outside together.

Learning How to Swim With Your Corgi

So, what should you do if your Corgi doesn’t have much experience with swimming?

Here’s a few tips and tricks for getting your Corgi introduced to swimming.

Get a Corgi-sized Life Vest and Other Supplies

Your dog needs a life vest just like a person would.

These help keep your dog afloat and reduce the risk of a serious accident.

A life vest is especially important for dogs that don’t have much experience with swimming.

A life vest is also ideal for small dogs like Corgis.

This is especially true if you are taking your Corgi out to swim in Open Water.

Corgis are smaller dogs and that bright-colored life vest will help you keep track of them while you’re enjoying the water together.

You should also bring a towel to dry your Corgi off as well as some clean water for your dog.

Drinking from a pool or lake can introduce hazardous chemicals as well as potential infections.

Bringing some water from home helps keep your Corgi hydrated and healthy.

Start Shallow

One of the best things you can do when teaching your Corgi how to swim is to start in shallow water.

This is not only a safety tip, but it also helps your Corgi build up confidence.

Shallow water is easier to navigate and your Corgi can quickly get back onto land if they start to feel a little overwhelmed.

Swim With Your Corgi

It’s no secret that dogs love hanging out with their owners.

If you swim with your Corgi, it will help them to build up confidence and Associate being in the water with fun times.

Swimming with your Corgi also means keeping an eye on them.

Even experienced dogs that have been swimming for years can run into trouble.

Keep an eye on your dog while they’re enjoying the water, and you’re sure to have a good and safe time.

A Few Tips for Swimming With Corgis

Here are a few bonus tips for swimming with your Corgi.

Corgis have a ton of energy.

They might even out swim you.

Be ready to call it a day even if your Corgi is still having fun swimming.

Learning how to swim with a Corgi goes both ways.

While the Corgi needs to learn how to navigate the water, its owner needs to learn how to keep an eye on their Corgi while it swims.

Start off slow and shallow together, and you’ll be a swimming duo in no time.

Enjoy Swimming With Your Corgi

It’s always a shock to dog owners that Corgis are natural swimmers.

Their short and stubby physique hides the spirit of a natural aquatic dog.

If you’re ready to support your Corgi as they take their first doggy paddle around your pool or the local lake, you can help your Corgi discover their aquatic side.

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