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Blue Heeler Chow Mix

Crossbreeding a Blue Heeler with a Chow makes for one handsome dog!

Imagine a pup with the snout of the Chow, the ears of the Heeler, a fluffy, long-haired double coat and a robust, muscular body and you’ve got a good picture of this crossbreed dog.

As the Blue Heeler and Chow were bred as herding dogs, they tend to have an independent, work-driven nature.

It’s only natural to assume your Mix will have the same.

With training, however, this crossbreed can learn to be a well-behaved, sociable pup and integrate well into your home as a companion or family pet.

Loyalty is one thing you can count on from your Blue Heeler Chow Mix, as both Heelers and Chows are loyal and protective of their people family.

You just have to learn how to handle this strong-willed crossbreed to make your Mix a congenial member of your household.  


If you’re partial to the looks of a Blue Heeler and a Chow dog, you’ll be happy with the appearance of your Mix, as it will  display many of the same features.

Both the Blue Heeler and Chow are beautiful dogs in their own right.

You can’t expect anything less from a Blue Heeler Chow Mix pup.

There’s no disputing that crossbreeding a Heeler with a Chow produces one regal-looking dog!

Outwardly, the Heeler and Chow may look totally different, but they do have physical characteristics in common.

Both have a double coat.

The Chow’s double coat is long and fluffy and can come in red, blue, black, cinnamon or cream colors.

The Blue Heeler’s double coat is short and rough to the touch.

The puppies are white when first born and the blue speckled or mottled coloring gradually develops as the pups grow older.

When it comes to differences, the Chow does have two distinctive features that make it stand out.

The first is its large mane-like “ruff” behind its head, which gives it a distinct lion-like appearance.

The second is its blue tongue.

Heelers and Chows are considered medium sized dogs, of similar height and build, although the Chow tends to be much heavier, weighing up to 15 kg more than the average Blue Heeler adult dog.

They were both bred as work dogs, hence their strong, muscular physiques and high energy levels.

The Chow hails from China, where it was used for herding cattle and hunting birds – a task the Chow was quite good at due to its stamina and speed.

The Australian Blue Heeler was also bred for cattle herding as well as performing other ranch and farm tasks.

Its strong, solid physique was designed to cope with Australia’s harsh clime.

Taking into consideration the attributes of the parents, your Blue Heeler Chow Mix will probably be of medium height, have a strong, robust physique and sport a fluffy double coat of reddish, black or bluish coloring.

The shorter snout of the Chow and pointy, inquisitive ears of the Heeler complete your Mix’s unique crossbreed appearance.  


blue heeler chow mix puppy

When it comes to temperament, the Blue Heeler and Chow share similar traits.

Both breeds are true and loyal to their people family.

However, they’re not overly affectionate or subservient by nature.

They can, however, develop these traits through early training and socialization.

Chow Chows tend to grow close to their respective owners, but are wary of strangers.

They’re highly protective of the people they love and respect those that care for them.

Although they’re smart, their stubborn, independent nature makes them challenging to train.

Yet training is exactly what they need to learn obedience and socialization skills.

Otherwise, they could try to dominate your entire family.

Early socialization will teach your Chow how to get along with other people and pets and temper its natural aggression toward both.

When it comes to work, you can’t do better than an Australian Blue Heeler for getting tasks done.

These dogs have a strong work ethic and love to learn and perform work tasks.

As pets, however, they may not be suited for everyone due to their intense work drive and stubbornness.

These dogs are happiest when kept busy and active.

If they’re bored, they’re liable to put themselves to work by herding your children, neighbors, friends or other pets.

Early training and socialization can help a Heeler overcome its dominant nature and bring out its sweetness, as these dogs do like to please their owners.

Once trained, Blue Heelers can be friendly, affectionate dogs and make excellent family pets and companions.

They are protective and loyal to their owners despite wanting to be the boss.

Your crossbreed pup will undoubtedly inherit many of the same headstrong traits as its parents and will need early behavior training to teach it who’s boss.

Like its parents, the Blue Heeler Chow Mix will need a firm, authoritative hand to keep it in line.

This crossbreed may be better suited for pet owners who have had previous experience with strong-willed dogs.

If you’re new to dog ownership, you may do better with a more naturally compliant pup.

As both Heelers and Chows are leaders by nature, it’s only natural that their offspring will be the same.

Don’t be surprised if your Mix tries to establish itself as the alpha in the home from the time it’s a puppy!

If you don’t have the time or skills to properly train your Blue Heeler Chow Mix, consider enrolling your pup in a professional training program where he can learn obedience and acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.

You can also start socializing your Mix by exposing him to new places, new people, new animals and new experiences early on so he doesn’t become fearful of the unknown.

Through socialization, your Mix can learn to be more loving, compliant and trusting of you and others.

Exercise is another must for your Mix as these are high-energy dogs.

This crossbreed would do well with active families that enjoy spending time outdoors.

A bored Blue Heeler Chow Mix is bound to get into trouble in the home.

This dog makes an excellent companion for hiking, bike riding, jogging and trips to the park.

He’ll also make a great playmate for your kids in the yard.

This crossbreed thrives on mental and physical stimulation and is more than happy to join in on fun games and activities.   


Health Concerns

Despite being strong, robust, energetic dogs, both the Chow and Blue Heeler are prone to specific health problems.

As such, there’s always the chance that your Mix will develop similar issues at some point in its life.

According to recent studies, mixed breeds tend to be healthier than their purebred parents due to greater genetic diversity.

This reduces their risk of developing health issues that are common to the specific breed of their parents.

Just the same, if you’re planning on getting a Blue Heeler Chow Mix, you should be aware of the health risks involved.  

Chow Chows have a genetic propensity for developing eye issues such as glaucoma, juvenile cataracts and eyelid entropion (a condition characterized by inward turning of the lower eyelid).

Chows are also prone to developing hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, diabetes, ear infections and skin allergies.

The Blue Heeler is prone to progressive retinal atrophy, an eye disease that can lead to blindness, hip dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans (a cartilage disease), congenital deafness and liver problems.

As a high-energy dog that gets a lot of exercise, the Blue Heeler faces the risk of wear and tear on its ligaments and joints, which can lead to problems with stiffness and lameness later on in life.

Like people, all dogs face health concerns as they age.

A healthy diet and lifestyle can help your Blue Heeler Chow Mix live a longer, healthier life.

Wholesome diet, regular exercise, quality veterinary care and lots of TLC from you and your family can go a long way towards extending the lifespan of your Blue Heeler Chow Mix pup.   

In Summary

Owning a Blue Heeler Chow Mix comes with its share of challenges as this crossbreed is quite a dynamic dog.

If you’re up  to the challenge, however, you won’t be disappointed!

Once trained and socialized, you won’t find a more loving, loyal, affable, trustworthy dog than a Blue Heeler Chow Mix to play with your children, keep you company, help with ranch or farm chores or guard your home.

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