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Need A Dog Crate? Try These For Large, Small & Medium Dogs (2024)

Dog crates are important in your pet’s life to keep them comfortable while they’re traveling, resting, or sleeping.

But have you ever wondered why dogs actually avoid their crates during the warmer months?

It’s because traditional crates sit on the floor and have restricted ventilation.

They can trap heat and increase the risk of your dog overheating. 

Dogs cannot sweat like humans can and therefore they have no natural reflex to keep their bodies cool, meaning that their owners need to help keep them cool during summer.

Failing this, your pooch could be subject to heatstroke or something more sinister. 

Best Dog Crate

Luckily for us, manufacturers are now coming out with dog crates that allow cool air to flow underneath the crate, eliminating hot spots and ensuring that your pet has somewhere to sleep without overheating. 

We have put different models to the test and have found five of the best dog crates on the market for you to choose from.

We’ve also written a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best crate for your pooch and answered some of the most common questions about these new crates. 

Best Dog Crates For The Money

Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel

911pV+Mo8EL. AC SL500

This soft-sided dog crate pops up in seconds (no tools needed).

The crate features durable polyester fabric, ventilating mesh-fabric windows, and a strong yet lightweight PVC frame that holds its shape.

The crate’s front door can be unzipped and rolled up.

A second door on top allows for top loading. Zipper closures keep the doors securely shut.

More practical than a wire or hard-sided crate, the take-anywhere, soft-sided crate sets up quickly and folds flat for easy carrying and storage.

It contains 2 doors (top and front) with mesh windows and a front door for ventilation on all 4 sides.

There are secure zipper closures with fastening straps that keep unzipped rolled-up doors positioned neatly out of the way.

Its PVC frame and polyester fabric can be set up in seconds (no tools needed)and  folds flat for easy transport and compact storage

The crate measures 36 by 24 by 24 inches and is recommended for large breeds such as Boxers and German Shepherds (76 – 90 lbs).

The versatile design incorporates a folding soft-sided 36-inch dog crate mechanism that can also be used for a cat or kittens.


  • Portable Convenience 
  • Front and Top Doors. 
  • Durable, Comfortable Design 
  • Soft-Sided Dog Crate


  •  No handles for easy carrying 

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate


The medium/large single door folding dog crate is ideal for dogs with an adult weight of 41 to 70 pounds, has a convenient divider panel that allows the crate to expand as your dog grows.

The iCrate measures 36 length x 23 width x 25 height inches and ensures your dog’s home while you’re away from home is just that.

It has a durable design that creates a safe place for your pet while you’re away & caters to your dog’s natural “den” instincts. 

This safe and secure home incorporates two heavy-duty slide-bolt latches that firmly lock the dog crate door in place keeping your dog safely inside their dog crate.

In addition to this, the user-friendly, easy assembly & portable design takes seconds to erect with no tools required.

It folds flat for convenient storage or travel, has roller feet protect hardwoods that make repositioning easy whether you use it indoors or outside.

iCrate single-door dog crates by MidWest Homes for Pets are the Inclusive Home Training System designed completely around the safety, security, and comfort of your dog.

Features include rounded corners, a durable E-Coat finish, and a removable, washable plastic pan for easy cleanup in the event of an accident.

iCrate folds down to a portable size with included plastic carrying handles to move the folded crate from one location to another comfortably.

iCrate also comes with a free divider panel for use while your puppy is growing.

The divider panel will allow you to adjust the length of the living area while your puppy grows, keeping the living space small enough to reduce the chance of your puppy eliminating in one end and sleeping in the other.


  • Comfortable home
  • Side-bolt latches 
  • Top Training Tool


  • Each bed can hold up to 68kg meaning that the largest dog breeds might not be under the weight limit. 

Diggs Revol Dog Crate (Collapsible Dog Crate, Portable Dog Crate, Travel Dog Crate, Dog Kennel)

71ApbLcCBAL. AC SL500

Revol is an attractive, collapsible dog crate that is easy to set up, transport, and store.

Revol’s design, inspired by baby industry quality standards, incorporates premium materials and ergonomic, easy-to-use doors.

Revol comes with a puppy divider, a removable tray for easy cleaning, and a ceiling hatch for easy access.

The Diggs Revol Dog Crate gets the seal of approval from hundreds of dog owners.

It’s collapsible and easy to travel with, simple to clean, comfy, and safe.

This stylish crate comes in small and medium sizes, and it features a single-piece toxin-free frame with rust-free diamond-mesh walls.

It’s one of the best collapsible dog crates out there, breaking down in just a few seconds, and it even has a puppy divider and removable tray so you can use it to train your new pooch.


  • Travel friendly: Collapsible medium dog crate is easy to set up, fold, store, and transport. Equipped with wheels and carrying handle.
  • Quality materials: Made with durable, high-grade aluminum, steel mesh wire, and reinforced plastic
  • Pet safety: Designed with baby industry standards – no more pinched paws or fingers.


  • Not suitable for large or extra-large dog breeds

Petmate Vari Kennel Heavy-Duty Dog Travel Crate

61wJfspzYzL. AC SL500

Petmate Vari Kennel is a secure and comfortable travel kennel that keeps your pet safe.

The 360-degree ventilation openings give pets fresh air and increased visibility.

The raised interior and tie-down holes help the kennel withstand the rigors of travel while keeping pets comfortable.

The kennel offers heavy-duty protection with its durable plastic shell and metal screws.

The secure latch provides a strong lock for the door while being easy to open with one hand.

The kennel can quickly be assembled with no tools required via the metal screws and plastic fasteners. 

The eco-safe plastic material is easy to clean and wipe down.

The kennel is available in several sizes, ranging from 15 to 125 pounds.

The smaller kennel sizes offer a carrying handle and come in the “true blue” color.

The 19 inch kennel size offers a seat belt loop for added security during travel.

The travel kennel meets most airline cargo specifications for easy and safe travel, but pet owners should always check with individual airlines.


  • Raised interior, tie-down holes and heavy-duty plastic provide a comfortable travel experience
  • Durable plastic shell and metal screws help keep the kennel stronger for longer
  • Ventilation openings surrounding the kennel provide 360-degree visibility and fresh air
  • Metal screws and plastic fasteners offer a simple, no-tool assembly 


  • Some customers complained it was not suitable for their ferrets despite it being a dog crate


91VcR5Kf0VL. AC SL500

This ECOFLEX Dog Crate End Table is the perfect place for your pet when they are indoors.

This ECOFLEX Crate End Table can easily do double duty in many houses where it can serve as an end table in the family room, bedroom or living room.

Made of ECOFLEX material.

ECOFLEX is a proprietary formula that incorporates reclaimed wood and plastic into the material that allows the product to be and a great value as it will outlast most other products.

Can be painted to coordinate with your other furnishings and inspire your pet style.

Removable table top for easy cleaning. Color will never fade.

Front door latches securely and cannot be accidentally opened. 

Small and Medium crates have one secure latch. Large and Extra Large crates have two secure latches.

Crates are made for dogs that are familiar with crates and are less likely to chew.

Spindles made of stainless steel tubing.

Please note that any crate that isn’t 100% wire or metal has the ability to be chewed.

This ECOFLEX Dog Crate melds form and function into a crate that can double as a piece of your home décor.

Available in four sizes.

Small for dogs up to 20 lbs. Medium for dogs up to 50 lbs. Large for dogs up to 80 lbs. X-Large for dogs up to 100 lbs.

This product may not be a good fit for dogs that suffer from anxiety.


  • Spindles made of stainless steel tubing
  • Stainless steel latch; double latches on large and x-large crates
  • Single stainless steel latch on Small and Medium Crates
  • Quick and easy assembly; No tools required. 


  • Aggressive dogs have been known to destroy the cage

Buyers Guide

Now you know what the market has to offer, let’s take a look into the most important features that you should consider before jumping into a purchase.

Not every crate will work with your dog and some pooches tend to be much fussier than others. 

Take a look at our advice and read the buyer’s guide below, before rushing into a purchase to avoid choosing a dog crate that will go unused in your home. 

Size and Height

Just like with any dog bed, your elevated model will need to be large enough to fit your dog and hold its weight.

Opting for a bed that is too small for your pooch will leave them uncomfortable and potentially lead to them breaking the bed. 

Likewise, getting a bed too large for your small breed of dog might deter them from using it and be a waste of money as larger beds tend to cost more.

However, if your dog is still a young puppy with plenty of growing still to do, opting for a larger bed can save you money in the long run. 

As elevated beds reach up from the ground so your dog needs to jump up onto the platform.

This isn’t too much of a gap so large dogs won’t have an issue, but small pups might need a lower bed to comfortably get onto the platform. 

Take this into consideration before choosing the bed for your pet.

As a rule of thumb, taller beds should be used by larger dogs, and shorter beds reserved for dogs with little legs.

Dogs with joint issues might also need a lower bed as they cannot jump as far as their younger counterparts. 


The majority of dog crates are flat and therefore won’t harbor as much bacteria, fur, and moisture.

However, you do still need to consider the material of the dog crate in terms of breathability. 

The entire point of a crate is to keep air flowing around your dog in every direction.

However, if the material used has a tight mesh that lets little to no air through there is no point using it as it won’t be as effective. 

Woven mesh material is the best to look for as it’s very breathable and promotes excellent air circulation.

This material is also supportive and waterproof so your dog can use it even after their baths. 


Durability is incredibly important when you don’t want to waste money purchasing lots of different crates.

There are a few components that you need to focus on when it comes to durability. 

First is the metal frame.

This should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your dog without bending over time.

Second, the material of the base should be durable enough that it remains supportive for years to come. 

Some less durable materials will become less supportive as time goes on, meaning that they lose elasticity and bow.

This will lower your dog towards the floor and make the crate less effective at keeping them cool. 

Comfort Levels 

Of course, comfort is key when it comes to the dog crates, and elevated models are no different.

Although a mesh crate is not going to be as comfortable as a fluffy fabric bed, this doesn’t mean that the elevated dog bed is automatically uncomfortable. 

Check customer reviews to see whether previous customers have found that the beds are comfortable or not.

This will be the best way to determine whether that elevated crate is worth your time and money or not. 

Ease of cleaning

While dogs don’t sweat in a conventional way, they do still sweat through their paws.

This is just one of the smells that will cover the elevated dog bed as your dog continues to use it.

The good news is that elevated dog crates are much easier to clean than regular crates. 

However, some are still easier to clean than others so make sure you check whether the crate that you’re looking at has a simple cleaning routine that you can follow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an elevated dog crate?

There are plenty of benefits that come with using elevated dog crates, the first being what we’ve already mentioned previously, they can keep your dog cooler than a traditional stuffed crate.

They also don’t harbor as much bacteria as stuffed beds within crates and are easier to maintain. 

Thanks to the fact that they’re durable and waterproof, you can use these crates both indoors and outdoors.

The support that the mesh offers is excellent for older dogs and those that may suffer from joint issues such as arthritis. 

Are elevated dog crates better? 

There is nothing wrong, per se, with a traditional dog crate.

They are often more comfortable and stylish to fit in with your interior decor.

However, there are plenty of benefits that come with elevated dog crates. 

Many pet owners prefer to use elevated dog crates until the weather begins to cool.

Dog’s like to be warm and cozy too, which is the ideal job for a traditional stuffed dog bed.

So, we don’t think that either dog crate is better than the other. 

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