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Does ASDA Allow Dogs Inside? Is It Dog-Friendly? (2023 Store Pet Policy)

Whether you’re popping into your local ASDA to pick up something for dinner or just to do your weekly grocery shop, you might be wondering if you can take your dog with you.

Are dogs allowed in ASDA stores? No, dogs are not allowed in ASDA stores. The exception is service dogs.

As you can see, ASDA is not a pet friendly store, and you should leave your doggo at home instead of trying to take him inside this supermarket.

Keep reading to learn more about the pet policy at ASDA stores.

Is ASDA Dog Friendly?

No, ASDA is not dog friendly. But ASDA grocery stores welcome service animals to the store.

The reason that ASDA is not pet friendly is because it is a grocery store and there are sanitary concerns with animals coming into contact with the fresh foods.

There have been complaints regarding the customers who bring on their dogs to the grocery store hidden in reusable grocery bags and others straight up walk in with dogs on leashes.

Despite the store welcoming service dogs to the store, people take advantage and bring in what they claim to be a service dog then play ball with the dogs till they get all frisky and jump on shoppers.

This does not appeal to especially people with disabilities, who need these service dogs and guide dogs in ASDA stores.

Official Policy Animal Policy At ASDA Grocery Stores

Dogs are not allowed in ASDA stores. The general rule is that shoppers are not permitted to take dogs inside ASDA stores.

However, visitors with disabilities can be accompanied with service dogs.

Of course, it is up to the store manager to enforce this no pets policy in the stores.

Here’s what one former ASDA employee has said on Reddit:

I worked at ASDA as a home shopper not long ago. One of those days, a woman was walking around with a long haired chihuahua on a lead. It was running around the produce section and being extremely yappy. I stopped what I was doing to tell someone who was higher authority (we aren’t allowed to ask someone to leave). The woman I told sighed, told me very clearly it was probably a service dog, y’know, for blind people I explained no, just a pet dog. The woman could clearly see fine and the dog was around fresh fruit and veg while barking. She shrugged it off and said to leave her be.

dog in trolley in ASDA
dog in trolley in ASDA (imgur)

So, while the official policy at ASDA is to allow pets in the store for people with disabilities, there was a well-known instance a few years ago where ASDA store employees kicked out a blind woman and her service dog.

Unbelievable, right?

Here’s what the blind woman, Louise, had to say about the incident:

“I told him, ‘She’s a guide dog,’ but he said it again: ‘No dogs allowed, go outside.’

“I told him that it was against the law to stop me coming in with Harmony but he continued to tell me to leave.”

Angry customers swore at the security guard as Louise stood “dying inside with embarrassment”.

Louise – who says she doesn’t “look blind” – asked to speak to the manager, who subsequently apologised to her and let her continue with her weekly shop.

Of course ASDA issued a statement to the press about the situation.

A spokesperson for Asda said: “We are genuinely sorry for how the security guard on duty in our store treated this customer, it was not acceptable.

“The colleague isn’t originally from the UK and wasn’t familiar with guide dogs being allowed inside shops.

“He has now been retrained.”

So, even though you are legally allowed to enter ASDA stores with your guide dog, you can’t assume that all employees know this.

Can I Carry My Dog In ASDA?

You might be wondering if it’s okay to take your dog into ASDA stores if you carry the doggo in a bag or in your purse.

After all, the dog won’t be able to get into the fresh foods.

Unfortunately, ASDA doesn’t allow dogs carried into the store.

It doesn’t matter how small your pupper is, you still cannot bring him into any ASDA store.

Can I Take My Dog Into ASDA Cafes?

If you’re stopping by an ASDA Cafe to grab lunch or a snack, then you might want to pop in with your dog.

Even though the cafe is separate from the food in the grocery store, dogs are not allowed in the ASDA Cafes.

So, if you want to eat in an ASDA Cafe, you have to leave your dog tied up outside.

Does The Policy Vary By Location?

ASDA has hundreds of grocery store locations through out the United Kingdom. But the official policy for all stores is that only service dogs are allowed inside ASDA stores.

However, there may be some locations where the store managers are more lenient and allow in dogs that are not service dogs.

Animals in grocery stores are considered to be one of the biggest retail peeves, mostly when the so-called “service dogs” don’t behave as service dogs do.

There are other trained service dogs that guide people with disabilities, such as the blind. These dogs are allowed in ASDA stores in all locations because they are considered a legal and humane necessity.

Some people claim to need their dogs to help with things like anxiety. These dogs are referred to as emotional support animals, and they are not allowed inside ASDA stores.

The Final Word

The best advice we can give consumers is to avoid bringing non-service animals to ASDA locations as they are considered a public health issue with it being a grocery store with food.

Such individuals should bring verification or certification if they do have a service animal, and they would like to bring the service animal into a ASDA location.

Of course, some store managers are more accommodating to pet owners, so your doggo may be allowed at your local ASDA — but don’t count on it!

We hope you’ve gained a full understanding of ASDA’s rules and practices regarding dogs.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the company, or your local ASDA grocery store, for more specific and detailed information.

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