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Are French Bulldogs Lazy?

I know you love your French bulldog.

You have binged on Netflix shows while the dog sits on your lap, cuddles with you, and offers the best companion.

However, you have realized that your French bulldog is not as enthusiastic when going for a walk.

So you can’t help but wonder if French bulldogs are lazy or if my French bulldog is lazy.

No, French Bulldogs are not lazy.

The stereotype is that French bulldogs are lazy.

But that is not entirely true, so you should read this article to the end to learn why.

Brief History of the French Bulldog

Due to cross-breeding, the French bulldogs first appeared in Paris in the mid-nineteenth century.

Toy Bulldogs imported from England and local Parisian ratters were cross-bred to give French bulldogs.

French bulldogs are small in size.

However, they are very lively, lovable, and very friendly.

They exhibit a large head, short snout, and bat-like ears.

Why Do People Think They Are Lazy?

sleeping french bulldog

To start with, generally, people think stereotypically about the French people as lazy, which is a view that mostly refers to their relaxed approach to things as opposed to the quick, rushed response related to Americans.

By virtue of having the name French, the French bulldog also gets qualified to the same stereotype.

Most dog articles, blogs, and reviews perpetuate the same perception.

Though the French bulldogs may exhibit some characteristics that may portray them as lazy, this is not entirely true.

Why Do French Bulldogs Sleep So Much?

When the French bulldog was interbred, it was interbred as a toy dog.

Toy dogs are small dogs meant for companionship and cuddling.

The French bulldog is the perfect companion dog.

But when bred for cuddling, it is not meant to undertake so many physical activities.

They are constantly in motion.

As a result, the bulldog gets exhausted quickly, which requires the French bulldogs to have frequent rests.

Enough rest helps rejuvenate their energy.

There are also other factors that they exhibit:

Bulldogs Sleep Almost 60% Of the Day

Bulldogs generally need around 12-14 hours of sleep daily.

Interestingly, the puppies can sleep for longer periods, ranging from 18-19 hours per day.

French bulldogs will opt to sleep when not adequately stimulated.

They also need extra rest to recover from activities done throughout the day, making people deem them lazy, but you can sleep train your dog and engage them in an active lifestyle.

Frenchies Can Be Stubborn and Refuse to Walk

French bulldogs don’t need as much exercise compared to other breeds.

However, they are associated with stubbornness and often refuse to walk.

Sometimes they act like such a maniac that the dog owners cannot control them. 

The bulldogs’ perceived laziness could be mitigated by leash training.

Both the dog and the dog owner will enjoy going for walks, incorporating a healthy routine that will boost their energy levels.

french bulldog sleeping on mat

Bulldogs Are Brachycephalic

Brachycephalic is a mutation in how the dog’s skull grows, making bull dogs have short heads, narrowed nostrils, or soft and elongated palates.

The mutation makes their airways obstructed, which can cause fatal effects.

Other effects may include noisy or labored breathing.

As a result, they want to relax all day, and that is why many people deem them lazy.

Frenchies Tend to Be Overweight

Bulldogs tend to wolf down food because they cannot regulate themselves and tend to overfeed.

Overfeeding and lack of exercise may make them develop weight issues. 

When they are overweight, they tend to have low levels of energy and lack interest in physical activities.

He may prefer to sleep because his weight is exhausting to carry around.

At times, they play for a few minutes then lie down for hours, which is why people think bulldogs are lazy.  

Do French Bulldogs Need Exercise?

Some dog owners don’t deem exercise to be very important.

Instead, they should be very intentional about exercising their bulldogs.

If bulldogs do not exercise, they get bored.

The side effect of boredom is they become destructive.

They will also add a lot of weight.

Excess weight may pose health problems.

It would be best to walk the French bulldogs at least once or twice a day to burn excess calories in their bodies.

Additionally, they get to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

french bulldog in grass

Do Not Overdo Their Exercise

As a dog owner, it’s paramount to note that you should not over-exercise your French bulldog.

This breed may not be able to handle a high level of activity. The results may be fatal.

The French bulldogs are more prone to heart stroke compared to other breeds because they tend to overheat very quickly due to their restricted breathing.

Are Frenchies Good Lapdogs?

A good lap dog loves to cuddle up on your lap, get all cozy and warm with you, and may also fall asleep.

Yes, French bulldogs are excellent lap dogs.

French dogs crave human attention.

They constantly desire to be with the dog owner.

After all, they were first to cross-bred to be human companies.

  • French bulldogs like to cuddle and get close to you. They thrive on human contact, love to lie on your lap all day, and even walk you around as you do your daily house chores.
  • French bulldogs like to nap. They sleep almost the whole day and rarely want to leave your lap.
  • French bulldogs act great as therapy dogs. They provide good emotional support. They also have therapeutic benefits for those suffering from mental illnesses. Interestingly French bulldogs may be prescribed by a licensed health professional such as a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist to offer a therapeutic companion.
  • French bulldogs can be very protective of their owners. They are great companions and tend to be very protective of their dog owners. They alert the dog owners when strangers are approaching by barking.
  • French bulldogs tend to have a good temperament. Over the years, they have become very popular, partly because of their excellent temperaments. Unless provoked, there are very few instances where they will bite or snarl back at the dog owner.

Their non – aggressive personality makes French bulldogs excellent toy dogs.

In Summary

Despite the popular stereotype that French bulldogs are lazy, in their own right, they are not.

They are just not built to undertake intense, rigorous physical exercise.

However, they were bred to be exceptional companions and cuddle partners, which they do excellently.

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