Selecting a Course Instructor by Observing a Class

Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Has a search by state for trainers near you

National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, Inc
Search by state to find an obedience instructor

Charlotte Dog Training Club

The Well-Mannered Dog. Positive Solutions For Dog Training. An extensive website complete with articles, books, videos


The following organizations also welcome
the All-American Mixed Breed Dog

American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration

Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America

United States Dog Agility Assocation

North American Dog Agility Council


The Critical Stages of Puppyhood


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Know Thy Name -- The First Step in Training

Relationship Building -- NILIF and Rewarding Good Behavior

What To Do When You Need Help Training Your Dog

Behavior ~ Housetraining. Solve the Problem by Understanding the Process by Ian Dunbar, PhD, MRCVS

Behavior ~ Why Can't a Dog Be Like a Dog? Training dogs in a language they can understand. by Ian Dunbar, PhD, MRCVS

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
Articles on behaviorial issues, rehoming your pet; Behavior Consultant Locator

Training a shy dog to use a dog door

Shade, Shoes and Potty Breaks - Things They Didn�t Teach in Agility Classes