North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance (NCRAOA)
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North Carolina Responsible Animal Owners Alliance
Code of Ethics
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NCRAOA, PO Box 455, Stem NC 27581
As members of the Alliance, we agree to the following statements and principles:
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To assure that our animals have adequate food, water, shelter, companionship, training, and veterinary care.
To assist in educating the public on all aspects of responsible animal ownership, using literature and programs from the NCRAOA, the American Kennel Club, the Cat Fancierís Association, the National Animal Interest Alliance, and others approved by the Board of Directors.
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To assist and promote responsible animal rescue groups whenever possible.
To maintain high standards of breeding, including health testing. To sell puppies/kittens on spay/neuter contracts, whenever applicable, and with guaranteed no-fault buy back clauses for the life of the animal. We will strive to educate the public on the aspects of responsible breeding.
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To report genuine animal abuse to the proper authorities.
Outdoor cats, not living in a confinement system, will be spayed or neutered.
Dogs are not allowed to run loose. Dogs that are working (hunting, doing obedience, agility, herding, etc.) will be off leash, but under the owners control, and will be reclaimed by their owners should they become lost.
To organize and assist in promoting fair laws regarding animal owners responsibilities and rights.
To keep our Mission statement foremost in our thoughts when dealing with the public.